Balloon Business Owner – It’s Your Turn to Soar!

While viewing this beautiful fountain, I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings shared at our monthly Lakeland,  Florida  American Business Women’s Association meetings by past president,  Maria Mahoney. “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.”

Maria, a business coach often spoke of how we as humans let fear stand in the way of going for our goals.

When you look at your life and business right now, are you standing in your way of success?

Are you fearful to take the next step to grow?

Do you fear failure?

Do you fear success?

When I started in the balloon industry in 2003, I had no formal business training.  I was excited and scared all at once about my new adventure as the owner of Party People Celebration Company.   I surrounded myself with amazing people by attending training in the balloon industry to share with my clients the unlimited potential of balloons.   The support network I grew over the years, I now share through the Balloon Boss Mastermind Program with access to over $2,500 on online training learning from the success and struggles of business owners around the world!

I stepped out in fear and grew my business and referral network locally through business organizations and training.  When I sold my business I was doing $150,000 a year in sales working from a warehouse in my backyard.

Now as the Marketing Manager for Party People Events I get to experience the exciting dynamics of being a part of a team for a thriving balloon business now run by Johathon Gerber with over $600,000 a year in sales in 2018 in central Florida.

I enjoy sharing tips for setting goals and marketing to help you grow!

As a business coach for the balloon industry since January 2015, I have found that many of my clients and friends struggle with dreaming BIG, Believing in themselves and taking the action to transform their life and business due to limiting beliefs, and negativity in their life.  It’s much easier to listen to the negative Nancy sitting on our should saying “you can’t do that”, “people will never pay that much money where you live for balloons” or “you don’t have what it takes to be a successful business owner”.

The first step to success is to Believe in yourself and seek out the knowledge and skills you do not currently possess to TRANSFORM your life to create the future you desire.  This lovely statue shared all those values and I felt chills seeing the JOY in the face of the girl in this sculpture as it’s the JOY I feel when I see a business owner JUMP out in fear and take the next step in their business.

As I write this blog, I am currently on a 9 state teaching tour across the United States.   On my way to teach in Seattle, Washington I made a short pit stop in Meridian, Idaho to see a lovely fountain created by Brian Keith on the recommendation of Amber Clark of Up Balloon Boutique in Walla Walla, Washington.    When I saw the sculpture I immediately thought of you, my balloon friends.  This wording is from the side of the fountain.


Can you see her flying about you?

Do you hear her laughing?  Listen!

Now, it’s your turn.

Deep breath, as the swing pulls back…


You’re off on your own adventure!

Go ahead, fly high.  Maybe you’ll catch-up to her in the sky.

“New Wings: tells the story of a child transformed by learning.

Knowledge has helped her tap into her potential and she is changed.

As she flies, she anticipates horizons filled with new wonders and opportunities.  Fearless and inspired, her face displays excitement as she boldly soars over higher.  Her eyes say it all; she knows the secret:

Never stop learning.

With these sculptures, bronze shapes an exuberant story of imagination and hope.  they are dedicated to the women and men of Idaho who teach.

So now it is your turn – at the side of the fountain, they have a swing you can sit in to take your photo, close your eyes for a minute and see yourself sitting in that swing looking over the goals you have for your business and your life!

I encourage you today to write those goals down, then Take Action and grow your thriving balloons business.

Are you unsure what step to take next to grow?

Do you feel alone on your business journey and that those around you don’t know how to support and encourage you?

Balloon Coach Programs were created for!

Want ongoing support with someone cheering you on?

Check out our Group Coaching Balloon Boss Mastermind online program to see if it would be a good fit for you!

Balloon Business Owner – It’s Your Turn to Soar!

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Your Partner in Success

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor.  Motivator. Speaker.