What if Your Balloon Pops?

What if Your Balloon Pops?

What happens if your balloon pops bc Balloons may pop when exposed to sun, heat, weather, temperature changes and people…they can even just pop when they are sitting around and nothing seems to change!   There is something magical about balloons at the same time can be very frustrating as a balloon professional is not being able to fully predict when that burst may happen! The Balloon industry is full of artist expressing their creativity by putting, glitter, confetti and even Paint inside of balloons…beautiful effects but the Corporate Event Planner in me can’t help but think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS? I have been blessed over the years to work in some beautiful venues and huge Estates. One of my first thoughts is always about making sure I cause no damage to the venue or clients home with the decor I’m creating. I’ll never forget being on location at a brand new bank where we were asked last minute to inflate more Latex balloons with HIFLOAT, and one burst! HIFLOAT all over me, my hair, and part of a balloon stuck to the wall of the conference room.
Good thing is from experience I knew that HIFLOAT will wash out of my clothes and the wall with water…so I rushed to the bathroom to get paper towels and water. Due to this experience, that is vivid in my mind…When I see paint, glitter and confetti in balloons,  all I can think of is what damage flying paint could do to walls, carpet, furniture etc.   When you work with these items think about the potential damage, or the clean up time needed if  something pops.   Wet paint in a balloon – think of the bill to replace a linen, furniture, carpet etc or just be responsible for the cleaning bill for a Wedding dress, Prom dress or Tux that is covered in paint from my burst balloon! Confetti – large pieces of confetti are easier to clean up than glitter.  Do you have back up confetti with you, do you have a vacuum, broom or dust pan in your delivery vehicle to clean up messes that might be created. What if a confetti or glitter balloon pops all over the preset dessert, salad and water glasses of a table of 10 for your clients event? As Professional Balloon Artist I think it’s really important for us to always consider the what if’s. IE anything that you place inside the balloons…when the balloon pops it’s going to go Everywhere…DO you have a vacuum in your delivery vehicle? Broom and dust pan? Rags, water to clean a mess etc. When transporting balloons for indoor and outdoor events your balloons can pop!  Remember to pack the back up balloons to repair Names, Letters, custom vinyl prints, and any latex or foil that may deflate during transport or installation to help provide your client with the product they ordered.   What about special distorted designs. If part of a lovely flower petal pops, do you have time and supplies to make the fix?    Classic decor is the bread and butter for the balloon industry as you don’t have to worry about as many details as when you get into all the artistic flair.   As a professional balloon decorator,  remember to always build in extra time to your deliveries..and create designs for your customers based on the time you have available to provide them with the designs you sell. One key in our profession as we continue to branch out and create new techniques, designs and lovely pieces of art and want to be respected as professionals in the events industry as a whole, it’s very important we think about all the possible outcomes…As you create…always think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS and plan and prepare accordingly.
Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker. Online and in person training and support. BalloonCoach.com Take Action THRIVE! Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

