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What to consider when choosing Balloon Delivery Vehichles for your balloon decor business. Pros share their stories.
As your business grows, many of you are finding the need for a better balloon delivery vehicle for your business – or an additional one! Allyson Valentine recently shared her story in our Mastermind Group:
My husband and I have been talking about a van for the last 6 months and decided it was going to be one of my 2023 goals. Well things moved faster than I expected! A local dealership ad popped up on my FB with exactly what I was looking for in balloon delivery vehicles. My husband and I went to check it out and it was perfect!
My family named it Stuart VanTinkle aka Stu and he went on his first installs this weekend! Stu is a 2015 Ford 150 Transit 10-seater Wagon.
I was targeting pre-owned passenger vans, as I need something my 3 kiddos can ride in too. I paid attention to my most frequent driving routes and parking situations (work and personal) so I had an idea of how the size would factor in and any restrictions I would run into. I would have loved a higher roof but the lower works best for where it will be parked.
Instagram Post:
A few months ago I decided one of my 2023 goals would be to get a vehicle I could use for work. For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been using my family SUV…but it’s the only car that can transport all of my kids. For most of my installs, I take 3 car seats out before work and reinstall them when I get home. Other days my kids are in their seats surrounded by balloons. For larger events or longer days, I rent uhauls. So this feels big!

Things happened faster than I expected and I’m super excited to share Pop Studio’s new balloon-mobile, Stuart VanTinkle! 🚐

Stu went on his first installs this weekend and it was a game changer! If you catch us cruising around town filled with balloons, kids (Stu has seats too) or both, please give us a wave! 👋🏻
Image of Allyson Valentine in her Balloon Deliveryr van with son peeking through the balloons

Thank you Allyson for sharing your new van with us – congratulations!!

Another option some companies use as balloon delivery vehicles for larger deliveries is a trailer.
If you have a vehicle with a large enough engine and towing capacity, consider a trailer.
In 2003 when I purchased Party People I got a 10 foot trailer with the deal and pulled it with our family mini van. And also our SUV!

Later I purchased a used airport shuttle van to have additional seating typically not available in a delivery vehicle.

Next, I had a 12 foot trailer custom built  to have more room for balloons! 
We had E-Track installed to allow for movable clips to be put in the trailer to strap in Helium tanks, Dollys, Carts and balloon designsas needed. The track on the top allowed me to hang additional poles, mag pole, and 10 foot lenths of arch when needed.

Having a back door that doubled as a ramp provides for easy load and unload of tanks and carts, saving our backs by not having to lift them. 

The door in the nose of trailer often helpful during load and unload. 

What is your favorite delivery vehicle and why?   
Email I would love to hear from you! 

The #1 thing I hear from our Mastermimd Subscribers and friends in the industry is the minute they stepped out of fear and purchased a delivery vehicle they had the clients that filled it!   

If you’re working on your plan to get a van, check out this training on goal setting to help you create a plan to grow your business to purchase your next delivery vehicle

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Photo of Balloon Delivery Vehicle
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What to consider when choosing Balloon Delivery Vehichles for your balloon decor business. Pros share their stories. As your business grows, many of you are finding

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