12 Things Successful People Do Differently.

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12 Things Successful People Do Differently.

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Today while looking up Success Quotes on Google to share with my Coaching Clients I came across this – and decided to write a Blog – hope you enjoy!

  1. They Create and Pursue Smart Goals.
  2. They Take Decisive and Immediate Action.
  3. They Focus on Being Productive, Not Being Busy.
  4. They Make Logical, Informed Decisions.
  5. They Avoid the Trap of Trying to Make Things Perfect.
  6. They Work Outside their Comfort Zone.
  7. They Keep Things Simple.
  8. They Focus on Making Small, Continuous Improvements.
  9. They Measure and Track Their Progress.
  10. They Maintain Positive Outlook as They Learn From Mistakes.
  11. They Spend Time With the Right People.
  12. They Maintain Balance in Their Life.

I encourage you to look over this list, – Print it out and put a Check mark on the things you already do.

Then Highlight the areas you would like to work on! YOU can’t do it all at once -but its a Goal to strive for!

I am blessed to coach amazing people who have a Dream, are creative and enjoy working with balloons!

Sometimes the Puzzle pieces are not all falling into place for them on their road to success!

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Ever feel like you missed a step in building your business?

Or just not sure What to do next?

I UNDERSTAND! When I purchased my Balloon Business in December of 2003 I had no idea what I had just signed up for! I knew I wanted to work for myself, I was creative, and was good at sales and putting events together. The other parts of owning a business I was not to sure about.

I took Immediate Action:

Joined Networking groups to learn about business and meet people.

Attended Balloon training’s and conventions to network with and learn from other balloon professionals.

I stepped out of my Comfort Zone many times attending Business mixers with a bunch of people all dressed in suits!

I have spent a LOT Of TIME with the Right People!!!

I joined a master mind group in my area – meet several times a month with business owners in my city – all having a different business, but shared many of the same struggles. I learned from them and found out what helped them grow their business right here in Lakeland Florida and I followed their lead.

DID I meet all 12 of the things on the list above – I’ll be honest I did not! NOT going for Perfection here…I’m Striving for Success!

I took a business from one level and cranked it up several levels, and then found someone to BUY my Decor Business so that I can focus on Helping our Industry Reach new Heights.

I now get to enjoy serving as the Marketing Director for Party People Events, Trainer and As Needed Crew Leader on a Part time basis…so that I can focus my FULL ATTENTION on Growing the Balloon Industry to the next level, by serving as a Catalyst to provide Business tools, training and support! (BalloonCoach.com was but a wish and a dream 5 years ago)

TAKE ACTION NOW! Print out the list 12 Things Successful People Do Differently – or write it down

Put things in writing so you can MOVE FORWARD and know where you are going, and track your progress!

As you look over the list of 12, are there things you would like help in mastering? That’s what coaching is all about!

I have been blessed by working with some very successful business owners in the balloon industry and seeing their steps to success and producing the income they wish.

When we work together to make your plan, I’m here to bounce ideas off of, bring resources and encourage you along the way. Owning a business can often feel like you are on an island by yourself. I’m here to give you support to reach your goals.

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BalloonCoach.com is here as a resource for YOU to Elevate Your Business!

Your Partner in Success,

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.


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