  When non-profits call your balloon company asking for donations, it can be a bit of a challenge not to get frustrated. Before the 5 tips, I want to give a bit of an overview so you know where I’m coming from. I have always been taught – to whom much is given, much is expected. I have a tendency to want to help others whenever I can and feel in my heart that giving back to the community I live in is important. I have also worked for non-profit agency’s in my careers prior to owning a balloon business, so I know what it’s like being that person on the other end of the phone saying “Hi this is Joette with _________can you please donate for __________.” When I purchased Party People Celebration Company in December of 2003 it was my first time being fully self-employed and running a business! I knew I loved balloons, enjoyed planning parties and wanted to be my own boss. Other than that I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into! The previous owner of my company let me know that she gets a LOT of calls for donations, so that I would want to pick the ones I would want to give to, and give a discount to the rest. WHY give a donation to anyone? Many of the business people I respect have a special organization that they give money, or in-kind support to. The people I know who are extremely wealthy have many Non Profit Organizations that they give their time and money to, so I felt that it is the right thing for me to do the same. This Hot air balloon was created for a non-profit. The original call was asking for a donation, and I was able to turn it into a $1,000 budget (if it was a corporate client, I would of charged more). At $1,000 I was able to pay two staff to work with me, clear a nice profit and create something I had always wanted to build. I now sell the directions on how to build it and photos of the hot air balloon on my website has led to other great clients. (Those things would of not happened if I blew off the phone call asking for a donation!) bc business goals HA                 5 Tips to respond when a non-profit calls:
  1. Be Prepared. Know that your going to get emails, phone calls, and letters in the mail asking for donations from your company. Type up your response email now, have it as a template and all you have to do is copy and paste that response back in a reply to the email you get in your inbox. Use that same template as what to SAY when someone calls you. Do you give discounts, no discounts, or just business as normal? What ever your policy, follow up with the person as you never know if they may find a sponsor to pay for your decor.
  2. Show Interest in the event. Example when Laura from the Cancer Society calls you stating I would like for you to donate decorations for our upcoming Gala. Many people I know just state we don’t donate and try to get the person off the phone as quick as possible. Instead my approach is more like this: (put a smile on my face and think of Laura as every other paying customer) Hi Laura, thank you for calling Party People about your upcoming Gala, I’m so glad we were the first company you contacted about decor for your event. What is the date and location of your event? (this shows you have interest in their event and gives you information to see what you can suggest for them to purchase). We love working at The Lakeland Center, it’s a large blank slate that we transform with custom decor and lighting to create a memorable occasion for your guest. What is the theme of your event? (again gathering more information example we have many props and components to center pieces from past events I know we can offer at a deep discount and still make a profit). After gathering the information I state. A Masquerade ball – what an enchanted theme, I can see the men in their black ties, and ladies in their gowns. We can create a magical canopy over the dance floor, and elegant entrance to greet your guest as they arrive., centerpieces on the tables and room decor. The package for the items I have descriped retails for $2,000 , since this is a non profit we offer a 15 % discount so your total will just be $1,700. What is your email address so I can send you an invoice for the event. Well we don’t really have a budget, we only spent $500 last year on all the decorations, we did it ourselves and it just didn’t look very nice. So glad you called Party People Laura, for $500 we can create one of the items I described which is most important to you : a canopy over the dance floor, entrance decor, centerpieces or room decor? Over the years I became much more confident in the delivery of these statements and Won over many “can I have a donations” into paying customers – give it a try! As I always tell my coaching clients, if YOU DON”T ASK FOR THE SALE, the answer is always NO!
  3. Educate your caller. Hi this is John with the Kidney Foundation Walk. For June 20th we would like you to donate a balloon arch for the start of the walk, we see from your website you work with a lot of non-profits. (put a smile on your face and be glad to speak with him) Hi John, so glad you called Party People for your balloon decor! You are correct we do a LOT of WORK for Non-profits, as you know Lakeland is a very giving town, holding multiple fundraisers almost every weekend of the year. As you can imagine if I donated to every wonderful event you see on my website – I would have to be a non-profit myself! What decor caught your eye on my website? I really liked the pink a white arch you did for the Cancer walk for life in Bartow. Great that is a 30 ft garland arch on outdoor supports with Delivery and take down the total is $410, plus delivery and strike fee. Since you are a non profit we discount the arch 15 % so $348 and delivery fees based on time and location. (do not say anything else….do not set up your own objection just wait for John to speak) How much is the delivery fee? Where are we delivering to and what time? 5 am on Saturday to Downtown Lakeland. Your delivery fee is $75, and take down $75. We have some volunteers that can take down the arch. GREAT, you will just need to return the steel 2 ft by 2 ft bases and poles to me by 5 pm on Sunday. If not returned a replacement fee of ___________ will be charged. I will give you instructions on how to take it apart. Your total will be $423 what email address should I send it to and who do I make the invoice out to? Another response might be we only have $200 to spend. Then I give them the option of Topiary Balls on Stakes or 2 Columns.
  4. Written Policy: Have a written policy for what you donation procedure is. Many non profits ask for a Gift certificate or Item to put in a silent auction. Some balloon companies give every one a $20 gift cerficate with expiration date one year from the event for pick up only. I made gift certificate for $20 towards a decor order (client must pay delivery fees and have a minimum $200 order unless doing a pick up) If you wish to have a form people fill out and submit – create that. If you give 15% discount with proof of being a 501C Non profit have that in writing.
  5. Practice what you are going to say: The more you say creative things to get people to buy and smile when you talk to sound happy about their event the better the words flow when a live call comes in or you need to type up a response on facebook or an email. By educating my clients I cannot count the amount of times someone went from NO MONEY to sending me a check for $250 to $3,000 to work on a non profit event.
It’s all about being confident in yourself and the business you run, acting professional and overcoming objections. MOST people calling you for a donation are either a volunteer or NEW to their job. Many have NO idea how to ask a company to be a sponsor and pay for an arch or a column as a donation to an event. Over the years when people said “we don’t have money in the budget” I would say your total for what you requested is $300 when you find someone who can donate that money – give me a call and book. Sometimes it would happen that year, other times the following year as they now knew the amount to budget and ask for as they prepared their budget for the following years event. QUESTIONS to Consider
  • What is YOUR marketing budget for the Year?
  • How do you get your name out to the public without paying for advertising on TV, Radio etc?
  • Did you know people like to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust?
  • Do the people in your community know your business exist?
When I first started running Party People, I had only lived in my town for 3 years, so I did not know a lot of people. I did not have MONEY in the bank to spend on advertising, I was scraping by. One of the ways I built up people knowing that Party People existed was to be an In Kind sponsor for events. I would donate $200 to $2000 retail value of decor to be a sponsor for an event I felt strongly about and new my target audience would be attending. I would make sure I got tickets to the event so I could mingle with people and help them understand that Party People created the awesome decor in the room, and had an opportunity to see if they had need for decor during the year. Balloon Companies are not the only businesses that get asked to donate things. It happens to EVERYONE…all types of businesses. YOU determine which events will be best exposure to the TARGET CLIENTS you are looking for. Look at it as marketing dollars spent, to then have great photos of your work to put on your website, and KNOW the value of what you donated so when someone calls, I see you decorated for the March of Dimes Chef’s auction, I would like the same decor you are ready with “Wonderful, the total cost of that package to transform your space is $2,000 what email address should I send the invoice to?”   Are you looking for more support as you grow your thriving balloon business? Balloon Boss Mastermind provides you with access to online training 24/7 to help you on your road to success with access to group coaching so you don’t have to be on this journey alone. If you are new to ballooncoach.com I wanted to let you know we have many more blogs that have been written, some interviewing fellow balloon pros sharing tips on sales calls, creating professional quotes, hiring and much more! Ready for hands on training you can come to our annual Balloon Boss Pro Summit in Orlando to be one of 96 attendees with 18 amazing instructors from around the world. To be a part of the business conversation join us on facebook at Balloon Coach Community If you would like to be a part of small group or one to one training at our Party People Events Headquarters in Auburndale Florida email  Joette@ballooncoach.com Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create a Thriving Business! balloonbosspro.com

