3 Social Media “Stories” & Tips for Your Business

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I love a good story. I was raised on Jim Henson and and Walt Disney. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized why I loved these stories: because they connected with me. I want to share 3 social media “stories” & tips for your business.

Stories are what fuels us and keeps us connected, but it doesn’t just apply to starry-eyed kids. Customers are valuing businesses that clearly connect with them to solve their problems or improve their lives.

So… how can improve your efforts of telling your brand message and promoting your business better? It’s easy: Stories. Facebook and Instagram have a short-term “Stories” function that allows videos to live on your feed for around 24 hours before disappearing. These are great tools to garner attention as well as not clog your feed with content. You can be ACTIVE in Stories far more frequently than on your social media posts.

Everyone knows that a picture can speak a thousand words, but video can be priceless on connecting with your audience and REALLY showing yourself off as a business owner. It’s scary – I know, but using your Instagram and Facebook Stories can truthfully bring more attention to your ongoing marketing efforts and connect with your audience authentically,

Maree Jones says this about the benefits of being authentic with your brand:

Stories have the potential to provide more transparency and authenticity into whatever is new or noteworthy about a business or organization.

These qualities are incredibly desirable in PR and marketing campaigns now because that’s what consumers care about.

Looking at it through a due diligence or analytical lens, being able to see exactly what users viewed your organization’s story is valuable info to have on hand.

So, now we double down on connection by presenting ourselves in less of a faceless entity and more as “one of you”. Video is versatile and perfect for this! From behind-the-scenes, product showcases, and FAQ sessions… you can do amazing things with video… but you have to be consistent!


Make it a non-negotiable part of your routine when it comes to creating your Stories and engaging in your DMs. Even if it’s 30 minutes every two days or even blocking out a day to put focus… by marking it on your calendar, you’re investing in getting more comfortable producing content.


You don’t have to invest a ton of money in equipment at first. Grab your phone and dedicate a space with good lighting to film your stories. Well-lit, consistent use of space shows that you take this serious and allows people a glimpse of your “safe space” that you film in! I suggest a spare room with a blank wall and a small desk set-up for versatile filming.


One of the key things about Stories is that they aren’t as spontaneous as they may seem. Take time to plan out 3-5 stories a week that you can film, all with diverse content and goals. By filming it all in one-go, you’re able to get those knocked out quickly and save for future posting. This means LESS stress when you’re worried about what to post in the middle of the night!

The best way to get started is to get comfortable. Your first “Stories” will never be the best they can be – but they will be your first step in growing comfortable and learning the processes needed. Be kind for your efforts and keep improving: consistency is the key here. 

Jasmine Decelle is a Balloon Coach partner specializing in branding, marketing and website design. To learn more, visit JasmineDecelle.com.

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