Get the Most Float Time Out of Your Balloons Q & A with HIFLOAT – Andrea & Phillip Kash

Get the Most Float Time Out of Your Balloons Q & A with HIFLOAT – Andrea & Phillip Kash

  For the last 30 years, balloons have been able to have an extended float time thanks to an amazing product called HIFLOAT! Ever wonder how HIFLOAT was founded? Or wonder how to use HIFLOAT to get the most float time out of your balloons – to give your customers an excellent experience?   Following are a great tips and tricks from Andrea and Phillip Kash. No mater if you have used this product since the day it was made, or are hearing about this product for the first time – you will learn from these helpful tips. Click here to enjoy the replay of the Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina, CBA interview with the CEO, President of HIFLOAT, Andrea Kash, and the Chief Operating Officer Phillip Kash full of a wealth of knowledge to help you extend the float time of your balloons.   Best Practices with HIFLOAT
  • For longest float time with the recommended amount of HIFLOAT,  stretch balloons before using the HIFLOAT.
  • Fully inflate balloons with air first to 11 inches (or size of balloon you are using)
  • Let the air out then put in the HIFLOAT, and fill with helium.
  • HIFLOAT starts increasing float time once it is dry. To dry the HIFLOAT keep it in a temperature controlled room with low humidity, which typically takes a couple hours.
  • Never Freeze HIFLOAT
  • HIFLOAT is effected by humidity in the air. The cooler and dryer the air the better the performance of HIFLOAT.
  • After the HIFLOAT is dry – if you transport to a location where it’s raining or humid the HIFLOAT can become wet again and be affected by the humidity, and decrease float time.
  TEST things out to see how they do best in your environment. I am a firm believer that we each should test out our balloons in our own environments so that we can tell our clients with confidence how long they should expect for a balloon to last. BEST way to run a test. Inflate 6 identical latex balloons (same color, same brand) that are:
  1. Filled with 100 percent helium
  2. Measured to be a full 11 inches
  3. Using the HIFLOAT clip for 11 inch balloons (unless you know that due to your altitude you must use less)
  4. Use a marker to write the Date and Time you inflated the balloons on the balloons to monitor your test.
  5. Take a Photo on Day One
  6. Take a Photo on Day 3
  7. Take a Photo on Day 5
  8. Take a photo on day 7 and measure the balloon
  9. On day 7 post your results with how long your HIFLOAT balloons lasted in  the facebook group Balloon Coach Community
  10. In your post state where you are from: City, State and Country and share your results.
  11. If you do not wish to post on FB you can email your findings to
  12. If your balloons are still floating – keep them up and touch base down the road to let us know how long they lasted!
  Other test you can do to make your helium tanks last longer Conduct a test with 60/40 and compare the results to the 100 % Helium     Looking forward to seeing your results!   For more tips visit their website   Other great resources include  

Jan Iiams double bubble

Confetti balloons –

Keith Burchette

Chris Adamo

Deco Bubbles with Confetti

  Thank you HIFLOAT for creating a product to extend the life of balloons and help our industry become more profitable.  

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Support to grow Your Thriving Balloon Business.

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How to Find Quality Balloons

How to find quality balloons
How to find quality balloons

How to find Quality Balloons

Part of being a balloon professional is using high quality balloons that you can feel confident in using and will last well for your clients. Not all balloons are created equal. There are many balloons created that are simply made to be the cheapest, often they are thin and are not made to last for a long period of time, to work well with helium, or to withstand being on display outdoors. Today I’m going to share the 3 main manufacturers of balloons that I have used the most. YES there are many other reliable balloons in the industry also, but I’m starting with the ones I have had the most experience with since starting in the balloon industry full time in 2003. I will share more in future blogs about other companies. If you have a brand you really love email me the details at and we will check it out! When making your living from balloons you want to use a product that you can
  • Easily get from suppliers with short ship times to you
  • A balloon that you can depend on to work well
  • A balloon that looks great for your client
Another thing that I like about the following three companies I’m sharing today is that they have instructors who provide training around the world to help our industry grow! In alphabetical order here we go! For each manufacturer you will find a hotlink to their website and to their distributor list to find the closest distributors near you! AnagramAnagram is known most for their WIDE variety of foil balloons.   decorator foils by anangram   They have a wide variety of decorator foils that in include Curves, Crescents, Orbz, Cubez, Diamondz and much much more! To find a list of distributors go to Betallic   Betallic offers both Foil and Latex Designs.   Betallatex is the latex packaging in the US – when you flip over the bag you will see that the balloons are Sempertex to find their distributors go to   Qualatex Qualatex offers Foil Balloons, Bubble balloons and latex   If you would like to have an opportunity to work with balloons from all three of these manufacturers, working side by side with 9 wonderful instructors join us for Promotions & Profits Retreat in Orlando November 12 – 16th 2018!     Your Partner in Success,   Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.   Check out our online webinars, coaching, online training and hands on workshops at!   Stay Connected on Facebook Balloon Coach Community we discuss the business side of balloons Beginning Balloon Professionals we talk about creating balloons decor      