What if Your Balloon Pops?

What if Your Balloon Pops?

What happens if your balloon pops bc I have been seeing a lot of photos shared recently with Paint inside of balloons…beautiful effect but the Corporate Event Planner in me can’t help but think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS? I have been blessed over the years to work in some beautiful venues and huge Estates. One of my first thoughts is always about making sure I cause no damage to the venue or clients home with the decor I’m creating. I’ll never forget being on location at a brand new bank where we were asked last minute to inflate more Latex balloons with hi float, and one burst! Hi float all over me, my hair, and part of a balloon stuck to the wall of the conference room.
Good thing is from experience I knew that Hi float will wash out of my clothes and the wall with water…so I rushed to the bathroom to get paper towels and water. Due to this experience, that is vivid in my mind…When I see Paint in the balloons (especially bubbles as I don’t know if the paint can dry since it’s not exposed to air…I’ve not given it a try yet…if anyone has tested it please let me know.) All I can think of is what damage flying paint could do to walls, carpet, furniture etc. Personally I do not plan to ever offer that option to my client, as I would hate to have the bill to replace furniture, carpet etc or just be responsible for the cleaning bill for a Wedding dress, Prom dress or Tux that is covered in paint from my burst balloon! As Professional Balloon Artist I think it’s really important for us to always consider the what if’s. IE anything that you place inside the balloons…when the balloon pops it’s going to go Everywhere…DO you have a vaccume in your delivery vehicle? Broom and dust pan? Rags, water to clean a mess etc. KEY is in our profession as we continue to branch out and create new techniques, designs and lovely pieces of art and want to be respected as professionals in the events industry as a whole, it’s very important we think about all the possible outcomes…As you create…always think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS and plan and prepare accordingly.
Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1 Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor, Motivator, Speaker. Elevate Your Business

Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want?

Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want? money in hand crop I think about this question often as I talk with wonderful balloon professionals I meet online and at conventions, most recently WBC. Take a minute and review this list -why do you have or want to have a Balloon Business?
  • A way for your to express your creative side by creating beautiful balloon decor
  • Earn extra money on evenings and weekends apart from your current career
  • Escape from the current job you have and do not find passion in
  • You looked at the business of balloons are realized there is a huge earning potential and want to build a solid business and full time income
  • You wanted to create a company that was large to help others earn money as you grow your business
  • You just like balloons
None of these answers are WRONG, but it’s important to know WHY you are in the balloon business. If it is to create an income…do not sell yourself short you are now a Business owner, pay yourself well! If you are NEW to the industry, or do your balloon business part time PLEASE do not under value yourself. I see this mistake daily, that when people ask about pricing or I see pricing on line MANY people make the mistake of not paying themselves enough for their time. IF you are in a 8-5 job setting and you get paid $15 an hour in that job….YOU MUST pay yourself MORE than $15 an hour doing balloons as you are now a Business owner, not the employee! You now have overhead cost and much much more to think about to go into your rates. It’s not just the cost of the bag of balloons and an hour of your time. If you have been in the industry a long time — have you given yourself a raise for all your experience? Click here for a free mini webinar with Steps to Determine the value you place on your time. Being a business owner is a huge task. I purchased Party People back in 2003 in Lakeland Florida, I really had know idea what I was getting myself into other than I wanted to be my own boss and I love transforming rooms with Balloon Decor and I was good at planning events. I INVESTED in myself and my business from the start: Member of the Chamber of Commerce Member of NAWBO Member of ABWA Went to Leads group meetings Attended small business seminars Attended every Balloon Class and Convention I could get to Member of BalloonHQ.com to learn from other balloon professionals before the days of Facebook it was the only way to connect online with other balloon people.   ARE YOU INVESTING IN YOUR BUSINESS? I’m not talking about do you spend hours on line seeing what other people are doing and asking questions in forums. To build a strong business, you need a strong foundation. The balloon industry is FULL of classes, workshops, webinars and conventions. To give you an overview of some of them click here If you are not sure where to start email Joette@ballooncoach.com tell me about yourself and what you want to focus on and I will be glad to send you some ideas. TIME goes by so fast these days, with modern technology we have access to so many resources 24/7 it’s important to write down a plan and vision for your training and where you want your business to be 1 year, 5 years 10 years down the road. Find local business resources to help you grow as a business and network in your area. On our Webinar with Colin Myles, Designing for Profit, he said he goes to Every Training that he can…he strives to be an Expert at what he does. By knowing different techniques in the industry, and doing them well helps with his efficiency to then be paid more per hour for his work, because he can create things quicker than someone who is not as skilled. I thought that was a great tip! Our industry is a combination of knowing how to create solid balloon decor, and then there is the BUSINESS part of running a business and it’s important to focus on both aspects. Balloon coach Frame WBC 2016 Dennis, Scott, Tommy, Joette I want to let you know about a couple resources you might not be aware of: Get a monthly dose of inspiration from fellow balloon artist? Check out our monthly Ezine Elevated.Events you can sign up for free subscription under the publication on the landing page to have it sent to you each month! (Subscribe by May 31st and be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 1 year of Free Webinars from BalloonCoach.com! I am really excited that Amy Bible is going to be joining me in Chicago on June 22nd for a one day workshop Elevate Your Balloon Business. I encourage you to make plans to attend. Amy Bibles sole family income has been balloons for 23 years in Denver Colorado. When WBC was there I toured her home based business. She LOVES the business aspect of balloons, creating professional proposals to land high budget clients, including One annual repeat event for $100,000! Many people have asked me if I could hook them up to work with Balloons by Tommy in Chicago (when they saw me post pictures of being on their New Year’s Eve crew for 3 years) To learn the systems they use to prepare for large events, how they have increased their sales twice in the last 2 years, and to find out how they create their wonderful designs!. This is Your opportunity for Behind the scenes business tips and hands on training June 23 – 25th! Join 5 wonderful instructors as we work with Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex balloons to build balloons for the Chicago Pride parade on Sunday June 26th. Read the details of Parade Promotions & Profits this class is set for you to have a plan of action for when you return home to make money from the designs and skills you learn – it’s not just about parades! If you struggle in knowing what to do next or just need a partner to walk along the journey with you as a Mentor and Cheerleader – that’s what BalloonBossPro.com is for. I enjoy walking with my clients and giving insight to their situation to help Elevate your business to the next level! Thanks to Social Media the balloon business is really booming! You are in the right place at the right time. Take your passion, invest in yourself and you will thrive!   Your Partner in Success,   Joette Signature 1 Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post

