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Balloon Boss Summit: Meet Scott Delorenzo

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Joette Giardina

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Getting Excited about Balloon Boss Summit? Let's meet another instructor!

Many of you have already purchased your tickets for Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando this November. This is the second in a series of introductions to our dream team of instructors. (If you missed our first post, you can meet Misti Kauffman HERE). This week, we spotlight Scott Delorenzo of Balloons by Tommy

Scott Delorenzo

We asked Scott a few questions so that you can get to know him better.

Q: Tell us about you/your business and where you are located?

A: Hi everyone!  I’m Scott with Balloons by Tommy; proud husband and business partner of Tommy. I have been a part of our companies journey for the past 9 years. We have two locations – one near Chicago, IL and a second near Los Angeles, CA (both warehouses).

Q: Who are your favorite clients?

A: I love to work with corporate clients and event specialists.

Q: How long have you been in the balloon business?

A: Nine years.  

Q: What is your top “skill” or “signature” design/service?

A: Balloons by Tommy is known to be simple and sellable.  My main focus is to replicate designs so it looks like all balloons are balloons BY Tommy. 

Q: What is your favorite balloon color combo, color and brand?

A: I am loving the Boho color palettes lately.

Q: What is the biggest lesson learned as a balloon business owner?

A: Always have clear contracts for clients and use explicit directions for staff.

Scott and Tommy with Joette

Q: How did you meet Joette?

A: I met Joette through Tommy on a set up for New Year’s Eve in Chicago, before I was co-owner.  She actually helped teach me how to inflate and tie my first helium balloons that night!

Q: When did you first attend or teach at a Balloon coach event what event?

A: Tommy and I partnered with Joette to teach Parades, Promotions and Profits in Chicago during Balloon Coach’s inaugural year. (You can catch a 2016 parade glimpse: HERE).

Q: What are you most excited for at Balloon Boss Summit 2022?

A: I can’t wait to learn and share from balloon professionals that truly care about maximizing their profits and making changes to enhance their business.

Scott at Balloons by Tommy office
Our team of 25 instructors for Balloon Boss Summit are selected from a variety of Balloon Businesses. They all bring a different style and take on balloons. This gives our 100 delegates the opportunities to interact and learn from those that are at the same place they are in their business and get inspiration and knowledge of where they want to go.
While you’re waiting for Scott’s “awesomeness”, check out this short video on what he has to share about team building in your business. 

Thank you to Scott for letting us get to know a little bit more about you. And a big thanks to Brody’s Wholesale  for your sponsorship of him! 

Still need a ticket? There are still a few left! Check out all of the details HERE and we look forward to seeing you in Orlando November 6-9th! Check back next week when we will introduce you to yet another amazing part of our Balloon Boss Summit team! 

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