What if Your Balloon Pops?

Balloons may pop when exposed to sun, heat, weather, temperature changes and people…they can even just pop when they are sitting around and nothing seems to change!   There is something magical about balloons at the same time can be very frustrating as a balloon professional is not being able to fully predict when that burst […]

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!   When non-profits call your balloon company asking for donations, it can be a bit of a challenge not to get frustrated. Before the 5 tips, I want to give a bit of an overview so you know where I’m coming from. I have […]

What if Your Balloon Pops?

What if Your Balloon Pops? I have been seeing a lot of photos shared recently with Paint inside of balloons…beautiful effect but the Corporate Event Planner in me can’t help but think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS? I have been blessed over the years to work in some beautiful venues and huge Estates. One […]

Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want?

Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want? I think about this question often as I talk with wonderful balloon professionals I meet online and at conventions, most recently WBC. Take a minute and review this list -why do you have or want to have a Balloon Business? A way for your to […]

12 Things Successful People Do Differently.

12 Things Successful People Do Differently. WOULD you like to enjoy this as an AUDIO BLOG? Click Here to hear details on how to apply these 12 steps to your Business! Today while looking up Success Quotes on Google to share with my Coaching Clients I came across this – and decided to write a […]

Multimedia decor creates endless possibilities

Multimedia decor creates endless possibilities. What do I mean by multimedia? Incorporating other items with your balloon decor to enhance the event. In the photo below I was asked to create a stage design for a corporate presentation for the food industry, they let us know they would have a video of the Blue Angels […]

Venue Sheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals

VenueSheet Checklist for Balloon Professionals! Have you every wished you had a form so that when you are talking to a client or on a site visit to a venue you didn’t miss any details while you were there checking out? Today is your lucky day, Dianna Glandon has created a wonderful list you can […]

STEP up your Business in 2016!

  Step up Your Business in 2016! January started with a breath of fresh air, with new goals and dreams for your life and business for 2016. How are things going? Last week on the news they reported Tuesday was the day that most people would stop going the the gym…those people who signed up […]

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA A Beginners Guide

Getting Organized with Ava Sealy, CBA, A Beginners Guide. One of the Keys to a successful balloon business is organization. Ava Sealey started working with balloons in 2014, even though she is NEW to the balloon industry she has used her organizational skills from her past career in banking to run her balloon business in […]

Creating Opportunity in Chaos

  Creating Opportunity in Chaos. Last week was a wonderful week for me, with opportunities to listen to motivational speakers Thursday and Friday, I want to share some highlights with you. Thursday was my 7th time that Party People had won the bid to decorate the Lakeland Chamber Annual dinner. This year I had the […]