5 Things You Need to Check Today!

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5 Things You Need to Check Today

I have the pleasure of reviewing a lot of Facebook pages, websites and emails from balloon professionals around the world, and I have noticed a trend. Many times on personal Facebook pages, I am unable to tell the person has a balloon business. Sometimes the link does not lead me to the Business page, but instead to a blue suitcase. On some Business Facebook pages and websites, I have no idea where the company is located, who the owner is, or how to reach the company.

I encourage you to take 15 minutes out of your day today and check on this list. It may take you longer to complete the task and make the changes, but get started and look at these 5 things you need to check today.

#1 Personal Facebook Page

#2 Business Facebook Page (this page should have LIKES…if it has FRIENDS, it is not a business page (see videos above to fix)

  • Profile photo: put your logo
  • Cover Photo: post a great photo from one of your events, or make a collage. (DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLE’S PHOTOS..to promote your business unless you have paid for the photo or have permission from the person who created the work)
  • Complete all of the information on the About Section ***phone number, email, website are KEY!
  • In your description, state where you are located or what area you service.

#3 Website

  • Phone number to call to order
  • Email address to order or ask questions
  • Who is the owner of this company
  • Where is this company located and what is your service area
  • What services do you provide

#4 Email Signature

  • I get emails, almost daily, from people that have NO SIGNATURE, they ask a question and I do not know their name as they do not take the time to sign their email or put in an automatic signature! You can set up for a standard one to always be on your emails. Your Name, Title, Company, Phone Number and Website should be listed
  • If you do not make a signature, then take the time to sign your emails so people know who they are getting an email from.

#5 Are your Business Listings current?

  • Google – do they have the correct contact info
  • Check any online directories you have put yourself onto, is the info correct?
  • All Social Media…are your profiles current and good info to contact you?

Having the correct information to guide your clients in an easy process to order their balloons from you is KEY. If they do not know if you service their area and how to get in touch with you to place their order, it does not matter how many beautiful photos you have put up to gain their interest, you are not going to be able to “Close the Sale” if they are unable to contact you!

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