What if Your Balloon Pops?

What if Your Balloon Pops?

What happens if your balloon pops bc Balloons may pop when exposed to sun, heat, weather, temperature changes and people…they can even just pop when they are sitting around and nothing seems to change!   There is something magical about balloons at the same time can be very frustrating as a balloon professional is not being able to fully predict when that burst may happen! The Balloon industry is full of artist expressing their creativity by putting, glitter, confetti and even Paint inside of balloons…beautiful effects but the Corporate Event Planner in me can’t help but think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS? I have been blessed over the years to work in some beautiful venues and huge Estates. One of my first thoughts is always about making sure I cause no damage to the venue or clients home with the decor I’m creating. I’ll never forget being on location at a brand new bank where we were asked last minute to inflate more Latex balloons with HIFLOAT, and one burst! HIFLOAT all over me, my hair, and part of a balloon stuck to the wall of the conference room.
Good thing is from experience I knew that HIFLOAT will wash out of my clothes and the wall with water…so I rushed to the bathroom to get paper towels and water. Due to this experience, that is vivid in my mind…When I see paint, glitter and confetti in balloons,  all I can think of is what damage flying paint could do to walls, carpet, furniture etc.   When you work with these items think about the potential damage, or the clean up time needed if  something pops.   Wet paint in a balloon – think of the bill to replace a linen, furniture, carpet etc or just be responsible for the cleaning bill for a Wedding dress, Prom dress or Tux that is covered in paint from my burst balloon! Confetti – large pieces of confetti are easier to clean up than glitter.  Do you have back up confetti with you, do you have a vacuum, broom or dust pan in your delivery vehicle to clean up messes that might be created. What if a confetti or glitter balloon pops all over the preset dessert, salad and water glasses of a table of 10 for your clients event? As Professional Balloon Artist I think it’s really important for us to always consider the what if’s. IE anything that you place inside the balloons…when the balloon pops it’s going to go Everywhere…DO you have a vacuum in your delivery vehicle? Broom and dust pan? Rags, water to clean a mess etc. When transporting balloons for indoor and outdoor events your balloons can pop!  Remember to pack the back up balloons to repair Names, Letters, custom vinyl prints, and any latex or foil that may deflate during transport or installation to help provide your client with the product they ordered.   What about special distorted designs. If part of a lovely flower petal pops, do you have time and supplies to make the fix?    Classic decor is the bread and butter for the balloon industry as you don’t have to worry about as many details as when you get into all the artistic flair.   As a professional balloon decorator,  remember to always build in extra time to your deliveries..and create designs for your customers based on the time you have available to provide them with the designs you sell. One key in our profession as we continue to branch out and create new techniques, designs and lovely pieces of art and want to be respected as professionals in the events industry as a whole, it’s very important we think about all the possible outcomes…As you create…always think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS and plan and prepare accordingly.
Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker. Online and in person training and support. BalloonCoach.com Take Action THRIVE! Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post

Is FEAR Standing in the Way of Your Success?

Is FEAR standing in the way of your success?

As a Balloon Business Owner it’s good to take a look at the obstacles that stand in your way.

    What is your FEAR? As you wake up today and look at your plans for the future, in reaching for your dreams, what scares you? It is OK to have fear, we all have something in our life that tends to creep up or jump out at us and keep us from becoming all that we can be. Common fears that keep us from our full potential include, FEAR of:
  • Failure
  • Speaking in public
  • Opening ourselves up to others
  • Being criticized
  • Heights
  • Snakes
  • Making a fool out of ourselves
  • Success
  • People saying no to our products (and taking that personally)