12 Things Successful People Do Differently.

12 Things Successful People Do Differently. WOULD you like to enjoy this as an AUDIO BLOG? Click Here to hear details on how to apply these 12 steps to your Business! success 12 things Today while looking up Success Quotes on Google to share with my Coaching Clients I came across this – and decided to write a Blog – hope you enjoy!
  1. They Create and Pursue Smart Goals.
  2. They Take Decisive and Immediate Action.
  3. They Focus on Being Productive, Not Being Busy.
  4. They Make Logical, Informed Decisions.
  5. They Avoid the Trap of Trying to Make Things Perfect.
  6. They Work Outside their Comfort Zone.
  7. They Keep Things Simple.
  8. They Focus on Making Small, Continuous Improvements.
  9. They Measure and Track Their Progress.
  10. They Maintain Positive Outlook as They Learn From Mistakes.
  11. They Spend Time With the Right People.
  12. They Maintain Balance in Their Life.
  I encourage you to look over this list, – Print it out and put a Check mark on the things you already do. Then Highlight the areas you would like to work on! YOU can’t do it all at once -but its a Goal to strive for! I am blessed to coach amazing people who have a Dream, are creative and enjoy working with balloons! Sometimes the Puzzle pieces are not all falling into place for them on their road to success! puzzel - success Ever feel like you missed a step in building your business? Or just not sure What to do next? I UNDERSTAND! When I purchased my Balloon Business in December of 2003 I had no idea what I had just signed up for! I knew I wanted to work for myself, I was creative, and was good at sales and putting events together. The other parts of owning a business I was not to sure about. I took Immediate Action: Joined Networking groups to learn about business and meet people. Attended Balloon training’s and conventions to network with and learn from other balloon professionals. I stepped out of my Comfort Zone many times attending Business mixers with a bunch of people all dressed in suits! I have spent a LOT Of TIME with the Right People!!! I joined a master mind group in my area – meet several times a month with business owners in my city – all having a different business, but shared many of the same struggles. I learned from them and found out what helped them grow their business right here in Lakeland Florida and I followed their lead.   DID I meet all 12 of the things on the list above – I’ll be honest I did not! NOT going for Perfection here…I’m Striving for Success! I took a business from one level and cranked it up several levels, and then found someone to BUY my Decor Business so that I can focus on Helping our Industry Reach new Heights.   I now get to enjoy serving as the Marketing Director for Party People Events, Trainer and As Needed Crew Leader on a Part time basis…so that I can focus my FULL ATTENTION on Growing the Balloon Industry to the next level, by serving as a Catalyst to provide Business tools, training and support! (BalloonCoach.com was but a wish and a dream 5 years ago)   TAKE ACTION NOW! Print out the list 12 Things Successful People Do Differently – or write it down Put things in writing so you can MOVE FORWARD and know where you are going, and track your progress!   As you look over the list of 12, are there things you would like help in mastering? That’s what coaching is all about! I have been blessed by working with some very successful business owners in the balloon industry and seeing their steps to success and producing the income they wish. When we work together to make your plan, I’m here to bounce Ideas off of, bring resources and encourage you along the way. Owning a business can often feel like you are on an island by yourself. I’m here to give you support to reach your goals. Learn more about our coaching programs One of the People you can learn from is Colin Myles. He was our guest speaker on a webinar May 24, 2016, “Designing for Profit” click here for details Head to BalloonBossPro.com for monthly webinars and training! BalloonCoach.com is here as a resource for YOU to Elevate Your Business! Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1             Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. BalloonCoach.com Join us in Chicago this summer for 2 great Workshops Elevate Your Balloon Business June 22nd Parade Promotions & Profits with Balloons by Tommy

Multimedia decor creates endless possibilities

Multimedia decor creates endless possibilities. What do I mean by multimedia? Incorporating other items with your balloon decor to enhance the event. In the photo below I was asked to create a stage design for a corporate presentation for the food industry, they let us know they would have a video of the Blue Angels jets flying and wanted to represent that on the stage. Their budget did not allow for me to make Jets from balloons, so I had a local sign company cut out the 4 silhouettes for me with foam core covered in Vinyl. Yes some people choose to cut the foam core and vinyl themselves, you decide what works best for you. I have a great sign shop that gives good pricing and makes my life easy. Key is when a client has a specific theme, as a balloon professional sometimes we feel like everything for the decor has to be a balloon, however there are times that a creative solution incorporating other items makes a dynamic effect for your client.
Corporate presentation stage decor.
Corporate presentation stage decor.
Lighting effects combined with balloons are dynamic.
Lighting effects combined with balloons are dynamic.
                      Balloon decor paired with professional lighting that changed during the presentation made the white balloons absorb the color of the lighting and create a dramatic effect. Key to a design like this is to make sure that it is on a sturdy frame and base plate so it stands nice and tall as people move around the stage, and that the foam core is secured to the support. After the event, I stored the Foam core in my warehouse to reuse for other events.   The mix of Ribbons, fabric and flowers add texture and elegance to a design.  
Taper Chandelier
Taper Chandelier
                          To transform this room into a lovely Christmas dinner for one of our repeat clients we created an organza Ceiling canopy to bring color and elegance to a Corporate Christmas Party, the Taper Chandelier is the perfect accent in the room. While I was at burton + BURTON a couple weeks ago I saw this beautiful Flower ribbon on an Easter design, the use of this creative ribbon transforms a bouquet of balloons. There were a lot of folks in the showroom that day, so the photos are not amazing, but you will get the idea. To view on their website click here #9 Daisy Ribbon Using decorative ribbons in your arrangements can create dramatic effects. Take time to experiment with new ideas, take photos and show your clients what spectacular arrangements you can create for them that shows you are unique and a designer. It’s amazing what a little bit of Ribbon, bow, sparkle can add to a design to increase it’s perceived value!   20160225_094205     20160225_094035                                   In the photo above you see part of the b + B wedding catalog featuring Jill Shortreed, from Charleston Balloon Company I wanted to make sure you got a better glimpse of her lovely photos where she was hired to design the balloon for the Photo shoot. Wonderful mix of balloon and floral.   WEdding Jill Shortreed                           One of the designers I enjoy to watch is Cody Williams, of Cody’s Red Balloon in TX He is a floral designer who loves balloons! His designs are creative and inspiring! 3 foot balloons with floral and ribbon – so elegant. White 3 fts Ivy and ribbon Cody's Red Balloon white balloons 3 ft cody inside                                 To find inspiration for decor I often look online in Bridal magazines and crafting sites to see color trends and unique designs. I take photos of creative displays at the mall that grab my attention. KEY IS to get off the computer and set time in your studio and Design! Experiment with your balloons and other media to create a style that is you! IF you would like to incorporate fabric decor into your services offered, there are 3 DVD’s available fabric DVDs                     For Upcoming Webinars, hands on classes and coaching visit BalloonBossPro.com I look forward to seeing the new designs that you create! Your Partner in Success! Joette Signature 1             Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker Elevate Your Business! BalloonBossPro.com      

