Facebook for Business Part 2 Mini Webinar with Mindy Neal

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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Facebook for Business Part 2 Mini webinar with Mindy Neal.

As I have people request for friend me on Facebook, and ask me to like their business page, I realize a LOT of people do not have their pages set up correctly! So I asked Mindy, my website designer and go to person for Technical Help to walk you through the process of making changes to your Facebook pages so that your personal links to your business correctly, and for you to have the Correct Business Page set up! If you would like to have more guidance in this area email joette@ballooncoach.com and I can help you through coaching – or set you up directly with Mindy!

Having your facebook page for business is important to get the most from your time. Part 2 Video

If you were not a part of the 1st mini free webinar – go to bottom and watch that video first!

Have paper and pen handy to see tips on how to:

  • make sure you have a custom url link to easily share your Business Page
  • see how to edit your information
  • how to create calls to action in your cover photo
  • programs you can use to help manage your business Facebook Page

IF you did not see the first webinar click here


When someone post their work online that image belongs to that person, if you Share it with your friends or clients online you are to give credit to the person who created it.

If you would like to use it in marketing your business you need to ask permission to do so, some people ask for payment to do so, others will say NO, you need to take the time to recreate the design and have the photo of your own work.

Our industry is a very sharing industry but you must respect others work and not take credit for something you did not due.

There are stock images from manufactures that are available for use.

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