School Spirit, Homecoming and Prom Marketing tips!

School Spirit, Homecoming and Prom Marketing tips!

Schools can be a wonderful source of repeat business. I can hear what some of you are thinking right now…schools around me always say they have no budget.  My kids school just ask for me to donate everything.

Yes, those things can happen. However, schools spend a lot of money every year on events. It is now your job to build relationships with the right people to grab those accounts, educate and work on getting the $$$ allocated to the services you provide.

If you enjoy listening rather than reading I encourage you to check out my FREE mini webinar that I recorded on the subject.  I know a lot of people have landed some great accounts after following the steps I outlined.

Find out who the sponsor or organizer is for the events you want to work.

Yep, that means it’s time to pick up the phone and make some calls to the school office and ask who the sponsor for Homecoming, Prom, Awards Etc will be.  Ask for an email address and if you can leave a message for them to contact you.

“Hi this is Joette Giardina, with Party People Events. We are a local resource for professional balloon decor.  We would love to transform your gym or venue into the dream theme for your next event.

Do you normally order large cardboard props in a box for your event?

Would you be interested in transforming your space with something larger than life, fun and spectacular?  If so I would like for you to support our local business.

You can see our Website at and our blog with past Homecoming and proms at”


College and Universities:

  • Admissions Department
  • Student Activities
  • Athletics Departments
  • Sorority, Fraternity
  • Dean’s office
  • Back to school
  • Football Homecoming










Forming partnerships with linen companies, DJ’s, plant rentals, tent rental or event planning companies is a way to get to your target clients.

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