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Build Your Balloon Business With a Support System Behind You!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

None of us grew up thinking “I want to own a balloon business”!!

It’s usually something you stumbled upon – A new adventure that sounded “fun” and now it’s an obsession you can’t shake. So what happens next? How do I tackle this alone and MAKE IT HAPPEN? Let’s build your balloon business! 

There are many balloon professionals around the world who were once pondering this same thought. Through perseverance, those same people are living their best lives and now showing their creativity in places like AMAZON, the red carpet, SuperBowl or even on the front page of the newspaper supporting their small towns. So, how can I do this alone?

You don’t have to. Whether it be the balloon industry or otherwise, successful businesses rarely “go it alone”. Family, friends and local connections make a difference. But when you dream BIG you need support and accountability to make those dreams a reality. 

  • Who are the best suppliers for balloons & tools?
  • How do I manage my inventory?
  • What do I price this at?
  • How do I keep up with my customers – managing invoices, keeping in touch and following up? 

If you face these questions as you take steps to make your balloon business THRIVE, there are resources here to help. 

Balloon Boss Mastermind is a program that was created by ME (a.k.a Balloon Coach Joette) when I was in your shoes. I knew there was potential, but I was alone in my quest to figure things out and build a balloon business. I designed this to offer the things I *wish* I had known when I was trying to get my business rolling. I get it. 

Tinesha Nicole, Balloon Boss Mastermind Member and owner Mbellish Events

Hear it from business owner (since 2018) and new Balloon Boss Mastermind member, Tinesha Nicole: “I had all the newbie feels (anxious, excited, nervous, etc.), but the more I took in, the more I felt prepared. This group is second to NONE. You guys really are balloon bosses!”

As a business owner, there is so much to learn. Just because you have a PASSION to do what you love, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skills to execute that, and it can be scary. Sometimes you need an ear to listen about how miserably your delivery failed. Sometimes you have a client ask you for something that you have never even dreamed of tackling. Sometimes you just need a swift kick to motivate you to pursue that client you didn’t think you could ever close. It’s all here. 

“All your friends are here to listen and cheer you on. They WANT you to succeed!” – BBMM member

Balloon Boss Mastermind is a collaboration of not only like-minded business owners, but friends. It is your safe place to vent, explore, engage, share and GROW! We can’t wait to see you succeed and be part of your support system in making that happen! 

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA



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