Step out from fear of NO…they might just say YES!!!

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Balloon decor by Caity Jones, inspired by Lisa Talip

Wow! I am so excited to share this interview with you.

Last night while online I saw that Caity Jones Cba, Spiral Spirit Balloon Company based in Washington, DC. had posted a photo of the column she made for McDonald’s inspired by a post on Facebook by Lisa Talip, CBA several weeks ago. The I’m Lovin’ It columns were originally designed and made as a promotion at the Corporate Offices near Lisa in Chicago to promote the upcoming Oct 6th USA launch of All Day Breakfast.

bc McD in work area

Lisa suggested people approach their local stores and go for the sale.

I wrote a blog about Lisa’s idea and encouraged everyone to get out and make a sales call. I know several balloon artist around the US who had made flyers, went to their McDonald’s and faced these objections:

NO, we are not Interested

We don’t allow soliciting we won’t even look at your flyer.

We have a Agency that handles all marketing.

Not interested.

I started thinking, who is going to be the first to get a YES?

I was so excited last night to see that someone had success with their sales call and I wanted to know how she got the YES! So I messaged Caity and asked, is that photo a sample or did you get someone to buy it?

I actually got 2 franchises!! I got on the highway and stopped at 10 McD’s (half the stack of fliers I had printed). One franchisee called after her employee handed over my flier and card. She owns 5 stores and wanted something in all of them. I think the clincher was the ability to brand- putting her management company’s logo on half the decor.

The other one I called the franchise office, asked for marketing, and gave an elevator pitch ending with a, “What’s your email address? I’ll send over the flier.” Their response was more unusual- they weren’t really interested in the all-day decor, but are doing a TV spot with the local news regarding free breakfast for K-8 grade and wanted something festive in the background. That’s what I’m delivering tomorrow- the pic.

Incidentally, the marketing manager is planning a party for her granddaughter and wants me for that too! The other franchise could not have cared less about my call and email! I didn’t hear a word. One thing I noticed was that the large (pending, though she’s already talking Christmas) order were all new or remolded stores with attention to landscaping, etc. That seems to be an indicator of the franchisee’s willingness to spend $$ on marketing, deco, etc.

HOW exciting is that! Did everyone say YES…NO..but she did get a yes!

I then asked Caity if it would be ok to share her experience in my blog for others to learn from. I loved her response as we think with the same mindset.

Please, by all means, share! I live with abundance mentality and rest on the shoulders of giants who have shared their experience and knowledge!

Making sales calls is soooooo far out of my comfort zone. It was a paralyzing fear I had and still struggle with. I think the enormity of McD actually made it less intimidating. So what if nothing happened? I could chalk it up to getting lost in the fray of a giant corporation. I thought $8 on printing nice quality fliers and a tank of gas was a very reasonable investment to take the sales plunge and get over myself.

In the week and a half since I made the trip, I’ve printed up two more niche fliers and will get out there with my branded polo and smile. They might say no, but they might say YES! I’m up for the challenge of educating my ideal clients on the value of balloon decor.

THANK YOU Caity for sharing your experience. THIS is what is all about. I am a person who loves our industry and wants to see other’s succeed. The Balloon Coach blog is a way to share Tips and Hints from all of the balloon industry to help YOU take Your Business to New Heights!

If Caity can do it…you can do it! It does not have to be McDonald’s that you target. Take a minute now, pull out your calendar or a notebook and write 5 target clients you have thought about approaching and have not. Now next step is develop a plan, a flyer, an email, SOMETHING and take action and follow up.

Not sure how to make the next step…check out Coaching packages I offer custom one to one and elite coaching packages, and group coaching to help you develop the plan and cheer you along the way! If you have questions email or reach out to me on Balloon Coach on Facebook please take a minute to LIKE my page!

While on check out Projects and Classes to see the next online training available. Web classes available for ANYONE in the World – no Excuses..Invest in Yourself! I have Invested in our Industry. My Mission is for our Industry to grow strong and bold Together! We do that by building (sometime rebuilding) a strong business plan and moving forward with the tools you need for success!


I stepped out from my FEAR, and launched a couching business -Balloon Coach! A dream I have developed over 5 years! I have been so blessed with the responses from what I’m building that just yesterday I invested in top of the line software to be able to create all the training modules and tools that I have been dreaming of! It was scary…it’s a Big Investment. But I was able to move past the fear and see how over time it will give me the tools to be more efficient with my time and be able to serve more people. I had DREAMED about getting the program back in January, but was AFRAID I would not have enough clients to cover the overhead. So I purchased technology that was “put together on a budget”, and get the job done – but not to the level of excellence that I want for Balloon Coach and our Industry. I’m so excited that I have moved pass the fear and can’t wait to share the new tools with you before the end of 2015!

It reminds me of when I purchased my Conwin Equipment, I could not imagine running a full time business without my Precision Air and Dual Split sizer. They were investments, but save me time, and time is money. To take your business to the next level it’s KEY to have a plan so you don’t just go buy things you don’t need. I’m not saying spend without a plan. (The Plan is KEY to success!)

As I make my sales calls I’m prepared, some of you will say, NO, not interested in your training. However I will continue to make sales calls as I’m here building this resource for those of you that say YES! Just as Caity had some No’s…she got more than one YES!!


Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

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