Venue Sheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals

VenueSheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals! Have you every wished you had a form so that when you are talking to a client or on a site visit to a venue you didn’t miss any details while you were there checking out? Today is your lucky day, Dianna Glandon has created a wonderful list you can print and use on all your site visits to make sure you have all the information you need! After you pay for this item, you will be able to access it from the Member area of BalloonCoach.com so you don’t LOOSE it and can always go back into your account to find it! https://bz274.infusionsoft.com/app/storeFront/showCategoryPage?categoryId=8 when you click on this link, hit Venue sheet and you will be able to purchase. When you purchase the form by March 1st you get a bonus to join us for a Live Q & A session with Dianna on Tuesday, March 8th, 9:30 pm EST. Dianna will share how she uses this information to SELL her client on ideas. If you have questions about the form contact Joette@ballooncoach.com Many people in the balloon industry started their company because the love balloons and how they can transform a space. Often super creative fun people. But when it comes to how to Sell, systems to be organized to be most efficient in the process of preparing and creating the decor, many in our industry struggle! BalloonCoach.com is a catalyst working with leaders in the balloon industry to bring you New Tools and training to help Take Your Business to New Heights! While our Industry Grows to the Next Level.   Visit BalloonBossPro.com to see the variety of services we offer including a free blog, and 2 exciting hands-on workshops in Chicago Area this summer! Other products we offer includes Business Coaching, Monthly Guest Webinars, downloads, and you can purchase past classes after you make a current purchase. On Dianna’s webinar she also shared about Shift planning software http://mbsy.co/humanity/20723239   We look forward to working side by side with you as you grow your company!   Joette Giardina, CBA Joette Signature 1               Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Take Your Business to New Heights! ballooncoach.com    

STEP up your Business in 2016!

Fall In love with Systems!
Fall In love with Systems!
  Step up Your Business in 2016! January started with a breath of fresh air, with new goals and dreams for your life and business for 2016. How are things going? Last week on the news they reported Tuesday was the day that most people would stop going the the gym…those people who signed up on January 1st with a resolution to get fit, let life’s distractions get in the way and 70 % quit going to the gym again until Jan 2017! Man I was glad our family is still on course and going to the gym! Then I got really excited as I realized I’m checking things off my list for my Goals for BalloonCoach.com for 2016! I’m delighted that I have not let distractions get in my way of moving forward with my dreams to create new resources for the Balloon Industry, and provide support to individual business to Take Your Business to New Heights! HOW are things going for YOU??? No matter if you are new to the balloon industry or have been around over 30 years, to keep growing, to meet sales goals you need to take ACTION daily. Are your sales numbers where you want them? Do you know your sales numbers? Often in our industry we are so busy doing day to day operations, we don’t make the time to look at our numbers and know what is really going on. It’s time to do a business check. Review the goals you wrote for yourself in January and see what needs to be on the top of your list for February and March. Are you investing in your business growth and education? If you are unsure what you should be looking at, or what to do next to get new clients that’s what coaching is all about. Coaching services include: Review of your website and Social media to see if you are on target for attracting the right clients. Branding Review – does your logo say what you want it to say about your business Sales conversation – what do you say when you are face to face with a client to close the sale. Support and encouragement, many times it just takes that extra support to keep moving forward. Road map…you know where you want to go, but not sure the best path, I’ll be glad to help you set the journey.     TAKE ADVANTAGE of educational opportunities! LEARN from Others! One way to educate yourself from the comfort of your home, is to join in live (or Pay Now, Replay later…our live Monthly Guest Webinars!) I’m excited about our February Speaker, as Dianna Glandon has served as a friend and mentor for almost 10 years. She and I met in Las Vegas at Balloon Camp! Networking at Conventions is amazing, building a team of friends in the industry to support you during your journey. If I did not step out on Faith and invest in my training from the start in this industry, I know I would not of lasted this long in the industry. I have had the pleasure of visiting Dianna’s business, Above the Reset Event Designs several times over the years, I love her Check list, systems and the way she works with and trains her staff. No matter if you are a one person operation or run a large crew the the steps she will share to create systems and training for your business will increase your Efficiency and Productivity which leads to opportunities of Increased Income! Due to the systems that Dianna has put in place, she was able to Enjoy her daughters wedding in a location with NO cell phone service, no internet, while her trained team in Knoxville took care of clients! Dianna also enjoys family trips knowing her business can continue to run while she is out of town! Now I know for some of you who are a one person business this may sound like something far, far away for you. With the proper training and systems you can have the same freedoms! I will never forget going to FLOAT and WBC, and typing lots of text communications with my part time assistants back in FL running events for me while I was out of town. The first time I thought WHAT on earth was I thinking…but then I saw the pictures and email from my delighted client and I realized how FREEING it was to know that my company could continue to service clients while I was gaining much needed training to Grow my Business!
Dianna and her husband Kelly at their daughters wedding Oct 2015.
Dianna and her husband Kelly at their daughters wedding Oct 2015.
Dianna enjoying the slopes of Utah while her business was still running in TN!
Dianna enjoying the slopes of Utah while her business was still running in TN!
Beautiful foil chandeliers by Above the Rest Event Designs
Beautiful foil chandeliers by Above the Rest Event Designs

