Balloon Business Owner, How is Your Forgetting Curve?

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Balloon Business Owner, How is Your Forgetting Curve?


Have you ever gone to a balloon or business training, workshop or convention and been super excited about everything you learned and can’t wait to get home to use the information and then not taken action on what you learned?

Research shows that:

  • Within one hour, people forget an average of 50 % of information presented.
  • Within 24 hours we forget an average of 70 percent of new information.
  • Within a week forget 90%.

What would you say is your typical “forgetting curve”?

I created the resources at to help reduce the forgetting curve.   I turned 50 this year, so I often use my age as an excuse for forgetting the reason I walked into a room and can’t remember why I’m there.  Do you ever have that happen, working on prep for an event and walk across your shop to pick up something you remembered you needed to take with you that was not on your packing list, then forget what you were looking for?   I have seen it happen often.   The other part of forgetting is that when we go to a training, there is so much information being put into our brain all at once, that it’s impossible to take action on all of it as soon as we return home.  We still have family obligations or current events we are working on so sometimes our notes get filed away or lost, and we don’t return back to that information to move forward.   We can easily become overwhelmed and just go back into our old routines and not implement new ideas.

Ways to lessen your forgetting curve and take action to grow your thriving balloon business with the new knowledge you gain from training:

  • Take good notes! When at an event use a highlighter to select the top things you want to do when you return home.
  • Use a daily journal or calendar to track the most important things you want to take action on.
  • Set a day each month that you look back on past training to implement something new you learned in the past.
  • Prioritize which items you want to do first, take one step forward at a time.
  • Write your goals down.
  • Create a vision board to visualize why you are doing what you are doing to see the future the way you want it to be.  Great athletes visualize the victories before they happen.
  • Think about how you will feel when you put a new system in place or are able to offer a new service to your clients as motivation to take action.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who are also working towards making their goals reality.
  • Increase your confidence to do new things without the fear of rejection or failure.
  • Understand that failure is not the opposite of success, but success is a journey and not a destination.
  • Invest in ongoing support and training.  We all need reminders of the things we have learned but have put to the back of our brain.
  • Invest in a coach to help you problem solve and encourage you to keep moving forward.
  • Set a weekly schedule to success, time blocking the most important duties.
  • State your goals publically or with an accountability partner to follow up with you.

When you look at the list do you feel overwhelmed?  Being a business owner is not an easy task, and many time our friends and family just don’t fully understand our passion for creating a thriving balloon business.  By going to trainings and participating in online groups I have made friendships with some of the most amazing people. Having a network of Balloon Bosses to reach out to to share struggles and success and learn from each other is what has kept me in the industry full time since 2003. If I would have known in 2003 what I know now, I would of set up my company in a totally different way.  No need for you to make the same mistakes I did!

GREAT NEWS! You have several resources available to help you reduce your forgetting curve and help you have ongoing training at your fingertips.  Due to the struggles I have faced since starting in the balloon industry full time in 2003, I now share the training and insights with you to save you time and money to allow you to grow faster when you implement the action steps.  


Success is a Journey Not a Destination.

In 2019, I was presented the INSPIRE award by Betallic in recognition of my training programs created for the balloon industry.

I want to share some of the powerful words on the award to encourage you.

  • Success is a Journey not a Destination
  • Dream Big
  • Believe in yourself
  • Born to Succeed
  • Create it
  • Make it happen!



Each day is a new opportunity for growth when we Take Action to Thrive. Balloon Coach was created to help support and encourage you on your journey

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I am so excited for this webinar with Chris Adamo Cba. (This month’s Balloon Coach Webinar 1/21/20 at 9pm EST). But then all of the webinars offered through balloon coach are fabulous and what is so nice or should I say wonderful is that you can go back as many times as you want and re-watch all the webinars. I love that and it seems the second time or third time I learned something. I do know that I would not be doing as well in my balloon business without Joette Meyers Giardina and Balloon Coach, and balloon boss Mastermind it’s the icing on the cake.” – Gayle Whitear

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