Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share

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Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share

The balloon industry creates a very visual product. When people see what they like on social media, your website or in a brochure they will request the decor they are most attracted to.

Many businesses have difficulty when starting out to have a portfolio of designs to grab attention of their target customers.

A great way to gain photos of beautiful balloon work is to attend hands on training.

Back in 2003 when I started in the balloon industry, we did not have the magic of social media to help the industry grow.

Today,  brand new balloon businesses can jump into action and create decor that catches their clients eye and thrive quickly.

A mantra I have been sharing for years is “We sell what we share”.   If there is a specific type of balloon decor you do not wish to create, then don’t share those designs on your website or social media.  For Party People Events we prefer to create decor that any of our staff members are able to assemble and deliver.   Classic decor, columns, arches, three foot balloons, three foots with lights, neon decor with lighting are our go to items.  Part of our team have the training and skills to make very detailed pieces of art, however those are much more time consuming and cannot be duplicated by every member of our team.

One way to build your portfolio as you grow your thriving balloon business is to invest in online and in person training that gives you access to the knowledge of how to create eye catching decor and then practice those designs and get them out for your target client to see.

I would like to introduce you to a company that has done just that. Meet Paul and Gayle of Balloons by Gayle, from Fort Myers, Florida.









Gayle and I originally connected online through a Facebook group, and she attended the first Balloon Coach business building workshop in Orlando in 2016, Bridge the Gap to Success, then in October of 2017 brought her husband to Parade, Promotions & Profits. They returned again for Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018.  During the Balloon Coach Hands on Workshops we have professional photography taken for the alumni to use in their marketing when they return home so they can Sell what they Share.

Leaving with the knowledge how to make the designs is a great accomplishment, and confidence to price for profit is a great combination for growth.

Designs created at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018







Designs created by Balloons by Gayle September 2019 inspired by what they learned at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando.










Gayle how did you hear about Balloon Coach?

I was a follower of Joette Meyers Giardina on facebook since 2014, she was my very first balloon friend.   I then saw a post of Balloon Coach a short time after teaching myself by watching YouTube.  I said “I need this”.  When I sawy you were holding Bridge the Gap to Success in Orlando in November of 2016, I talked to Paul about how I want do do balloons and decided to take the opportunity and start with some good teaching.   After I met Joette in person, I knew what I wanted and needed to do to grow a balloon business.

How did you decide to have your husband Paul become a part of your balloon business?

When the next Balloon Coach training came up in Florida, October of 2017,    Paul had been helping me with the framing and set up so I wanted him eot also touch the balloons so I decided he needed to come with me to Parade, Promotions & Profits Orlando.  He loved it so much and learned so much.  That is when we decided to push onto the next level of our business.   Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018 was when we really starting networking and just getting out into the community to promote Balloons By Gayle.

Having two trained people is so much easier when you have to trouble shoot and run ideas and solutions off each other.  Now being married to your business partner can also be a challenge but in the end it is so worth it.

What is the Purple Tie Ball and why did you provide decor for the event?

The organization that holds the event is One Way Out Ministries, they help get women out of human trafficking and also drug rehabilitation.  This is an organization and mission I wish to support and have seen so many women grow and turn their lives around.

How do you gain new customers through going to strike your events?

With large scale events where I know there are a lot of people, I always like to make sure I have my Balloons by Gayle shirt on, arrive a bit early and stand outside with my Magpole which people get attracted to.  As people are leaving the event they notice my logo on my shirt and they come over to talk to me and ask me what services I provide. During the strike of the Purple Tie Ball I had six really good contacts, mostly event planners and other business owners come up to me and ask for my card.  I immediately booked two jobs and have put out multiple quotes from that one event.


Thank you Gayle for sharing your story, tips and hints with fellow Balloon Professionals to help our industry grow.  When people experience professional balloon decor they think of all the different events that they want to purchase it for.   One of my favorite quotes is, “We don’t know, what we don’t know.”   Most of our target clients have no idea how balloon decor done right can transform a venue into a memorable occasion and bring their event to life.  Creating opportunities for your target market to SEE what you can do in person and via photos is a top key to success.  Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share!!   So make sure you are sharing quality, high profit designs to grow your thriving balloon business! online and in person training was created to help overwhelmed balloon artists create Thriving Balloon Businesses.  I share my personal experiences  working in the balloon industry full time since 2003,  along with training from the network of balloon professionals I have had the honor of learning from throughout the years.

I invite you to become a part of our online community by starting with our facebook group Balloon Coach Community – where we focus on business building topics.

Looking for ongoing online training and support I encourage you to join Balloon Boss Mastermind 

If you would like to experience hands on learning first hand then email to find out about the next hands on opportunity available to meet your needs.  Private and small group classes are available in Lakeland, Florida at the Balloon Coach workshop and Party People Events behind the scenes work shadow programs. Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA


Grow Your Thriving Balloon Business

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