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Have you reviewed your Business Facebook page lately? Or are you getting ready to set up your Business page on FB – check out this replay with TIPS to getting started! Link to our free mini webinar Facebook for Business recorded on 11/9/15 During this recording – there is a period of time of silence – just keep watching the audio does come back! I had my settings set up wrong for you to hear Mindy Speak, so I shared the information that she was covering via screen sharing (on a recording)

During our LIVE Paid Classes the Guest Speaker is LIVE and you can hear them speak just like you hear me as we screen share videos and photos. SO wanted to let you know up front that there is a bit of a lag – but good information for you to make some changes to your Business page – and tips for those CREATING a business page for the 1st time showing you steps via screen share!

December 1st and Noon we will have a Part 2 to answer some more questions on Facebook for Business and Mindy Neal will be joining us live! You will be able to hear her nice an clear. If you have questions ahead of time email to Joette@ballooncoach.com Subject FB questions!

Take aways from the recording

#1 Set up your official Business Page

if you look at your current Page set up for Business and it says FRIENDS! You are not set up correctly!

#2 as a Business you can have an unlimited number of followers – fans! On a personal page you are cut off at 5,000 friends!

#3 Make sure that you information is filled out correctly and you have links, phone number etc set on your business page so people can easily reach you!

#4 There are lots of extra features and Call To Actions you can place on your Facebook Page.


When someone post their work online that image belongs to that person, if you Share it with your friends or clients online you are to give credit to the person who created it.

If you would like to use it in marketing your business you need to ask permission to do so, some people ask for payment to do so, others will say NO, you need to take the time to recreate the design and have the photo of your own work.

Our industry is a very sharing industry but you must respect others work and not take credit for something you did not due.

There are stock images from manufactures that are available for use.

See you in the next class! For more information on Excellent classes and a chance to win a FREE RELI-A-DROP check out our next class

(after you watch part One check out Part 2 video from 11/30/15 live with Mindy Neal)

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