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Chase Grand Opening Foil topiary's and columns.
Chase Grand Opening Foil topiary’s and columns.

No matter if you have been working with balloons for 1 year or 25 years, be confident when you interact with clients!

The photo above is from one of the many Chase Bank Grand Openings I have done in Florida. When I first got the account they used latex columns, then one year a company in California did foil balloons and they asked for the change. First I tested the balloons to see how they reacted to the direct sun and heat as I wanted to be confident in the decor I was providing. Over the years I have done a lot of grand openings for Chase, it paid off to take the extra time and make sure I was inflating properly to last for the 2 days requested.

****SIDE NOTE to those NEW to Balloon Decor. If you are new to the industry PLEASE get training, practice, and learn to create quality decor before providing decor for payment so our industry can continue to look professional as an industry! For the beginner, professional balloon decor is sized properly, uses supports that are stable, and has proper scale and color.

Why Confidence Sells!

1. When you are on the phone with a client, they want to hear it in your voice that you know what you are doing.

2. The excitement in your voice and knowledge in your descriptions makes a client feel comfortable choosing you as their balloon vendor.

3. Clients like to think that they are getting the BEST service. If you are nervous, stuttering or saying uhm uhm, and not sure of what you can provide for the client, they will be able to tell through your words and choose to go with another company.

4. An “I can do that” attitude will help you grow your business!

How to Build YOUR Confidence



There are wonderful balloon conventions and seminars throughout the world. Two of my favorite are FLOAT convention and World balloon Convention. Create an education savings account to cover costs of travel and registration.


During the time between classes and conventions, you can invest in DVD’s. The producer of FLOAT conventions owns and many of the instructors from the convention and top entertainers and decorators have a variety of DVD’s in his library for you to choose from. The greatest thing with a DVD is you can replay it as many times as you need or use the pause button. Many balloon distributors carry other training DVD’s.


Invest in your company. Get balloons, framing supplies, inflating and sizing equipment and practice designs to test your skills! Then take photos of your work to build your portfolio. If you wish for balloons to create an income for you, it’s just like any other business, where you invest in the company, supplies and training.

3. EXPERIENCE with paying clients.

Sell….Sell…Sell…do not just wait around for your phone to ring. Get out and about and find clients.

4. Networking with other Balloon Professionals.

Is there a QBN chapter in your area? Network with other Balloon Professionals at conventions and trainings.

5. Business Coaching

There are Life coaches and business coaches all over the world. Coaching provides you with an individualized plan to reach your business goals. If you would like to work with a coach who has been in the trenches running and growing a balloon decorating company I offer a variety of individual and group coaching packages via online chat and phone to give you the support you need to take your company to the next level. Email for more information.

Balloon Boss Mastermind provides you with access to online training 24/7 to help you on your road to success with access to group coaching so you don’t have to be on this journey alone.

If you are new to I wanted to let you know we have many more blogs that have been written, some interviewing fellow balloon pros sharing tips on sales calls, creating professional quotes, hiring and much more!

Ready for hands on training you can come to our annual Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando to be one of 96 attendees with 18 amazing instructors from around the world.

To be a part of the business conversation join us on facebook at Balloon Coach Community

If you would like to be a part of small group or one to one training at our Party People Events Headquarters in Auburndale Florida email

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