Action creates results!

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Action creates results!

When I decided to become the owner of a balloon business, I had no idea how my actions would have lasting results on my business.

Have you heard of The Ripple Effect?

The direct aftermath caused by one solitary action or inaction.

A small change at one point in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere – Albert Einstein

When you are ready for your business to expand it is time to take action – create ripples!


If people do not know your company exists, you will not have business!

It’s not about doing something once, and only doing one thing to market your business. It’s about consistently creating ripples.

Set a solid foundation for your business, but as you are growing your business you MUST get out of your shell, away from your desk and BE the face of your company. Or…hire someone else to do that for you!

A website and social media are great tools to showcase what you offer, however if the phone is not ringing and your email is not full of customer requests, then it’s time to put on your “Marketing Hat” and step out into your community.

Find great referral partners, venues and other event industry companies that work with your target clients. Attend networking events and build relationships.

One of the ways I built repeat clients is through school. Here is a free mini webinar I did on the subject.

It’s not about a one time introduction and expecting a sale. It’s about the follow up!

Find at least one networking organization or community group you wish to be a part of to build relationships from, so over time the people in that organization become referral sources for you.

Pick up the phone or get out in your car and go meet some new folks today and introduce yourself and find out more about what they offer to help your clients. (Rental companies, catering companies, baker etc.)

If you are looking for an accountability partner in the balloon industry to help you achieve your goals, be sure to check out Balloon Coach Community on Facebook. Lots of Balloon Professionals need someone to lean on!

If you are nervous about what to say and who to contact, check out our coaching packages to give you support and guidance.

For more support and ongoing training go to

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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