Pool Balloon Decor Tips

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Pool Balloon Decor Tips

These floats were created for a fundraiser for the Mayor of Florida being held at my wonderful client’s home. No one was going to be swimming in the pool, and she wanted to make sure the decor stayed in place.

We used a 16-inch balloon filled with water to approx 6 inches to put under the middle balloon to help weigh it down to the top of the pool.

Then covered a large brick you can also use 10 lb or larger barbell weight (based on the depth of pool) with plastic the color of the bottom of the pool to blend in.

Put Mono line from the float to the weight.

When you get the call to create decor for a pool, one of the top things you want to find out is will people be swimming in the pool during the event. If the answer is YES people will be in the pool then you want to suggest floats that will be free-floating and look at other key areas on the pool deck that you can access and decorate(in this photo the floats in the pool do not have any line on them, as people were going to be swimming at the graduation party)

Arcs are created out of 16 inch latex undersized and Taper toppers.

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Depending on the scope of the clients dreams for the decor and their budget a site visit is encouraged to check out the details they may forget to tell you on the phone. If you do not do a site visit ask the client to send photos of the pool and pool deck for you to look at.

  • Filters
  • Hot Tubs
  • Water fall
  • Salt water or Chlorine pool
  • Depth of the Pool
  • Pool Cage or no

Balloon decor in the pool can be wonderful when done right!

Do you have to get wet to set balloon decor?

Not always, but in some cases it’s the easy way to go, be prepared:

  • Have one of the people on your set up crew wear a swimsuit to the installation. (with change of clothes and 2 towels packed)
  • Ask your client in advance if there is a place in their home or pool house you can change after getting in pool (if yes make sure to stand on your towel while changing and dry up the tile floor if wet to leave things in good shape for their guest)
  • If you are unable to change at the clients home have a plastic bag and extra towel to sit on in your vehicle after delivery.

List of What NOT TO DO!

  • Do not Put sand, marbles or rocks in your balloon weights, these items can damage the pool’s filtration system if one happens to break.
  • Do not run lines in the pool if people will be swimming as it can cause swimmers to become tangled.
  • Careful not to over inflate balloons exposed to sun, heat, pools with chlorine.

I look forward to seeing photos from your next pool installation!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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