Losing Balloon Jobs to Competition

Losing Balloon Jobs to Competition

  Today’s post is shared with permission from David Mahoney, Owner/CEO of Balloons Everyday, Carroliton, TX (near Dallas) Tips #100 for Newbies – I am the biggest loser I have lost 27 jobs this month so far to competition, high prices, small budgets and other things. I am not talking about situations were someone just called for info (oh no, then my numbers would be even bigger). I am talking about 27 people that we got all the info about – when, where, what time, what do they want, how much, etc… I am talking about people that we were only waiting for payment or already got payment and they canceled after the fact.
There are all kinds of reasons, but to be honest, they are the same reasons that most of us already hear everyday… The client found a better price, decided to go another direction, budget cut, zombie apocalypse, etc… LOL!!! There is always a reason, but none of that matters because unless I want to give balloons for free, losing out on jobs in inevitable. The important part is knowing that my pricing is right, I am profitable and that I have the ability to keep looking for more clients that will value my service and will pay me what I need to stay in business. I know I have to fail and lose a lot to be successful. How do I know this, because I have never heard one success story without also hearing about the struggle they went through to be successful. Story after story of how successful people went through unbelievable losses and hardship before becoming successful. Even once they were successful, that didn’t stop the losses or failures. Failure is just part of life, regardless. Ultimately in all those situations, it is what the person of success did after each and every failure… They kept going after their dream, they did not let obstacles stop them and they did not let excuses hold them back. Successful people keep improving after failure. They learn from losing and how to avoid it. They realize it is up to them to overcome. No one makes every shot, hits every ball, lands it perfectly every time. This is another fact proven again and again in stories of great athletes, people of power, success stories. If you want to succeed, you have to get back up and try again, practice more, study harder, overcome, etc… The more we try the closer success will come. The more you do, the more chances you will have to succeed. Embrace the losses and use them to grow and become better. The more losses you have today, the less you will have later on. So go out and be the best loser you can be. I know I am. I wish everyone a Balloon-tastic Week!
  THANK YOU David Mahoney for sharing your insights with the industry, here are a few of my thoughts… One of the challenges I gave out to members of our Passport to Success Program (monthly webinar) is to track their NO’S. I think too many times we FEAR being told no. I have seen time and time again through my coaching clients and Passport to Success members that FEAR often stops people dead in their tracks and keeps them from moving forward and growing. I gave the “no” challenge and stated that the more no’s you get the closer you are to getting a YES! Set your pricing for profit, not just for everyone to say YES. Become OK with No’s, understanding it puts you that much closer to a YES!     I find that many of us in the Balloon Industry are people pleasers. We like to be helpful and make people feel good. When someone says NO to our prices, we often we take it as a personal thing, rather than a business decision. NOT everyone can be our client… if they all said yes our prices would be too low! Fear of failure can paralyze you as an entrepreneur and I see it almost every day. I believe many of us have a FEAR of rejection, and a client saying no turns into a hit in our confidence rather than igniting a fire to rise up. I have seen it paralyze people where they stop taking action, as they can’t handle the thought of hearing NO. If you would like some tips on increasing your confidence check out this blog and replay of a free webinar. Confidence and communication, grow your balloon business.   Your Partner in Success,   Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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Alternatives to Balloon Releases

