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Gary Ledbetter

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RECORDING took place Tuesday, June 13, 2017

48-FOOT ARCH FRAME INSTRUCTIONS RECORDING from Live Class with Step-By-Step Tutorial

Referred to by many as the MacGyver of balloons, Gary shares with you the supplies needed and directions to create your own 48-foot long garland arch for outdoors including the base plates total supply cost around $150.

Depending on where you live in the world you may pay more for a supplier to ship your materials.

Gary started using this design around 2014.

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What are people saying about Gary’s Framing Design?


Mark Byrne showing off his 40 ft arch created with Gary’s framing instructions.

For years I have felt limited by doing only 20 -25-foot arches out of PVC.  Here in Florida, it is difficult to do helium arches outside due to wind and heat.   When I learned Gary’s arch system I was stoked.  It’s reusable, flexible, and so sturdy.  Gary Ledbetter is the one guy I want to be stranded on a desert island with!

Mark Byrne, Mark the Balloon Guy, Clearwater, Florida.


Gary taught me how to make his outdoor framed arch, and it has worked out wonderfully!

He is the most helpful guy, and this is a very economical arch, even with the cost of the download instructions.  This is a much lighter weight than the electrical PVC that I am used to using.  You will kick yourself if you skip this download!

40 ft arch created by Leah Scott, Cincy Balloons, Cincinnati Ohio.

Once you have this system, it’s in your pocket forever.  It solves the majority of problems with other framing options.  What’s best is that it is a tested and proven “Gary” method which means that it works and you’ll most likely have fun doing it.  I’ve been in this business for 15 years, and though I am surprised on a regular basis, I was absolutely giddy watching Gary show this go-to system for building profitable and reputation-making balloon arches.

John Watkins, Twist and Shout Staff, Palm Beach, Florida

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Is this the regular monthly webinar for June?

-NO, the monthly webinar subscription program is for the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Will this framing technique work for arches smaller than 48 ft?



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