How do you handle obstacles?

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How do you handle obstacles?

Ever had one of those days where everything is going great and wham…some obstacle falls right in your path? I’ve had several fall in my path in the last few months and it made me think…

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What is your first reaction to an obstacle?

FEAR: Oh no what am I’ going to do?

Frustration: Why me? Why does all the bad stuff happen to me?

Problem Solving: I’m going to figure out a way to solve the issue and move forward on my road to success!

I’m a problem solver…always have been. I think part of it is I learned that skill from a young age from my parents. My Dad was a pilot for Trans World Airlines and during his time home also an electric contractor and could build just about anything. Something broke at the house, he could fix it and often make it stronger and better. As a Captain for an airline, if there was bad weather he had to decide if he had to go around it or fly through it. My Mom is super creative and crafty and she would see an idea and make it! I’m so glad I was raised by problem solvers!

At a workshop I attended this summer one topic came up over and over again. People fall back to their training. Not everyone has had the same life experiences, education or training. Every client we work with is different, has different life experiences. So when they call us and ask “How much is this beautiful balloon arch”, we give the price and they say “oh my that much, it’s just balloons.” That can be an obstacle in your making the sale. HOWEVER, how you handle it is in problem solving and educating your client. It doesn’t mean LOWER your price.

You can choose to get defensive, or you can put a smile on your face and communicate with your client.

On a larger scale you face many obstacles in your life such as medical challenges in your life or your family members, financial hardships, death in the family, vehicle problems and the list we face is endless. The KEY is How do you react and does it keep you from reaching your goals in growing your business?

I honestly thought everyone was a born with problem solving skills. Over the years I have realized that does not come naturally for everyone. And sometimes it takes another person’s point of view to help work through the problem. Here is a good article I found on 15 Problem Solving Skills for Overcoming Obstacles

Hope you enjoy it!

Smile balloon big

I love #1 on the list in the article Reinforce a positive outlook. Smile!

I have had so many people over the years ask me, Joette, how do you smile even in really stressful situations? My answer has always been I choose to be happy. I have met way to many people over the years with a negative outlook on things, and I know that is not the person I want to be. Each day the actions we take, the way we react to challenges it is all a choice! I hope that you are able to take one of the 15 tips from the article to assist you as you face challenges. The balloon industry is expanding and has much potential for growth! Look forward to traveling the road with you!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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