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Mosaic Balloon Frames Tips & Tricks from Karin Holt, the US Distributor for the Nikoloon Mosaic Frames created in Europe.   

On the Balloon Coach webinar platform, I hosted a free lunch and learn live webinar where Karin was able to give us a tour of her Party Store located in Myrtle Beach, and share tips for Mosaic Balloon Frames success.    You can view the replay by clicking here.


TOP Tips Karin shared:

READ the instructions first.  There is a lot of detail on the instructional insert that will help avoid errors while assembling and gluing.

Using a good sized surface works best (working on a carpet you may create the frame uneven and glue may stick to your carpet). Try to keep your work space cleared off so you can rotate the frame as you work on it. 

It is easiest to rotate the Mosaic rather than walking around the work surface.
Layout the pieces on your table first and verify that they are correct. Test the fit so you know you have the right pieces together.  


Keep the included instructions guide out as you  shape each piece.  
When the fit is tight, gently push them into place.  The back is styrofoam so you want to make sure you are not tugging or pulling on it.

USE a low temp glue gun.  Karin uses a multi-temp glue gun; keep the temp down on it, around the 180-200 degree mark. 

Do not use an excess of glue on the joints. Less is more when gluing the backing of the Mosaic balloon frame. It will show you on the informational sheet and in several videos that gluing can be done in a small amount at the tips of the puzzle pieces.  :)

Make sure you plan out the starting point of your corrugated board.  The fewer cuts the better.  Leave a little extra on the bottom to tuck in the frame base.   
Glue it to the side of the base as well.

T-Pins can be helpful when working independently to set the siding in place and then glue it. (Note-  leave pins in while you work. You can do without the pins if you prefer).

Size out your balloons in advance by setting them in different areas to get a feel of the room inside the Mosaic you are using.  This will help you not overstuff the Mosaic.  Plan out extra balloons as you will need to replace some.  

HAVE FUN because there is no wrong way to create your design.  

To see pricing and order Mosaic frames click here.

Link to FAQ’s

Karins favorite Glue Gun 

Glue Refills – 


Jenny Porter,  Three Sparrows Balloon Studio,  Canada
Shares some of the designs she created recently using the Mosaic Balloon Frames.

FAQ's Jenny answered in Balloon Coach Community

Do you rent the Mosaic frames and reuse them?
     I don’t rent the frames, I work in the cost to the client for the design.

How much do you charge?

 Jenny charged $175 each for the 4 foot numbers in her photos. The key to pricing for profit so you can grow your thriving balloon business is to fully track your business expenses and overhead.

To access tips for financial success check out another free webinar from our financial pros Joe and Elizabeth, 10 tip to financial success for your Balloon Business.

Thank you Karin and Jenny for sharing your insights on the Balloon Mosaic Frames.  I’m super excited that we have a US Distributor for this time saving product from Nikoloon created in Europe.


NOTE: these frames can be damaged by rain, snow and wind and I would suggest they be sold for Indoor use. To create sturdy designs for outdoors I’d encourage you to use framing and based created to withstand weather conditions. 

If you have other topics you would like covered in future online and in person training please email [email protected] with your suggestions.

After you purchase Mosaic frames from Karin would love for you to share your balloon designs with her at


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