I am a bit of an expert on facing fear. Something you may not know about me is prior to my full time career in the balloon industry (since 2003), my college degree was Recreation & Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. My internship (where I met my husband, Brian) was at Bradford Woods, run by the University of Indiana. Each week, we had students and corporate groups that came to the camp for Team Building and Challenge course experiences. My job as a high ropes facilitator was to tie the harness onto climbers correctly so they would not fall to their death from 100 foot platform up in the air.   I would then have the climbers on belay (a rope tied from their harness, and attached to me to guide them as they were in the air to keep them safe while facing their fears through the high ropes challenge course). Talk about an exciting job!  Each day, I helped people face their fears and celebrate with them as they accomplished the journey! Brian and I always wanted our daughter Marlee to have that same awesome feeling of being up in the tree tops and facing her fears. In 2013, our family took a trip to West Virginia to an adventure camp. First step is training:
  • What can I expect from the experience
  • What do I need to be successful and have the right equipment
  • Ask questions as needed
Next step is practice. They run a line just off the ground to learn what it will feel like up in the cable sitting in your harness. And the last step? Jump. Just go for it!               Why did I share this story with you? My hope is to inspire you to move forward…one step at a time. In 2003, I stepped out in fear and went from working full time in social work to owning a balloon decor company as my primary source of income.  This was truly a leap of faith, as I do not have a business degree and was not totally aware of all the hats I would wear as a business owner. I knew I loved balloons and creating memorable celebrations.  The rest I learned as I moved forward daily to grow a thriving business. I prepared myself for business growth by attending balloon and business training. I then applied what I learned and jumped out into networking into my local area. Sometimes I rocked it; sometimes not so much.  The key is I did not give up and look at each day as a new learning opportunity.  Over time I became known as the go to place for creative balloon decor in my area as I grew my business. In 2015 I  launched BalloonCoach.com to create resources for you that I wish were available to the balloon industry back in 2003. If you feel overwhelmed as you grow your business and would like support and training as you  face your fears head, on here are some links to help you on your journey to build a thriving balloon business. Free services include: Blog YouTube channel Resources to Purchase for quicker results: Downloads for hot air balloon and other items Balloon Boss Mastermind Group Coaching and online training   What do our members think of Balloon Boss Mastermind program?
#Grateful Just wanted to take a moment and thank Joette Meyers Giardina Even though I have been doing balloons for 11 years, the best thing I have ever done for myself and my growing business was paying for my subscription to Balloon Boss Mastermind.  It truly has paid for itself already as it is showing in my designs, pricing and processes. Thank you for your one on one on the spot coaching and encouragement that I have received every single time I needed you (and even when I thought I didn’t!). You always go above and beyond the expectation for me and those of us lucky to have found you. I appreciate all you have done for me and “The Balloon Lady LLC” and I am excited and look forward to the future with you coming along side me….I feel Empowered and Unstoppable!!
Jodi Lynn Mcnabb-Agla
The Balloon Lady, Indianapolis, Indiana
  Balloon Boss Mastermind subscription includes:
  • First Monday of the Month Member Q & A “office hours” with Balloon Coach Joette via webinar 9 pm Eastern.
  • Access to ongoing Group Coaching through member only Facebook group
  • Decor 101 training – basics of supplies needed to create decor, framing and classic designs
  • Full access to the Passport to Success webinar library recorded since September 2015
  • Seat in the live monthly Passport to Success webinars the 4th Tuesday of each month 9 pm Eastern.
  • Vision Board and Goal setting training
  So, Is FEAR standing in the way of your success? Is there a FEAR that is standing in your way of business growth? What is the #1 thing you are fearful of…write it down. Feel free to share it with us in Balloon Coach Community on Facebook   Check out our free webinar on Confidence and Communication   Don’t let fear stand in the way of making your balloon dreams reality! Go For IT!   Your Partner in Success,         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.  

Is Your Balloon Business Booming or Are You Having a Rocky Start to 2018?

Is your balloon business booming or are you having a rocky start to 2018?

