New Year’s Eve with Balloons by Tommy 2012!

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I am extremely blessed by the fun experiences I have had working with some great balloon companies over the years. My husbands family all lives in Chicago, while we live in Florida. For years our daughter begged us to spend Christmas in Chicago with her cousins. For Christmas 2012 her dreams came true after my #1 New Year’s Eve Venue closed it’s doors. In the previous years their budget had reached $7,000 so we kept busy right after Christmas preparing for their events and had stayed home to work over Christmas Break.

I really enjoy spending time with my family – however I knew I would go stir crazy not creating balloon drops and decor over NYE. So what did I do? What many Latex Loving Balloon Professionals do while traveling, I called Tommy, let him know I would be in town and offered to be a part of his NYE Crew!

Photo collage below shows you just a glimpse of my 2 days with Tommy in 2012. The Car that he can stuff 70, 11 inch helium balloons in! During our travels from his apartment to downtown I’d suggest things like, you might want to buy a van, or at least Rent One for next year! That year many of Tommy’s friends would stuff their SUV and cars with his balloons and supplies as we would journey down town. Glad to know he has a SUV now! Talk about a huge Chicago Pizza…I had never seen such a thing in FL. Tommy knew the key to a happy crew was making sure everyone got dinner between venues!

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It’s always fun to see how other businesses prepare for an event and set a space. One of the reasons I came up with the plan for, WebClasses is not everyone can travel to all the different companies around the world. However via the magic of the internet we can learn from each other and pick up even a small tip that may transform the way you do things!

Chris Potts is preparing an amazing training to help YOU End the Year with Money in the Bank! New Year’s Eve Drops and Decor! Register now The Live Class will be at 9 pm EST on Novemeber 17th . With the Pay NOW Play Later program you register now for the class – and Know you will have access to the replay after the 19th for the next year in your Member access library. All training’s you purchase remain in your library to refer to!

Balloon Drops by Chris Potts, Balloon Masters, Buffalo New York
Balloon Drops by Chris Potts, Balloon Masters, Buffalo New York

Bonus resources for Chris Class:

  • Download, Editable Flyer
  • Step by step drop rigging directions
  • Outline of class to print for notetaking
  • Class will include a power point presentation to easily take notes
  • Video and photos to feel confident in what you learn.
  • Sales language to close the sale!
  • Confidence to end the year with Money in the bank via NYE sales!
Learn from Chris Potts how to Rig your Drops even in unique curved situations!
Learn from Chris Potts how to Rig your Drops even in unique curved situations!

This is one of my favorite photos from past drops Chris has set. He will share tips on how to deal with Unique situations like this curved ceiling around the bar.

Balloon Drops are not just for NYE! Chris is an amazing salesman and he will share secrets to his sales conversations to how New Years Eve is one of his most Profitable weeks of the year, and how he sells balloon drops all year long!

Look forward to having you in class and seeing photos from your NYE 2015 events!

Your Partner in Success,

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