How to Prepare for Balloon Training

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Hey Balloon friend!  In this blog I will share some tips on how to prepare for balloon training.

If you have not gone to a face to face balloon training yet, what are you waiting for?
I know there are free and paid online courses that you can watch and practice on your own, but there are 3 really cool things that happen when you go to a course with other balloon artists. 

#1  You find “your tribe”:  You will connect with other balloon designers who get you and understand the ups and downs of being a business owner.  When your family and friends at home have no desire to hear about the latest balloon colors, trends and customer headaches, your Balloon Tribe will be there for you!

Find your tribe

#2 Golden Nuggets: Every balloon designer has little tips and tricks that can save you time and money.  Often when you see what they do you will think to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”

#3  Increased confidence as a balloon professional: Many times while networking I have heard, “Balloon designer? I didn’t know that was a career.”   After attending a class or conference surrounded with balloon professionals you can share confidently that the Balloon Professional is a real career path.    When you share online photos from your course, convention or class it shows your followers and customers that you are working to provide them with excellent service. 

If you missed the lunch and learn where I gave tips on preparing and packing for a balloon training, click below for the replay.

I jumped into the balloon industry as my income in 2003.  I was stressed out as a social worker and wanted a career I looked forward to when I woke up each morning. 

The #1 tip I received from the previous owner of my company was to attend conferences or classes at least once a year to bring new ideas to repeat clients. 

YES, today we have online learning at our fingertips, however I strongly believe that creative souls like Balloon Professionals need social interaction with other creatives!   If you tend to be an introvert, going to a large convention might be overwhelming to you.  If it is an event I’m putting on, a vendor at or attending, reach out to me and I will be glad to make some personal introductions for you.

Know that you are not the only one that does not feel comfortable in large groups, and take the initiative to introduce yourself to new people….you will figure out the ones you want to hang out with more.

As you prepare for a convention or class that requires you to pack, I have created a packing list for you.

If you are on your search for small group learning with a mix of balloon decor skills and a focus on business building I encourage you to check out our yearly event,  Click for details on Balloon Boss Summit! 

If you need help in finding training near you, I encourage you to get on the mailing list for balloon distributors and balloon manufacturers who host and sponsor training.    

I understand family obligations and other situations sometimes keep balloon designers from being able to get away to face to face training. If you are looking for online community and support I encourage you to check out Balloon Boss Mastermind.  Our program is for all levels of balloon pros, with a focus on increasing your profit and efficiency to help you grow a thriving balloon business. 

Bottom line is you do not have to be on your balloon business journey on your own.  It is much more enjoyable when you are a part of a community that understands your struggles, celebrates your wins and cheers you on as you face obstacles together.

Hope that you find the packing and prep list helpful for your next balloon training! 

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