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Multimedia decor creates endless possibilities. What do I mean by multimedia? Incorporating other items with your balloon decor to enhance the event. In the photo below I was asked to create a stage design for a corporate presentation for the food industry, they let us know they would have a video of the Blue Angels jets flying and wanted to represent that on the stage. Their budget did not allow for me to make Jets from balloons, so I had a local sign company cut out the 4 silhouettes for me with foam core covered in Vinyl. Yes some people choose to cut the foam core and vinyl themselves, you decide what works best for you. I have a great sign shop that gives good pricing and makes my life easy. Key is when a client has a specific theme, as a balloon professional sometimes we feel like everything for the decor has to be a balloon, however there are times that a creative solution incorporating other items makes a dynamic effect for your client.

Corporate presentation stage decor.
Corporate presentation stage decor.
Lighting effects combined with balloons are dynamic.
Lighting effects combined with balloons are dynamic.

Balloon decor paired with professional lighting that changed during the presentation made the white balloons absorb the color of the lighting and create a dramatic effect. Key to a design like this is to make sure that it is on a sturdy frame and base plate so it stands nice and tall as people move around the stage, and that the foam core is secured to the support.

After the event, I stored the Foam core in my warehouse to reuse for other events.

The mix of Ribbons, fabric and flowers add texture and elegance to a design.

Taper Chandelier
Taper Chandelier

To transform this room into a lovely Christmas dinner for one of our repeat clients we created an organza Ceiling canopy to bring color and elegance to a Corporate Christmas Party, the Taper Chandelier is the perfect accent in the room.

While I was at burton + BURTON a couple weeks ago I saw this beautiful Flower ribbon on an Easter design, the use of this creative ribbon transforms a bouquet of balloons.

There were a lot of folks in the showroom that day, so the photos are not amazing, but you will get the idea. To view on their website click here #9 Daisy Ribbon

Using decorative ribbons in your arrangements can create dramatic effects. Take time to experiment with new ideas, take photos and show your clients what spectacular arrangements you can create for them that shows you are unique and a designer. It’s amazing what a little bit of Ribbon, bow, sparkle can add to a design to increase it’s perceived value!



In the photo above you see part of the b + B wedding catalog featuring Jill Shortreed, from Charleston Balloon Company

I wanted to make sure you got a better glimpse of her lovely photos where she was hired to design the balloon for the Photo shoot. Wonderful mix of balloon and floral.

WEdding Jill Shortreed

One of the designers I enjoy to watch is Cody Williams, of Cody’s Red Balloon in TX

He is a floral designer who loves balloons! His designs are creative and inspiring!

3 foot balloons with floral and ribbon – so elegant.

White 3 fts Ivy and ribbon Cody's Red Balloon

white balloons 3 ft cody inside

To find inspiration for decor I often look online in Bridal magazines and crafting sites to see color trends and unique designs. I take photos of creative displays at the mall that grab my attention. KEY IS to get off the computer and set time in your studio and Design! Experiment with your balloons and other media to create a style that is you!

IF you would like to incorporate fabric decor into your services offered, there are 3 DVD’s available

fabric DVDs

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I look forward to seeing the new designs that you create!

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