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Packing Checklist for Balloon Training

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Packing Checklist for Balloon Training
Preparing for being out of town for balloon training is more than just packing your clothes.  It is never too early to put systems in place for your family and business to be ready for you to be away. 

I started traveling from my home in Lakeland, Florida to go to balloon classes in 2003.  Over the years I have learned many lessons of things to do to make my time away from my family and business go better by preparing in advance.    If you are a balloon designer heading to Orlando to join us for Balloon Boss Summit or to another event download the packing and prep list to help you be able to concentrate fully on your training investment. 

Print it out now to do some of the steps early to reduce overwhelm the week before your trip. 

Click the image above to download our packing and prep list for Balloon Boss Summit (open it in your canva account).

Start preparing now for being away:
Look at the schedule to see when you can have time to talk or text with your family.  Let them know in advance you will be busy, and they are important to you.

If you have young children you may want to leave hidden notes in the house for them to find while you are away or give to your partner or person watching them to give out while you are gone.

The less distractions you have while away the more productive you can be at Balloon Boss Summit (or other conferences).

Other top things to do in advance:

Purchase special outfits for themed events.

Great time to get some new logo shirts or jacket. is a great resource to have some logo items made.

Create tags instead of business cards to exchange.

Click the arrow above to listen in on our Prep Session for Balloon Boss Summit 2023 to get details specific to our event.

Registration for this balloon training includes:
(2) Theme Dinners – Garden & Under the Sea
These themes were selected to help capture professional photography for you to market with and sell the high profit designs to your clients when you return home. 

(5) Networking lunches 
(5) days of hands-on balloon building and business sessions to implement new systems while in Orlando. 

Bonus day included November 4th for delegates to take their CBA exam if they like or to jump into our Garden Builds for walls, sculptures, ceiling decor, photo op, entrance and special effects. 

Bring your laptop to sit side by side with instructors and delegates to improve your skills in social media post, client communication, pricing catalogs, systems and more! 

Balloon Business training

Balloon Boss Summit discount pricing goes up September 1, 2023.  If you have not purchased a ticket to be one of just 100 delegates with a diverse team of 30 instructors ready to help you develop and take your next step go to Balloon Coach Website Today to grab your seat.

The most rewarding part of producing in person and online training is hearing the stories of balloon designers writing a plan and making it happen with the increased confidence and peer support developed from investing in themselves.

Sara Meyer of Wisconsin Balloon Decor and The Bright Balloon
went from 50K a year to 150K a year in sales. She purchased and wrapped a van. She bought a new home with balloon money with a separate balloon studio and left her job to do balloons full-time after writing goals at Balloon Boss Summit. 

Now Sara returns to Balloon Boss Summit, sponsored by 17Hats to help YOU put systems in place to help you be more efficient & profitable.  Sara is one of many business instructors/mentors at Summit that will sit side by side with you and your computer to help you implement your next system for success!

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando! 

Have questions or a topic you would love for me to  cover in future trainings or blogs?  Email

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