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Where to purchase quality balloons is a ongoing question in balloon designer Facebook groups.  Latex balloons are a natural product that go bad over time.  Choosing a balloon distributor that does a lot of business (so that their inventory stays fresh) and who stores them in a temperature controlled environment is important.

If you purchase randomly from a no name seller, you don’t always know if their inventory is fresh or well cared for. 

When I jumped into the balloon industry as my full-time income in 2003, one of the #1 tips I was given from the previous owner of my business was to go to at least one hands-on training per year to be able to use the balloons on the market and see the brands I like the best. 

Over the years I have purchased my balloons from the distributors who support education, rather than looking for the cheapest price, and then pass the cost onto my clients in the designs created for them. 

Not all latex balloons are the same. 

Some are created to be more biodegradeable; some are created to be a value line, thinner latex etc. Each brand has their own website that gives you a link to their distributors. Most distributors carry a variety of brands to help meet their customers needs.  

Some of the top brands who support education include:


Every balloon distributor chooses the balloons and other supplies that they carry. 

A few keys to look at are:

  • How quickly does their standard shipping get to you?
  • Do they carry the brands of balloons you want in your main inventory?


Here are a few of the Distributors who support Balloon Coach Training

Balloons2Go   Fort Worth, Texas
Brody’s  Broadview, Illinois
Havin A Party  Brooklyn, New Jersey

LA Balloons   Glendale,  California
Toy World Miami, Florida 

Not sure what Brand you want to use most? Order a bag in each of the brands and try then out to see what you think! 

You can put a cluster of 12 outside in the sun and heat, or cold depending on your climate and a set in your workshop area.  Label each set with the brand, date and time you started the test to see how they hold up for you.

When you compare different brands of the same color it helps you see which work best in your environment. Many latex balloons will last a month to 2 months indoors.  Latex balloons will get a “lovely velvet sheen” over time since latex is a natural product. 

You are invited to join us at Balloon Boss Summit  to work hands on with a variety of brands and see how they hold up over a week. Join us at Balloon Boss Summit 

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