No Balloon Releases

No Balloon Releases   Have you heard the new industry standard is to not deliberately release balloons, no matter if they are biodegradable? Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) was started in Australia as a grassroots movement to protect the balloon industry. The PEBA team includes: Brian Gray of Important Items, Perth Australia Chris Adamo, Balloons […]

Balloon Training: How to Select the Best Fit for You

Balloon Training: How to Select the Best Fit for You   The Balloon Industry is BOOMING, thanks to social media sharing the amazing photographs of balloon decor around the globe! If you are looking to start a new balloon business or have an existing balloon company and in search of training, it can sometimes be […]

How to Find Quality Balloons

How to find quality balloons

How to find Quality Balloons Part of being a balloon professional is using high quality balloons that you can feel confident in using and will last well for your clients. Not all balloons are created equal. There are many balloons created that are simply made to be the cheapest, often they are thin and are […]

Losing Balloon Jobs to Competition

Losing Balloon Jobs to Competition   Today’s post is shared with permission from David Mahoney, Owner/CEO of Balloons Everyday, Carroliton, TX (near Dallas) Tips #100 for Newbies – I am the biggest loser I have lost 27 jobs this month so far to competition, high prices, small budgets and other things. I am not talking […]

Alternatives to Balloon Releases

Alternatives to Balloon Releases               Being prepared with a response when a client calls requesting a balloon release is key in today’s environmentally concerned society. Set a policy for your business and have photos and pricing available so that any staff answering the phone, replying to emails or talking […]

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events! Have you ever had a client call you and ask you to create something outdoors that you did not want to do? I have been working in the balloon industry full time since 2003, and over the years I have learned that my #1 job is to […]