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5 Steps to Improve Balloon Sales

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Joette Giardina

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Growing your balloon business can be challenging. Today I am sharing 5 steps to improve balloon sales, that will help you focus and thrive! 

These steps are the foundation of improving your balloon business sales

1. Write down your financial goal.  
2. Divide by the number of sales you need to earn that amount of sales. 
3. Define your target market 
4. DAILY – build relationships with those you wish to work with. 
5. Surround yourself with like minded balloon decorators for inspiration, training and momentum. 


Recently, one of our Balloon Boss Mastermind members elaborated on #5 on the list. Surrounding yourself with other balloon decorators and growing together. Jamie Frick is owner of Event Accents Balloon Decor Company in Randolph, New Jersey. Here is what she recently shared in our Balloon Coach Community group:

If you’re on the fence about joining Mastermind – let me be the next in line to tell you it was the single most effective & profitable decision I ever made for myself and my business. I joined in July 2021 (after spending a few months in the chats, not really sure I could make the leap) – and in the first month doubled my income.
Now, almost a year in and all of the confidence, business guidance, moral support and encouragement I have received has pushed me farther then I ever thought possible a year ago. Thanks, Balloon Boss Mastermind!!
(Wanted to add: Figured this is the best place to post a “before BBM” and “after”).

Wishing you luck as you improve your balloon sales! If you’re not already a part of Balloon Boss Mastermind, we would love to have you – both to lend a hand and hear YOUR best tips as well! 

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