Join us Virtually for a Business Retreat! Take Your Balloon Business to new Heights!

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Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Have you ever thought about taking a retreat – time away from your business to work ON your business?

Monday, January 11th, 2016 9 – 11 pm EST. Join us Virtually for a business retreat, and take Your Business to New Heights in 2016!

Imagine yourself sitting in the living room of this beautiful house in Orlando, Florida.

Retreat Living room

See yourself sitting next to Blenda, Chris, Dianna, Joette, Sean and Tammy in the living room, talking about how to grow your business, sharing tips of things that have worked and things that have not worked to grow their companies.

We Invite you to reserve your Virtual Seat to join a group of 6 Balloon Pros during our business retreat.

This week David Mahoney posted a chart of his Expenses and Gross Sales for 2015, just shy of a million dollars!

It stirred a lot of interest….

Many people posted and responded how motivating his chart was and how they have Big Goals for 2016!

However many are unsure of how to reach the goals they have in their head. GREAT NEWS is we have several Worksheets that you can download and fill out to look at last year and track them in 2016. A worksheet to set attainable goals!

Prior to class on Monday you will be able to download and print an outline from your Member access area so you can write notes during this extended 2 hour class! Most webinars are an hour and a half!

NO EXCUSES to miss this opportunity to go through the steps of a business retreat from the comfort of your home – Anywhere in the world!

INVEST in yourself for $25 for the monthly class pass (where each month on your subscription date your account is charged so you are always registered for the Next months Guest Speaker class!

or pay $35 for the January class only. BOTH passes come with a Replay (that will be posted by Friday after the class) If you are unable to join live -NO problem with our PAY no Replay later program (register by 8 pm EST Monday, January 11th.

retreat hottub and pool

Create a plan to build the income you desire, so in the future you can take a retreat for your business, or your family on a special vacation.

Monday, January 11th 9 pm EST will be the first LIVE Webinar from a Business Retreat of Balloon Professionals. We would like for you to join us, invest in your business and take the steps to take Your business and the Balloon Industry to New Heights! Together Everyone Achieves more.

The group of us who have invested in this lovely home, travel cost, time away from our business for 5 Days understand the power of working ON our Business. We will be reviewing our numbers, setting Goals for 2016 and creating a clear vision for each of our Business for the growth we want to see. YOU can do the same – by Attending the 2 hour webinar with 10 Tips to Grow your business we are sharing what has worked for us. Collectively we have 80 years of business experience. We want you to have the success you dream of.

It takes focus, a plan and a lot of hard work. NO need to focus on things that are not proven to produce income. Invest in your business! After the class you can set time in your week to work on the worksheets and complete some of the task that we will be doing on retreat.

Who are the people who are sharing their knowledge with you? 5 people that I’m blessed to have as part of my balloon family. We have been actively supporting each other in our businesses now for 3 years!

The Retreat Team:

Blenda Berrier, Jacksonville, Florida ,
Tammy Corzine, Delphos, Ohio
Joette Giardina, Lakeland, Florida
Dianna Glandon, Knoxville, Tennessee
Sean Musico, Atlanta, Georgia
Chris Potts, Buffalo, New York
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Dreams become reality when you take action!

When I started in the balloon industry in 2003, the idea of staying in a beautiful home with swim up bar was NEVER in my thoughts. I was creating a business to be creative, be my own boss and enjoy my work transforming venues into memorable occasions. I still enjoy doing that…but Now after 12 years in the industry my passion developed into being a catalyst, to HELP the Balloon Industry GROW to the next level. We are a young industry with so much room for Growth. If you are serious about growing your business you must invest in education, knowledge, and hands-on learning. is offering YOU a seat to learn from 6 other companies From Store fronts, studio and home based to give you all the different perspectives. I hope you join us on this journey!

Interested in Crushing your goals in 2016? To have some support and a cheerleader along the way One to One and Elite Coaching Packages.

Wishing you much Success in 2016!

Your Partner in Success!

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor, Motivator, Speaker.

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