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  • Comes in a Pack of 4 with 2 remotes, in the US they retail for $49.95
  • Takes 3, AAA Batteries
  • Last for average of 10 hours depending on level of brightness and mode you select. (TEST THIS FOR YOUR SETTINGS!!!)
  • Remote control can be used on as many lights as you want, just point directly at the balloon to change the color
  • 16 different colors
  • 10 different levels of brightness
  • Water Proof!
  • Attachment point on back to tie in a un inflated 260 to keep the light in place.
  • A 3 ft Helium balloon can FLOAT with the light inside it!

Watch the videos for More information direct from Sparklelites.


Use good quality New Batteries to get the longest time frame out of the light.

When you use the Bright White setting it takes the most battery power, so if using solid white for a 10 hour Party you Cannot have it set on the Full Brightness setting.

We have found in our test with Party People Events, that with a high quality battery, with the setting 2 steps down from bright…the light last on White for 4 to 4.5 hours. so DO YOUR OWN TEST and see what brightness will work for your needs.

At the end of the battery life the light goes to red and you cannot turn off the light with the remote at that time.

Really important to test the light before you use it for the amount of time, so you can determine the brightness setting to use.

SET the light to the setting, color you plan to use BEFORE you insert it in the Balloon…Be aware as you inflate the balloon or install it to a ceiling from time to time the Light will BUMP on. If this happens you may need to reset the setting.

I Took the lights to Florida Balloon Network it was great to hear everyone OHH, Ahh over the changing colors!

When the battery is drained and about to die, the light goes to red. You are unable to use the remote to turn it off at this point until you take the batteries out of the light.

Tips from the Maker of the lights:

  • Using Energizer / Duracell batteries will give you the best chance to last the longest time.
  • Red/Blue/Green and any combination of these colors –In our tests, these colors lasted 24 hours plus – also color changing mode lasts about 24 hours or more.
    Any white / or variation of white or pink will last the least amount of time. There is a button on the top left of the remote control to reduce the Brightness level and increase the brightness level.
    Take the brightness all the way up to Full and then go back 3 presses ( press the down button 3 times ).
    This will reduce the brightness by around 25% and hence increase the function time, this is a trade off.
    Brightness vs Battery life

Tips from Balloon Companies that have used the lights in the US

  • After getting a variety of brands of batteries testing expensive alongside of the Dollar Tree Batteries, found the Dollar tree batteries lasted the longest in their test.
  • PREPARING in advance and Testing out the lights at the brightness and settings you plan to use for your party is KEY to not have surprises and have your lights all go RED during the middle of your event. (DO YOUR OWN TEST is highly advised!)
  • ALWAYS take multiple remotes with you onto an event. The batteries in the remotes can die, and you want to have more backups than needed.
  • From time to time you may test a light, put it in the balloon but as you install it and test again it doesn’t work. From time to time when inflating, or installing balloon “something” happens. ALWAYS build in extra time (and more lights and 3 ft balloons than you need for the event) To replace a light if needed, part of being a professional is building in the cost to your events for extra times and backups if needed.
  • Using the SSBL in a White 3 ft balloon gives the best effect as the color of the light can really saturate the white balloon and look amazing in the different colors. When using the light in a balloon with color you will want to test it out to see if it gives the effect you are looking for.
  • Using the Lights on a fade or strobe effect allows the battery to last longer than using on a Steady ON function.
  • TEST out the setting of the light to get use to the functions, and brightness levels so you can see how long the COLOR and effect you want will last once you turn the lights on.
  • TEST how far away you can be from the light inside the balloon for the remote to work…Don’t just assume you can put it up on a super tall ceiling and still be able to control the remote…test it out!

Check out Mike Harris blog beautiful winter wonderland decor with the SSBL!

ssbl winter wonderland pool

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