Experiencing the True Joy that Balloons Bring!

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Experiencing the True Joy that Balloons Bring!

Wow…I’m still having vivid memories flash in my head daily from the AMAZING experience I had in Chicago, June 26th 2016, as 40,000 balloons created by 40 balloon professionals were Marched on the streets of Chicago by 100 people in Balloons by Tommy’s “FLOAT” and approx another 100 throughout the other Paid FLOATs of clients of balloons by Tommy!

In the Parade we created a 1 PULSE and 6, Ribbons as a tribute to those who we killed in the Orlando. And then we created 3 sections, PEACE, LOVE and HAPPY!

Here is an overview of the workshop in progress and then parts of the live parade! Click here

Conrad Anais Carolyn after practice Conrad and team PPP fun photo 2016

If you have not seen. Conrad the Unicorn and his friends went Viral with over 13 million people seeing the practice video from the night before the parade.

For more support and ongoing training go to BalloonCoach.com

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