Steps to Transition From Hobby to Balloon Business

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Steps to Transition From Hobby to Balloon Business

Welcome to the wonderful world of balloons!

One of the top questions I hear from those new to the industry as Balloon Coach is “how do I become a real business?”

If you want to create income or already are getting paid for your services, take time RIGHT NOW and click the link below to read these important tips from the SBA!

Small Business Administration is a great resource!

Many people get so excited about creating the balloon decor and thrilled that people are willing to pay them for what they are doing, that they don’t take time to look into all the steps of creating the business!

Many times local chapters of the SBA hold seminars and training to help you get started and connect you with local resources.

Another great resource for local business mentors to get an understanding of the expectation of a business owner in your city and state is

If you know what you would like your business name to be, I encourage you to go to or another resource to search and see if the name you want to use is available as a .com. If you do .biz, .org etc then someone else already has your name as a .com and people may end up on their website rather than yours.

Before you BUY the name, go to register your DBA and see if the name you want is already taken by someone else. More information on how to register is in the SBA link above!

Other steps to take as you become a balloon business:

*Business license

*Resale License to buy balloons wholesale

*Collect Sales tax and remit to the state monthly or quarterly depending on your sales and state laws

*Liability Insurance

*Commercial insurance for your vehicle, or business use depending on your company and type of vehicle

*Inflation Equipment

*Purchase balloons and products from Balloon Wholesalers.     Check out this blog for those resources.

*Invest in your education:
Save time and money by learning from others successes and failures. com offers online self study program, On going support via Balloon Boss Mastermind, and hands on experiences in Orlando each November plus one to one hands on training by request and appointment with Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina, CBA.

* Price for Profit and growth.   Just because you are new do not undervalue the work you create, price at the industry standard ranges so that you set yourself up for success to stay in business!

*Tips to increase your confidence  click this link for video

bc coaching works!If this process seems a bit much for you to take in and you would like help creating your business plan, marketing and a place to problem solve with other balloon professionals check out the resources to grow your business visit, click on Mastermind to get on the list to join the ongoing online training to be surrounded by like minded balloon professionals to save time and money from the start.

Contact Joette directly with any questions


Balloon Boss Mastermind gives you access to over $5,000 of online training from balloon building to marketing and growing your support team at your finger tips 24/7  for just $97 a month.   Balloon Boss Mastermind members have a private discussion group to share tips, successes and problem solve situations! Plus our live Balloon Boss Mastermind Q & A  call the 1st Monday of each month and continued support.  Shop Talk and Marketing training the 3rd Thursday of each month and Live webinar the 4th Tuesday of each month, plus access to photography and templates to use in your marketing.

No matter what stage you are in with your business, gaining insight from others who are in the balloon business allows you to get on the path to success quicker.

As you set up your pricing for profit make sure to create an account from the start to invest in your education, supplies and training to grow your Thriving Balloon Business!

Welcome to the wonderful world of balloons!

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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