How is 2018 going for you? I know many that have had a rocky start to 2018 and others whose businesses are booming!
We all have life circumstances that can cause us to take time away from our businesses. Personally, I just spent 10 days away from my home, husband, daughter and business to stay at my dads home and care for him as he lost his battle with cancer. During the quiet times sitting by his bedside I kept reflecting on how my dad was a master at achieving his goals. He dreamed of something, and then he worked REALLY hard to make those goals a reality. Even while Battling cancer, his body losing weight and him becoming weak, he set goals and worked hard to make his goals happen. So what does this have to do with You and Your Balloon Business? Are you willing to put in the hard work? Invest in new tools? Work daily on the little things that can make a big difference over time? Building a successful balloon business that produces your dream income does not happen overnight, it takes investment of money and time and dedication on your part. The key is to start each new day making steps forward towards your goal.
  What sets apart the businesses that are booming from those with a rocky start? Activity! Do not just sit behind a computer screen watching what other balloon people are doing on Facebook! Get out and create balloon decor, take photos of your work, use it on social media, and get the balloons into the hands and EYES of your target market. Build Relationships with people in your target market, visit different networking organizations and pick one to be an active member of. Educate your clients about what you can do and how you can help or serve them with your balloon decor. Make sales calls, in person or on the phone reach out to your potential clients. If they don’t know you exist they cannot buy from you! It is February, do your existing clients know that you LOVE THEM…and want to work with them again? Do your potential clients even know you exist and you are available to decorate when they celebrate? If you are ready to make 2018 GREAT and want to increase your confidence, have systems and organization to your marketing and not just PRAY people will find you. Create content that gets people’s attention and directs your customers to take action. Show your clients they are appreciated and then join us for the next part of our Promotions & Profits Online Workshop.
Liz Romani sat in our virtual classroom and took the ideas presented and created a video that immediately got her sales for Valentines day in the middle of January! Her video plus all the content from the course are available in the member area from the workshop for you to put to use NOW. More information on the next live online sessions click this link and you can download all the materials and put them to work in your business and join us Live on Feb 11 and 12. Details at /live-online-workshops/
Do you go through times of not knowing for sure what you should do next in your business to grow? Would you like to learn from others in the industry? If you answered yes to either of those questions then join us for our Passport to Success program. We meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 9 pm EST via a webinar with a guest speaker offering different discussions on business to help you grow. Then the first Monday of the following month, join me for a live Q & A session to review an action plan of steps you can put into your business to apply what we learned from the guest speaker. This is an interactive meeting for you to ask questions and share successes and struggles. All for just $25 a month subscription! We have Passport to success members that have been in the balloon industry for over 30 years listening to our monthly webinars, as they find golden nuggets in each class and often are reminded of things they learned in the past but have not taken action on yet to make their business grow. Those who are brand new to the industry love the webinars because they don’t have to guess at what works, just apply what they learn from those who have gone before them! Each day is a new opportunity for us to MOVE FORWARD in our businesses. But we have to take action, not sit back and just wait for the phone to ring. If you need individualized support in creating your marketing plan, join us for our online workshop – or contact me Joette@ballooncoach.com to discuss our One to One coaching program. Hands on Learning Opportunity. Our Promotions and Profits 2018 Retreat is going to be amazing Novmber 12 – 16 in Disney Spring – Orlando! Join Gary Ledbetter, Eddie Heyland, Cody Williams, Liz Romani, Johnathon Gerber, Joette Giardina and Mindy Neal to create 4 Style Photo shoots and leave with the confidence in creating the decor, plus professional photos to use in your promotional materials when you return home to sell your services! PLUS Bonus Opportunity to attend Disney Institute, Business behind the Magic Tour on November 12th, explore parts of Disney that only cast members go and learn the magic behind Disney’s customer service, leadership and leading brand recognition. Check out the details With the Power of Social Media 2018 is FULL of opportunities to GROW your market and your income in the wonderful world of balloons, but YOU have to take the steps to make it happen, if you need a map to success – then join our programs. That is why we are here to help support you on the journey – sharing what works to GROW!   Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. BalloonBossPro.com

How are balloon businesses achieving great things?

Enthusiasm creates great things

How are balloon businesses achieving great things?