Alternatives to Balloon Releases

              Being prepared with a response when a client calls requesting a balloon release is key in today’s environmentally concerned society. Set a policy for your business and have photos and pricing available so that any staff answering the phone, replying to emails or talking to customers who come into your shop if you are a storefront are prepared for this conversation. Educating clients I feel is the #1 job of balloon professionals. Here is an example outside of releases, a client asked for a helium filled balloon arch for the start of a charity walk. I inform them that helium arches are not as sturdy or durable as air filled on framing and the price for a 30 foot, swirl garland arch on a frame with delivery and strike is __________. I am now the expert. I’m letting them know what will work best in their situation. I’m prepared to also quote on an array of column designs instead of an arch if they want it to go a long distance to be safer due to possible wind etc. Back to balloon releases. The general public has a desire to lift messages or thoughts of their loved one through balloon releases. It’s a way of feeling they are honoring their loved ones after seeing releases for so many years. I still remember writing a note and tying it to a balloon at a camp. We put our address on them in hopes the person who found the note would mail us a response to let us know how far it had traveled (back in the 1980’s). Now in today’s world when people see that balloon, string and note on the ground it is seen as litter and to many environmental groups seen as a possible danger for wildlife. Part of the worlds perception has changed on what once was a very common practice. Now as an industry, it is time for us to change also in how we handle those requests. As a balloon professional, it is very important for each and everyone of us who sell balloons as part of our income to do things in a responsible manor for the longevity of our industry. Part of that is educating our clients in best practices. Everyday we come into situations where we need to serve as the expert and suggest things to our client that are alternative ways to honor their loved ones memory. When a potential client calls and ask if they can buy bulk balloons, or a Helium Rosary or any other item to be released into the air this is my response: What is the purpose of your release? When and where will it take place? I then suggest other balloon items that can be created as a remembrance of the loved one, or as a symbol of love etc without releasing it into the air. Examples include Rosary Sculptures can be tethered to the ground and then removed by the balloon company at the end of a service after the family has left. This tethered Rosary by Lisa Talip, A Balloon Creation Inc. was created for a memorial for two local students who died in a car crash due to fog. It blows in the wind and is lovely, but does not get released.     At a Celebration of Life service 2 wonderful sculptures and a wonderful story shared by Steven Jones of Balloon Designers, Seattle Washington, with his permission I am posting this story and photos. This sculpture of a Lexus convertible was created for a “celebration of life” event honoring the memory of a man who was a cornerstone of Seattle business. The family had included us in part of their 50th wedding anniversary, so his loved ones thought it was only fitting to include more of our sculpture work at his memorial event. And given how much he loved his cars, they thought this was a fitting subject matter as part of his tribute. The sculpture includes seats, and apparently at one point in the event, various family members actually jumped inside the car for photos! I still can’t believe how much damage they didn’t do to it when we returned to tear it down! LOL From start to finish, Alexa Rivera and I built this in just under eight hours. We were “working without a net” as it were, since we had not built this vehicle before which accounted for the extra time. It’s all Quick Links, along with corresponding 5″ and 11″ rounds, and the only framework in the piece are four short poles that were hidden in the wheel wells to hold up the sculpture high enough to properly place the wheels. The real challenge here admittedly was getting it into the building…thank goodness the venue has a really wide stairwell or else we’d have had to bring it in pieces.   Ways to educate yourself, staff and clients about reducing balloons as a litter source PEBA – Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. I found out about this organization founded in Australia while at World Balloon Convention 2018 in San Diego. About a month prior to WBC I had been contacted by an individual from a Turtle Group on the Coast of Florida asking me what my stance was on balloon releases, and asking why The Balloon Council and Pioneer Balloon Company was not doing more about this situation. I realized that I had not taken an active role in something that is very important to my industry. At that time I contacted Dan Flynn at Pioneer who serves on the Balloon Council and asked for the organization to work on development of a NEW awareness campaign and education for balloon professionals and the general public. I do not expect this to happen overnight. I have also been in touch with Lorna OHara of The Balloon Council to let her know of people who would like to assist in the development of an education program in the US. This is not something to just put off for them to take care of alone, but for each of us to do our part. While at WBC I was able to talk with members of PEBA, here is their website. I as and the company I am marketing director for Party People Events have both signed the PEBA Members commitment, and I encourage you to read it. If it is something you agree with to do the same, no mater where in the world you live environmental concerns spread world wide with social media in an instant. PEBA Facebook Page Now the ball is in your court what will your answer be when your customer ask for a release? I would love to hear your ideas for different alternatives to releases. When you create a sculpture that is not released into the environment and is used for a memorial or celebration of life service please share with me at and share on Facebook. I envision lovely crosses adorned with balloon flowers, balloon wreaths, lovely organics, sculptures to honor the loved ones favorite things or color. One other note about balloon releases. In the areas where they are still legal (and if you do choose to do them), NEVER should the balloons be joined together. Unfortunately one of the most popular releases I have seen around the world is the floating Rosary beads. My father owned a small plane, and every time I see a floating Rosary released I say a prayer that a plane does not come in contact with those balloons and cause a crash due to release. I always say, We do not now what we do not know. I I believe many people do not realize that type of release could harm a plane and bring it down, but now you do. So please consider joining PEBA and their mission. Educate your client on other alternatives to help save our industry. Here are the cold hard facts. LAWS can change overnight and balloons can be banned from use. That is why PEBA was formed. There are parts of Australia that balloons cannot be used! Not just decor, but a twister cannot entertain children at events due to balloons being banned. It’s not just in Australia. April 6, 2018 New Shoreham, Rhode Island wrote a law prohibiting the sale and USE of balloon in their town! Here are the details I have made my full time living from the balloon industry since 2003, and I LOVE the people in our industry. More than anything my passion comes from the JOY I see in my clients eyes when our team transforms an ordinary space into a memorable celebration. As far as I am concerned there is no better feeling than making others feel special, loved and honored by creating a magical space for memories that will last a life time. We do not just sell balloons, we help our clients evoke emotions in others through amazing balloon decor. Let us each take the time to educate ourselves, our clients and the general public on the proper disposal of balloons and alternatives to releases to allow all people around the world experience the magic of balloons. If you would like to hear direct from Chris Adamo, Ray Stewart & Zoe Jones on the details behind PEBA this is a free webinar they did with me April 9, 2018.   Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. visit our website for Monthly Webinars and online and in person Training. Enjoy our Free Online Magazine Elevated.Events for Tips and Inspiration