Join us Tuesday, February 23rd 9 pm EST

S.T.E.P. up Your Business

(Developing Systems, Training, Effciency & Productivity)

Dianna Glandon, CBA

Above the Rest Event Designs


TRAVEL to Conventions and Classes — PS are you on Periscope Yet????

Click here to see some of the upcoming opportunities On our January Webinar Blenda Berrier encouraged attendees to put the Periscope app on your phone, or tablet follow @ballooncoach. One of the cool things about Periscope is while you stream something live, those watching can type comments in real time and ask questions to be a part of the conversation. In the wonderful world of technology we live in, for those not attending Twist & Shout in Dallas this week…Eddie Heyland. Balloocity.com, “King of Latex” is going to be on Periscope to share some fun clips from the Jam room! Download your app, then follow Eddie Heyland. Want to see how Periscope works? Join Joette Giardina – @ballooncoach Tuesday, Feb 16th 8 pm EST to discuss Upcoming Conventions and classes…if it is your first time going to WBC and you have questions about what to pack, what to expect Join us. If you have been to conventions and want to share your tips…join us! If you have great tips on what those of us Sight seeing should go to while in New Orleans for the First time join in on the conversation! How to earn the money to go to classes and conventions. How to pick the best one for your business. Look forward to chatting with you on Periscope Tuesday Feb 16th 8 pm EST! tips on Periscope from online article Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1         Joette Giardina, CBA Take Your Business to New Heights! BalloonBossPro.com  
Invest in your Business Attend training!
Invest in your Business Attend training!

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA A Beginners Guide

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA, A Beginners Guide. One of the Keys to a successful balloon business is organization. Ava Sealey started working with balloons in 2014, even though she is NEW to the balloon industry she has used her organizational skills from her past career in banking to run her balloon business in a very professional manner from the start! Click here to view the free Mini Webinar she recorded with me on Feb 2, 2016. At the start when she is talking you will see a blank screen, don’t worry, you will see the photos of her work space and see the programs she uses for Client communication and inventory. Replay of Mini free webinar with Ava Sealey, CBA   Register for the UPDATED systems Ava now uses in 2018 Creating the Balloon Business you Envision Inventory systems she mentions:   For Apple Inventory Scanner 2015 by XO7Brainiac https://appsto.re/us/El2ZZ.i Camcode.com For Android   The Customer Management system Ava uses is 17 hats UPDATE 9/20/2017 Ava now uses Dubsado as her Customer Management system…has a bit more functionality than 17 hats. Ava discussed that she is very focused on training, she became a CBA early on in her balloon career, Attended the QBN tour, purchases training DVD’s attends Balloon Coach webinars, and practices what she learns at home to know how long things will take her to inflate, and be confident in designs. Are you ready to set up more systems in Your business? Check out the replay from February Dianna Glandon, CBA and owner of Above the Rest Event Designs, Knoxville TN shows you how to S.T.E.P. up Your Business (Developing Systems, Training, Effciency & Productivity, BalloonCoach.com Montly webinar replays. I have seen Dianna’s systems in place in person on my visits to her business. They work so well, she is now able to go on Vacation and leave town knowing her business is running smoothly without her, as she has put strong training and systems in place for her clients to have excellent service. Even if you are a ONE PERSON business, her systems will make your more efficient which allows you to produce more income!   Other Services by Balloon Coach:   Business coaching to help you take your business to new heights Check out which program is best for you! Free Blog with tips to help you make improvements in your Busienss   One of the tips that Ava shared was she puts everything she can on Wheels to make it easy to move things around. Her desk as wheels so she can have in the middle of the work area, or off to the side as needed for space to inflate.   ava desk middle ava desk side                 Peg Board used to set up the ribbon ava peg board               UPDATE! Join us May 22nd, 2018 for Passport to Success Monthly Webinar as Ava shares new tips and how her office space has been improved! Creating the Balloon Business you Envision, Ava Sealey, CBA   Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. BalloonBossPro.com  

