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Batch Your Pinterest Posts for Your Balloon Business

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Our amazing guest blogger, Serena Waller of Delegate & Elevate joins us again to talk about how to batch your Pinterest posts for your balloon business. Take a look! 

Whether you’ve decided that Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest is right for you, I want you to consider the “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” analogy. Let’s discuss how to batch your Pinterest posts for your your balloon business. This week we’re mixing it up and doing a VIDEO tutorial!  

Tailwind is THE best platform for planning & batching your Pinterest efforts. There are SO many features available with this software. For the sake of simplicity (I’m all about making it feel less overwhelming), I’m going to do a quick walkthrough to introduce you to the platform and how to load up your first pins! 

I want you to work one-egg-at-a-time with your marketing. But I DO want you to have multiple eggs to work with; you never know just where customers are going to find you. 


Instagram is incredibly powerful for Balloon Business owners. BUT, in some markets, Facebook is still king! And if you already have a powerful referral network and local following, Pinterest could help you reach even more new customers because of the power it brings to your search engine optimization strategy. 

Each platform’s approach will be slightly different, but they can work together to really create something amazing for you! Marketing your business never stops. Constant experimentation is required. Consider it an amazing chance to reinvent yourself regularly! 

Next week, tune in when we will spotlight some of our Balloon Boss Mastermind Members and watch them grow and thrive! 


Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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