Balloon Professional Code of Conduct – thoughts and concerns!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

This blog has been in my head for over a month – and it’s time I type it up. These discussions have been talked about on forums and facebook for years – but what I realize is many times the topic goes through a loop – some people see the conversation – others do not and then there is the wonderful group of NEW people coming into the industry that have never seen the info!

David Mahoney often talks about how our industry of balloon decor is a small industry with so much room for growth and I totally agree with that statement….I live with a mantra of aubundance. I respect those who have gone before me in the industry and am great full for what they have taught at classes, video and conventions.

In respect for those in the industry I make sure to follow some of the Golden Rules of our industry. Everyone talks about people are so friendly and helpful in our industry and they are! That’s why I started I LOVE our industry! It’s important to in turn be respectful and know some basics…..

Want to build you business quickly?

#1 GET TRAINING….no excuses! If you wish to build a business…not a hobby then training is key. YES you may have to save up money to get the the larger events. You don’t have to go to all of them – but get to something to give you a foundation.

Not sure where there is training? Check out resources for a start to see hands on classes Looking for conventions click here

If you know of other options – please email me as I wish to expand our data base

Are you a Veteran in our Industry? Network…get advanced business training – find a coach to take you to the next level!

#2 PRACTICE YES that means you have to invest in your business – buy some balloons and Make things! For some people sizing and scale comes naturally, others it does not – you need to see which one you are! Can you look at a photo and recreate it without step by step directions? When I started a client asked me for a Golfer sculpture – I found a picture online and I just made it….DID some of the balloons inflate to big at first? – yep…did I untie them and resize them – yep….PRACTICE helps you Time yourself to know how long it will take you to build the design for your client – to help you determine your fee etc.

#3 GET Inspiration from others but DO NOT STEAL!!! Please read this yes there are images all over the internet…images that people worked hours on, worked years investing money in their company, staff, overhead and networking to GAIN the customers to purchase their designs. THEIR WORK —ITS NOT YOUR WORK!!!

So what is the guidelines


  • you can put that photo in an inspiration file – when I save it I put the Creators name and company in the file so I know who to credit. ( When I present the work to a client I state this design was created by a fellow artist and I will create something inspired by this design (I don’t say exact same thing – as my sizing might not be the same as theirs…the last thing you want is to set your client up to think you can make something you are not going to be able to pull off!)
  • you can Share the persons photo from facebook to your page with a note — Wow check out this Great Design by ____________
  • you can use stock photos from manufacturers to promote decor you can recreate
  • you can ask permission from another company to use their work on a flyer or website – but when you do that and they say NO respect that and do not STEAL!

create dont steal


  • Do Not copy the image and post it on your Facebook Page, website, or blog stating – Hire us for your next celebration and have the other persons work on your page. THIS IS STEALING!!!! As you are not giving credit to the designer. When you post someone else’s work online, or in a brochure without Properly crediting the person and company that created it you are STEALING THEIR WORK!
  • DO NOT Print someones work on your brochures, business card or promotions without permission, and if they say NO respect that!
  • (in some of the classes our instructors will make items you can edit and use…when you Pay for the class you get that item…but it does not mean all their work is free to use -it’s the items in that download)
  • IMAGINE if you were selecting a person to build your house. Do you want the photos on their website and business card to be their work or something they have just found on line? HOW shocked would you be if the contractor you selected that you assumed the work was theirs since it’s on their website and when they build your house it looks NOTHING like the picture? To then find out they have only been in business for 6 months and only built an addition to their own home and never built a house before! IT takes time to build up Photos of your work…it’s important to put in that work so your client will get the work they are expecting!

#4 THINK before you ask a Question on Facebook!

  • If you want to know how to make something GOOGLE IT! click Images on google and type in different key words and see what you can find….NOW if you don’t find anything type in a group – I’ve been looking for 1 legged Cat sculptures and haven’t found one online – does anyone have a photo. PEOPLE prefer to help those who try to help themselves first!
  • WHEN you see a photo on another Balloon Professionals page it’s great to LIKE IT, comment on how nice it is DO NOT say “how did you make this” What size are those balloons? THINK ABOUT THIS….when you are on another persons page you are in their BUSINESS — their Storefront – Their networking place with their clients…..would you walk into a bakery and go up the baker and say – HEY what’s your Recipe? If you have questions about the design — send a PRIVATE MESSAGE.
  • RESPECT other balloon Artist Time If they do not respond to you don’t get all mad. Understand one of the reasons I started is I had SO many people asking me questions like: How do you stay so busy? How do you make your fabric decor? How many balloons were in that design? My husband stated – you could work full time just answering peoples questions…And you know what he was right!!!
  • Sometimes you have to PAY for the training….or get to classes where you can build a group of people to network with and help each other out. Every time a fellow balloon professional types up an answer on facebook – or responds to a call or message they are TAKING TIME AWAY FROM THEIR INCOME! So be respectful of that and appreciative when people help you out – do not EXPECT someone to answer just because you asked.

I hope those reading this understand the reason I share this information is I want our Industry to continue to GROW. For the industry to grow to the degree I know it can we have to build STRONG BUSINESSES! (part time and full time) (not hobbies) YES balloons can be a hobby and something you enjoy just doing without making it a business. BUT if you want to Earn an Income from balloons it’s a BUSINESS!

Running a business is not easy! It does not happen overnight. A lot of work, sweat, tears, sleepless nights go into creating a strong business.

WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN….where you are now – where you want to go.

CREATE a Savings account to PAY for your training. INVEST in yourself.

If you are ready to take your Business to the next level…NO EXCUSES there is support available. Need a monthly pick me up training from the comfort of your home – learning from industry leaders? check out our monthly speaker class Invest $25 a month subscription to get on a live webinar from anywhere in the world – can’t make the live class — NO PROBLEM you automatically have the replay to listen to for up to a year!

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Ready to CRUSH your goals! Coaching is the answer from Elite, One to One or Group pick the support level best for your needs and budget! I LOVE hearing the success stories of my clients who just needed some support. I’ve been in your shoes I know what it’s like. Now I share from my experience, and the experience of the network I’m a part of to help you get on the path to success!

Not ready to invest in your business yet? Enjoy the free mini webinars and blog to help you be on the right path and take ideas and create income for your training fund!

THERE Are so many amazing opportunities in our industry – I’m so excited about the future. I look forward to seeing YOU at an online training – or in Person in New Orleans at WBC April 2016…or in St. Louis Jan. 2017 for FLOAT. SET the goals…build an education fund and I will see you at one of those 3!

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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