Creating Opportunity in Chaos

20160204_140139 20160204_105518-1   Creating Opportunity in Chaos. Last week was a wonderful week for me, with opportunities to listen to motivational speakers Thursday and Friday, I want to share some highlights with you. Thursday was my 7th time that Party People had won the bid to decorate the Lakeland Chamber Annual dinner. This year I had the pleasure to collaborate on the decor with Johanthon Gerber, the owner of Party People Events, I now serve as his Marketing Director, and Event coordinator (allowing me to have my major focus on BalloonCoach.com) . The theme this year was Creating Opportunity in Chaos, as the Keynote speaker for the evening was Jerry Ross, the Executive Director of the National Entrepreneur Center. His message for companies to survive and thrive they must be innovative to be successful during uncertain economic conditions. He brought up examples of how Kodak did not embrace the digital camera age, they did not adapt and change. Where other companies stepped up and into the change and created successful businesses and income. He also focused on people with determination that do not give up after the first failures or being told no. Very appropriate while sitting at the event we had decorated, as the first 4 years I approached the Chamber to decorate for the event they did not take me seriously, “I was just the balloon lady”. Then I realized it was my job to Educate them on the Mitzvah’s and other events I had been coordinating. I found out the bottom line is I had to have my company LISTED in a different category to be OFFERED a Request for Proposal to Bid on the job. Cost $50 to have a 2nd listing as Event Coordinator, rather than listed under Balloon Decor! Rather than giving up, I was creative I asked questions and changed my approach. The result, 7 years of working with a $10,000 budget to coordinate all the decor, well worth the $50 a year additional fee.   Thursday night the evenings speaker got me thinking about the balloon industry in general. I believe that 2016 is an amazing opportunity for growth in our industry! World Balloon Convention is right around the corner, with people from over 50 countries gathering in New Orleans to share their passion of balloons and learn from one another. There are more and more classes, seminars and educational events being held for our industry world wide. Social Media is flooded with photos of balloon decor, on Sunday during the superbowl one commercial had a Balloon Goalpost in it AWESOME! What an amazing time to be a balloon company, as your client emails you their Pinterest or Instagram photos of what they are looking for, Hi this is Jan, I want you to make this for me, how much does it cost? How exciting is that…they are pumped and excited to use balloons – all you have to do is close the sale! Many times in balloon groups on facebook I see people make statements like “I hate Pinterest”, or “another dreaded pinterest client” STOP that thought! This person is reaching out to you wanting to pay you Money….they are excited about balloons…this is a good thing! Granted sometimes clients are unaware of what the cost is for that lovely 3 ft helium balloon with Tulle and Ribbon on it, but this is your opportunity to educate them, and offer other solutions if that item does not meet their budget. I know I personally was in shock the first time I ordered a cake from the local bakery for my daughters birthday rather than picking in up at the grocery store. It was large difference in price, did I buy the cake from the bakery? Yes! Why? Quality and service, it was the specialty item I was wanting! Part 2 of a wonderful week for me was Friday I invested in myself, $109.00 for a one day Women’s Leadership Symposium in Lakeland Florida, put on by the Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association that I am a member of. 4 dynamic speakers kept a smile on my face, laughter and lots of ah ha moments as I quickly took notes of what they were saying. My #1 Take away of the day…..What you Name the Thing…the Thing Becomes…. Linda Larsen
  • That was such a powerful point. If we don’t like what we see we need to rename it. A small example is waking up and thinking you are going to have a bad day, we need to rename that thought to a good day. Any time we think something negative we need to rename it to a positive. Because what we name the thing the thing tends to become.
  • When our minds start to go negative we must not go with it. Something to think about: What do we tell ourselves about ourselves? If you call yourself names or say negative things about your body you need to think about the saying “what you name the thing, they thing tends to become”.
  • Linda taught us her “STOP TECHNIQUE”
1) Notice you’re being negative
2) Tell yourself to Stop
3) Replace that thought w/ what you want
Back to the Pinterest situation, put the steps above into action. When the client sends you the photo of the Tulle balloon and that negative – ugh they aren’t going to pay for this comes to your head. Stop that thought…and replace it with Awesome, she want’s these lovely balloons and at $$$ a piece, it will be a wonderful sale for me and a beautiful event for my client! PUT THE POSITIVE VIBE OUT THERE! Set yourself up for success, not failure! I wish YOU much success in 2016! If you know where you want to go and how you want to grow your business, but you are unsure how to get there…BalloonCoach.com is here for you! With one to one and elite coaching to help you Crush your goals with personal attention, to our Group Coaching to Pump you up and support you on your journey check out our coaching program and make 2016 the year you take your business to New Heights!   Your Partner in Success! Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. BalloonBossPro.com 20160204_170306-1 20160204_165619-1 20160204_170812-1