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Creating a Pinterest Strategy for your Balloon Business

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Our Guest Blogger Serena Waller with Delegate & Elevate is back this week dropping more wisdom on creatinga  Pinterest strategy for balloon business.

This is part TWO of our series on using Pinterest for your balloon business! Serena will guide us through Pinterest strategy for your balloon business. If you missed part one check it out first: Pinterest for Your Balloon Business


Today we’re going to talk about establishing a Pinterest strategy.  Initially, I’d actually call this more of a Pinterest plan, as your ‘strategy” will have to evolve, grow and shift over time. So getting clear on a PLAN of action is what I’d love for you to accomplish today.  


In order to do that, we need to talk about establishing a content plan based on keyword research and a frequency for posting. 

In the last post, I showed you how to do your keyword research.  This is going to be critical in determining your posting strategy. You need to create content that aligns with these keywords. This could be a cornerstone/evergreen piece of content on your website that can be added to Pinterest or it could be creating boards for each of these keywords and populating them with photos and graphics that correspond + add value to that topic or search. 

Pinterest LOVES fresh content. Unlike back in the day when they wanted you to pin other people’s content, today they want YOUR content and they want new/fresh instead of re-pinned). Therefore, consistency is KEY.  Thirty pins can last you 30 days and is seen more favorably than 30 pins that are published once per month, all in one day. 

SO, one great blog post or even an event gallery that is well optimized and “dripped” out over time is the best way to get started with pinterest. And yes, before you ask, graphics are great too. BUT, don’t let that stop you from getting started.  

Canva is amazing for creating Pinterest content, but a photo alone can also be just as good.  Work with what you have; if you have a lot of photos, use photos. If you don’t have many, what you have and get creative with the graphics overlays, colors and fonts.  My rule of thumb is to create six coordinating, but unique pinterest template layouts, and then make duplicates in each of  your brand colors. This alone could potentially give you an entire month’s content (depending on how many colors are in your brand) with only ONE photo as your starting point.  

So, here is an example/checklist for creating your posting strategy:


Keyword: Balloon Garlands  (+ your geography)


Possible Blog Post Ideas:

  • Creative uses for Balloon Garlands at your Baby Shower
  • Where to put Balloon Garlands at Home 
  • Where to put Balloon Garlands at (insert name of venue) 
  • Balloon Garland Inspiration 
  • Balloon Garland Ideas 


Write + Publish your blogpost with at least one image (but 10-15 would be even better!)


PIN all of the blog post images and edit the caption for each pin to describe the photo in as much detail as possible, with alternative verbiage.  (Example: Baby shower garland. Balloon Garland ideas for entrance to baby shower. Blue and white baby shower decor with organic balloon arch.)


You want things to read like a sentence, but also be as descriptive as possible. This is how people find your content! Think about what someone is searching for and use that. Don’t worry about if you’re “creative” – this is where you have permission to tell it like it is! 

White wedding cake with balloons

Use your favorite vertical image in a graphic – switching up the text to reflect the different options that complement your keyword. Then create each in a different color. 

Schedule one per day in Tailwind to the board or boards that make the most sense. Direct them to the blog page.  Then repeat, directing them to a different page on your site (such as a gallery or contact page). 

Voila- you’ve just gotten started with phase one of your Pinterest content plan/strategy. 


Side note: In order to make your efforts even more powerful, I want you to check your trends (this data is based on your current followers, so this does change over time).  You’ll find this under your Analytics tab “Audience Insights”  (if you have a personal account, this info won’t be available, so make sure to convert to a business account!).   Please also note, if you haven’t been using your Pinterest, there might not be much data to gather yet.  Let’s just get your up-and-running and worry about this part later. I give you permission to skip ahead!  


Using Pinterest Analytics

There are a lot of amazing Instagram planning options, but not nearly as many Pinterest planning options. Tailwind is king in this arena.  

Next week I’ll share a tutorial for using Tailwind, as this will help things feel much less overwhelming and allow you to “batch” your content easily! 

To check out more of my favorite social media planning tools & apps, check out my Benable board (and yes, I recognize the irony of not using Pinterest for this round-up, but that post is for another day)! 

For more information on social media platforms for balloon decorators go to:


Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. 

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