Computer Maintenance for the Balloon Professional

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Computer Maintenance for the Balloon Professional

As business owners in the modern world, computer maintenance for the Balloon Professional, is important!

We all know our cars need Oil Changes, some people got to the Mechanic, others due it themselves. Me personally I go to the mechanic!

With my computer I often forget about doing the regular maintenance, thus I get help from Erika Warren of YES, Your Electronic Specialist in Lakeland FL.

I had Erika set up the antivirus on my computers, and have her remote into my computer to take care of things as needed, LOVE that service as I’m not a techie!

One day while she was helping me with some things on my laptop I asked her if she would share some of her knowledge with my followers and she said YES!

Thus the Free Mini Webinar Computer Maintenance 101! Click here to watch the replay

Here are the notes so you have the correct Hot Links.

* Steps to keep your computer running smoothly

– Weekly temp file / cookie deletion.
Using a program like CCleaner can assist in this steps by clearing out all the installed browsers at once like Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer.
You can download this free program at: if you chose to pay for this program you can set a schedule for it to do the weekly cleaning for you.

– Uninstalling unnecessary programs like PC Slim Clean and Coupon Printer as examples

– Weekly Windows updates. Windows updates are critical for security patches that have been discovered by hackers / programs etc. Keeping your computer up to date keeps you less vulnerable to breeches.

You can automatically set windows updates by following the steps in this Microsoft KB form:

– Monthly app updates for security patches. Apps are such things as Java, Adobe Read, Adobe flash, Google Chrome, FireFox.
You can use Ninite to download all these app updates at once by following this link:

– Daily Virus scans. By running your antivirus program to scan your computer daily is very important on day to day usage. Most Antivirus programs even scan incoming emails to check for problems.
Here are some free anti-Virus solutions: Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, AVG, Avast
If you are looking for a paid anti-virus protection we recommend: VIPRE, ESET, BitDefender, Kaspersky
With our Managed Service customers we use a business grade anti-virus protection

*Hiring an IT Company to protect you
– Daily / Weekly Microsoft Windows updates, we force them by not allowing the users to stop the patches
– Business grade anti-virus software with daily scans scheduled. We also have our servers enabled to alert us if a customer is in danger or has gotten a virus. We address it immediately
– Weekly App patches. We force the Adobe, Java, chrome, etc updates.
– Remote access for live assistance with support needs
-Nightly backups that are HIP PA Compliant

* Why do people need to backup / how?
– There are a couple types of backups, there are data backups and ISO’s
(ISO files are called “disc images” because they’re an exact image of a disc. An ISO file contains an exact representation of the contents of a disc, allowing you to create backup copies of discs and store them digitally)
– If you are needing just data backup, we recommend that this is done daily if not hourly.
– you should never have just one backup. There should always be a minimum of 2 onsite / offsite / cloud backup
– If you are using an accounting software you should backup to a thumbdrive in addition to those listed above
These are recommend data backup solutions: Carbonite, BackBlaze, Rackspace
CCleaner – Free Download – Piriform

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Thank you Erika for taking the time to impart some Tech Wisdom with us!

If you would like assistance in maintaining your computer contact Your Electronic Specialist, they provide service worldwide! 844-=937-9334

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