I have the pleasure of talking with balloon business owners daily about what is working well, and what they struggle with. I hear stories from, “Nobody has money for balloons”, and “They want everything at a discount” to “Business is Booming – I raised my prices and I have more clients now and have doubled my sales.” So I then have to wonder…what is the difference? How are some balloon businesses achieving great things, while others struggle? One key that I have noticed….. ENTHUSIASM!Enthusiasm creates great things Yes, Enthusiasm… it’s contagious. When you are passionate about your business, the people in your organization feel it and look forward to working with you. When you talk to your clients on the phone or in person they can HEAR in your voice that you love what you do and they feel confident that you will create the event of their dreams and take care of them. I want you to meet 3 people that share this trait. I am going to give a shout out to 3 that are standing out in my mind of most recent. I share these stories as I see that many times people with the same opportunities that not everyone is having success..and often look to find what is the secret. I believe strongly that the #1 is mindset (that we daily get to choose) And those who go through life with Enthusiasm tend to have more success, quicker!   Cecile Williams-Bethel from the Bahamas. She is positive, seeks out education and puts what she learns right into action! It is a JOY to be in her presence with the positive energy and passion that flows from her. After our June workshop, she immediately went home and entered a parade to promote her company and has not stopped moving forward daily since.   Sheetal Kurup seen wearing a flamingo for our October workshop..She has been in the balloon industry LESS than 6 months. She came to Orlando for Promotions & Profits in October, and when she got home landed a Grand Opening for a mall creating (6) 33 foot arches, (8) 10 ft columns – and had never done a balloon arch prior to that event. She took the training from Gary Ledbetter and what she learned at the workshop, plus the network of balloon professionals she made calling on Johnathon Shelly Gerber and Amy DesChenes to support her in the project, with Eddie Heyland connecting her to Chris Tribuna (from our Chicago workshop) to assist her on the event.  
                Liz Romani, all I can say is THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! She started attending training just 3 years ago and has increased the yearly balloons sales at the store she manages by $72,000!!! She is in a town of just 17,000 people! On Novmeber 19th, Liz and I did our Tech Run for her November 28th Webinar where she is going to share how her enthusiasm and passion for balloons has helped her grow their sales and what ACTION steps she has taken. As I serve as a creator of resources for the balloon industry – it is the ENERGY I receive being around, talking with and encouraging people of passion to GO for their Goals that helps me keep continue to create and push for more. Thank you Cecile Williams-Bethel, Sheetal Kurup and Liz Romani for sharing your energy, dreams and goals with me. It is a pleasure to watch you achieve your goals and inspire others to know that anything is possible!
For those of you who need a little extra push to reach your goals, I encourage you to join us in the monthly Passport to Success program. You receive a training webinar with a guest speaker, action plan, and a follow up webinar to help you feel the energy from others who are having success with their results and get your questions answered!         Take action daily with a positive mindset and you will be achieving great things too! BalloonBossPro.com Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.            

Face Your Fears and Take Action

Face Your Fears and Take Action!

  What is your FEAR? As you wake up today and look at your plans for the future, in reaching for your dreams, what scares you? It is OK to have fear, we all have something in our life that tends to creep up or jump out at us and keep us from becoming all that we can be. Common Fears that keep us from our full potential include:
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of speaking in public
  • Fear of opening ourselves up to others
  • Fear of being criticized
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of snakes
  • Making a fool out of ourselves
  • Fear of Success
I am a bit of an Expert on Facing Fear. Something you may not know about me is prior to my full time career in the balloon industry, my college degree was Recreation & Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. My internship (where I met my husband, Brian) was at Bradford Woods, ran by the University of Indiana. Each week we had students and corporate groups that came to the camp for Team Building and Challenge course experiences. My job as a high ropes facilitator was to tie the harness onto climbers correctly so they would not fall to their death from 100 foot platform up in the air. I would then have the climbers on belay (a rope tied from their harness, and attached to me to guide them as they were in the air to keep them safe while facing their fears through the high ropes challenge course). Talk about an exciting job! Each day, I helped people face their fears and celebrate with them as they accomplished the journey! Brian and I always wanted our daughter Marlee to have that same awesome feeling of being up in the tree tops and facing her fears. In 2013, our family took a trip to West Virginia to an adventure camp.     First step is training:
  • What can I expect from the experience
  • What do I need to be successful, have the right equipment
  • Ask questions as needed
  Next step is practice. They run a line just off the ground to learn what it will feel like up in the cable sitting in your harness. And the last step? Jump – Go for it!               Why do I tell you this story? Because BalloonCoach.com is here for you with the resources you need to support you as you face your fears to grow your business. Free services include: Blog Online Magazine Elevated.Events YouTube channel   Resources to Purchase: Downloads Live Workshops Online Workshops Decor 101 Training Webinars Replays Action Plans Monthly Office Hours with Joette to have Q & A and talk about what worked great and what you are struggling with. With our Passport to Success Webinar Program you get all of those things for just $25 a month! We provide you with the training to help you prepare and then it’s your opportunity to GO FOR IT! I bought Party People back in 2003, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew it was what I wanted to do. It may be a bit scary as you make cold calls, or go interact with new people at networking events, however as you do the activity it can be exhilarating and lead you to business growth and increased sales. BalloonCoach.com was created to give YOU the resources I wish I would have had at my fingertips when I started in the events industry. If you want more support on your journey, we offer a One to One and Elite Coaching plan to help you form and plan and take action. The Balloon industry is Growing. A big key to success is Facing your Fear, take that first step, ask for help as you go so you can grow! Would love for you to share your success stories in our online group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ballooncoachcommunity/ or email Joette@ballooncoach.com   Your Partner in Success,         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.   For monthly webinars and training head to BalloonBossPro.com

School Spirit, Homecoming and Prom Marketing tips!