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Have you ever had a client call you and ask you to create something outdoors that you did not want to do? I have been working in the balloon industry full time since 2003, and over the years I have learned that my #1 job is to go with my gut, and educate my clients on solutions that I can feel confident setting up for their event that will look the best to give them the results that want – but sometimes NOT be what they originally ask for. Many times I refer to the saying, “we don’t know, what we don’t know”. Professional balloon decor is not something most people have experience with. When they think balloons, they think helium, they are not aware of air filled decor, framing. and for that matter most do not know that Balloon Decor is a growing international career for thousands of people around the world.   I had a client call and say that she wanted to order 30, 3 ft. helium balloons to fly above tents for an outdoor event. I did what I always do and asked for a few more details. Found out they were holding an Ice Cream Festival and wanted to put the balloon on all the ice cream vendors tents. Now it was my time to educate. I said 3 ft balloons are a great way to mark the tents. However, I prefer NOT to use Helium whenever possible outdoors if there is another alternative that might be even better. If it rains, the helium balloon can come down to the ground and pop. RED outdoors attracts a ton of sun and tends to pop more than lighter colors. I’d love to use white or pink. She said NOPE it has to be red! I let her know that I would not promise the life of a 3ft. red outdoor in direct Florida sun and heat. They will look great when I first put them up – but they may pop during the day. She said she was willing to take the risk. I had her sign that on the contract! I suggested we make mini Ice Cream cones under each 3 ft. balloon to have fun with the theme of the event and put it on a pole that I could zip tie to the tent pole legs and fly about the tent so it would not blow down if it happened to rain or be a super windy day. (I use a 10 foot, 1/2 inch EMT) I Inflated the red 3 foot balloons to full size, let the air out and sized to 2 ft., I used 16 inch, 11 inch and 9 inch undersized yellow for the cones. Client loved it! It was a Very windy day so I was glad I was not installing Helium. At the end of the full day event about 1/3 of the red balloons had popped, as I had warned…but they had lasted the majority of the event which was good to know. The pink ice cream cone I set up for the photo opp at the end of the day looked just like it did when I set it up! Things that I learned from this event: I was delighted that I stuck with my gut and encouraged client not to use helium for the event. I was glad my contract stated I’m not responsible for balloons popping when exposed to sun, heat, weather etc. We are the balloon professionals, most of our clients have NO IDEA what is possible with balloons. I encourage you to keep educating yourself no matter how long you have been in the industry. The Balloon Industry has a great amount of training available in person and online. Get as much of it as you can! As a balloon professional it is important to do research to see how balloons hold up in your environment. I do several test throughout the year of how balloons react to the sun and heat outdoors in Florida where I live. I encourage you to do the same types of test so you can confidently speak to your clients about what to expect. Some of those results and videos are in my facebook group, come join the conversation if you are working on your career in balloons. Balloon Coach Community   If you would like to increase your skills and confidence in how to create sturdy outdoor framing and designs Chris Potts of Balloon Masters in Buffalo New York shared his tips from over 25 years of experience in one of our webinars, Outdoor decor and tracking your $$$ You can purchase the replay for $50, or join our Balloon Boss Mastermind Program for online support, group coaching and access to all our past webinars (including this outdoor webinar) with tips and hints from successful business owners. Save time and money by learning from others mistakes and successes to grow your Thriving Balloon Business even quicker!   Your Partner in Success,         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create Your Thriving Balloon Business Balloon Boss Mastermind