Count Down to World Balloon Convention 2016!

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Count Down to World Balloon Convention 2016!

Wow! In one week from today I will be in New Orleans! This is my first visit to New Orleans so I planned my schedule to have a few days to be a tourist a bit, and have extra time to have some wonderful conversations with New and Old friends! Looking over my list of classes I’m so looking forward to Learning from Treb Heining, Colin Stewart, Didier Dvorak, Matt Lewis to name a few! I want to take time now to say THANK YOU to the Amazing Team of Staff from Pioneer Corporate to all the Balloon Artist from around the world that give up 10 days from their regular business operations to be at WBC, and all the planning they put into the event ahead of time. Putting on a convention of this size is a huge undertaking and I appreciate that Qualatex and their staff have a passion for education.

For those of you unable to attend this WBC. I will be posting some live videos on Periscope – follow me @ballooncoach I will put the recordings on my twitter feed also Joette Giardina @ballooncoach

I will also post photos on Balloon Coach facebook page when you like the Balloon Coach page remember to turn on Notifications so you will see new post.

I often get questions on what should I pack – what do I need to remember so I’m sharing some of my tips.

Steps to prepare for WBC:

  • I just downloaded the WBC app to my tablet! I can see all my schedule and details like the address for the hotel etc!
  • I’m going to check on an airport shuttle today.
  • My suite case is out and I have started packing so I don’t feel rushed this weekend and can enjoy time with my family before I leave
  • Hotel and Plane Reservation numbers in my Calendar
  • Daily deleting photos from my Phone and Tablet so I will have plenty of room to take new photos at WBC
  • Pack a lot of business cards you are meeting hundreds of new people it’s great to share cards to network more after WBC
  • Bring a special baggie or ladies even a cosmetic bag to put all the business cards in of the people you meet.
  • Pack your Power Cord for all electronics (WBC 2012 Jani Blocker was nice enough to buy me a universal power cord when I left my laptop cord at home – not cheap!)
  • Pack an extension cord they come in handy in your hotel room since we all have so many electronics!
  • If you have a back up power pack or battery for your phone bring it.
  • Chap Stick
  • Costume or something colorful and fun to wear to Thursday nights party
  • Pair of scissors in your checked luggage
  • Hand pump for the jam nights
  • Vitamins Typically you get lack of sleep and you are hanging out with about 800 people so keeping healthy is key!
  • Notebook, yes WBC gives you an education notebook but it’s nice to have extra Pad of paper for notes
  • Pens – easy to loose a pen or run out of ink etc.
  • High lighter if you like to hi light notes during class
  • FILES for the weeks events. If you are running crews while you are away and plan to be in touch with your crew. Email the information to yourself if you wish to review.
  • IF at all possible plan for a full 8 hours of sleep night before your flight. WBC is an amazing face paced experience having some Rest before you arrive is great – for those on international flights hope you sleep well on the plane!

TIPS while At WBC:

When meeting new people that you do not want to forget take a photo of them with their name tag up by their face, this way when you return home and your memory is mush from meeting hundreds of new people you will easily be able to reference back to who is who! I’m looking forward to seeing the friends I made at WBC 2014

2014-03-28 21.13.42

2014-03-28 21.13.47

Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam from Singapore

After meeting at WBC they then came back to the USA for FLOAT 2014, and now returning for WBC 2016, I enjoy spending time with people from around the world that share my passion for the Balloon Industry! Lots of fun memories are about to be created!

IF you are not an outgoing person and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello!

Networking is one of the main reasons I attend conventions. YES I want to learn from the classes. But the friendships I have made over the years from conventions have been my support system to grow my company and lead to many wonderful travels. *** Remember lots of business cards!**

COME Visit my booth on Friday in the vendor showcase from Noon to 6 pm,

Will be having a contest with Prizes!

Wishing all Safe travels to New Orleans!

For more support and ongoing training go to

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