Making Money From Downloadable and Hands on Balloon Training

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Making Money From Downloadable and Hands on Balloon Training


I would like for you to meet Sheetal Kurup from Milburn, New Jersey – an alumni from Promotions & Profits workshop Orlando 2017 – as she shares how she has put into action the things she has learned from our training resources.

Sheetal has only been in the industry for 1 year at the time of writing this blog and I love to hear the enthusiasm in her post as she continues to go for new clients and new opportunities with confidence!

Sheetal posted the following message on facebook in Balloon Coach Community on November 25, 2018 and I asked if I could share her story with you as a blog and she agreed! Her message follows:

Today I am super happy and emotional and I really want to share this with you all. Warning it’s a long post and a personal story.

I just got back from my first balloon parade and I got paid $$$$ to do it. Yes, I was paid to do my first parade. ????


My towns local chamber hired me to bring this unique parade decor to our town. It was a BIG HIT as it was a first of its kind in our town and people were blown away to see the balloons in this new light. The Snowman Balloon Costume was a super duper hit . Kids and adults loved it and I could see the smiles of joy it brought to peoples face. Thanks Liz Romani for your download and easy to follow instructions on

Here is the story of how I got paid to do this job and for all the believers in GOD you will love it . The skeptics I am hoping will be inspired too .

Last year (January 2017) I had just started my business . I attended Promotions & Profits in Orlando in October 2017 for hands on balloon training ( my first time ) with the intention to participate in my towns Snowflake Parade happening in December 2017 . I was planning to invest my own money to do the parade and promote my new business and to bring visibility to it .

But a strong voice inside me kept saying NO. Don’t do it . I was confused as I had just returned from Orlando P& P and was so excited to do the parade. I had told Joette too about my plans … but something inside me very strongly kept saying NO.

In moments of such doubts and when I need guidance from GOD, I follow a practice of making chits with options written on it . I then place these chits in front of my Gods Idol whom I fondly call “ Sai Baba” . We pray as a family to guide us in these moments of doubt . I then asked my daughter to pick one chit amongst all chits ( the chits are all folded and closed ) . So now whatever answer comes in that chit I blindly follow.

So the options I placed in those chits were:

  1. Go ahead and do the parade 2017
  2. Don’t do the parade at all
  3. Do the parade next year 2018

I got my answer from God as the closed chit which my daughter picked with closed eyes was “ do the parade next year 2018”.

Here I am in 2018 , did the parade and got paid for it too. I got my business promoted and noticed big time. All this due to my complete faith in God and patience. The chamber contacted me for balloon decor and one event led to another and it led to me being hired to do the parade . I just couldn’t believe that this was happening . I had goosebumps and still have to date!

God is there watching over you as he is certainly there watching over me. You need to have faith in God and patience that things will happen, is what I learned early on and I follow it 100%.

Thank you for reading this long post. Normally I practice my faith in private but today I don’t know why I felt strongly that I should share my story.

What I love about Sheetal’s story is she gained confidence in her skills and herself to SELL this job to her local Chamber.

She did an amazing job – and the Chamber gave her a shout out on Social Media!


I would love to hear from you about your success stories!


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