School Spirit, Homecoming and Prom Marketing tips!

Schools can be a wonderful source of repeat business. I can hear what some of you are thinking right now…schools around me always say they have no budget. My kids school just ask for me to donate everything. Yes, those things can happen. However, schools spend a lot of money every year on events. It is now your job to build relationships with the right people to grab those accounts, educate and work on getting the $$$ allocated to the services you provide. If you enjoy listening rather than reading I encourage you to check out my FREE mini webinar that I recorded on the subject. I know a lot of people have landed some great accounts after following the steps I outlined. Find out who the sponsor or organizer is for the events you want to work. Yep, that means it’s time to pick up the phone and make some calls to the school office and ask who the sponsor for Homecoming, Prom, Awards Etc will be. Ask for an email address and if you can leave a message for them to contact you. “Hi this is Joette Giardina, with Party People Events. We are a local resource for professional balloon decor. We would love to transform your gym or venue into the dream theme for your next event. Do you normally order large cardboard props in a box for your event?

Would you be interested in transforming your space with something larger than life, fun and spectacular? If so I would like for you to support our local business.

You can see our Website at http://partypeopleevents.com and our blog with past Homecoming and proms at http://partypeoplecc.blogspot.com”       College and Universities:
  • Admissions Department
  • Student Activities
  • Athletics Departments
  • Sorority, Fraternity
  • Dean’s office
  • Back to school
  • Football Homecoming
                  Forming partnerships with linen companies, DJ’s, plant rentals, tent rental or event planning companies is a way to get to your target clients. Looking for monthly inspiration and tips to grow your business? I encourage you to be a part of our Passport to Success Webinar Program, for monthly class live the 4th Tuesday of each month, and then a follow up Q & A Action Plan the first Monday of each month to take what you learn and apply to your business to increase your productivity and increase your sales. All webinars are recorded so if you are unable to join us live you can always go to your member area to get the replay and action plan notes go to BalloonBossPro.com and click on Webinars and the upcoming months class will show in the drop down. Investment is just $25 a month.   Ready to take your business to the next level? Join us for our next dynamic business and hands on training in Orlando, Promotions & Profits Retreat 2018
  • Increase your confidence in creating the decor for events with budgets over a thousand dollars.
  • Work side by side with 9 instructors
  • Networking lunch daily to talk business and build relationships
  • Have access to professional photos of the decor built for the style Photo shoots to market your business
  • Talk real life situations and pricing
  • Take time away from working IN your business to work ON your business
  • Leave with skills to network with event professionals in your area to take your business to the next level
Connect with us on Facebook at Balloon Coach Community Your Partner in Success,                   Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.  

Networking Tips -Chad Johnson in Action!

Networking Tips – Chad Johnson in Action! What tools are you using to grow your business?

Are you sitting at your computer just waiting for the phone to ring?

Does the thought of going to a networking meeting make your break out in a cold sweat and make you picture yourself standing in a corner with no one to talk to?

Do you have a list of potential clients you would like to reach out to but have NO idea how to get past the “gatekeeper” The receptionist that says that the person you are trying to contact “is not available”

Do you have creative ideas you want to find “just the right customer for” but have NO idea who to conatact?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or just want to spend time with a person who has over 20 years of Sales experience then you want to join us in Chicago in June to learn from Chad!

Check out this video of Chad at a Networking meeting

Did you notice the lady next to Chad was like if you have a tent, you have to have balloons! Chad has got these folks trained to be out there looking for leads for him!

What I love is that Chad really focused in on one of the members of the networking group and praised his company for the experience he had. In Sales, it’s about building relationships, not just the Used Car Salesman approach of what type of car are you going to buy from me!

When you want to build the idea of people buying from YOU…you also need to think about what local business you are buying from. Become an active member in your community and they will give back to you!

One of the tools that helped me grow is Networking, building relationships with key people in my town to become a part of my “sales team” by referring our decor company to those who need our services.

You have an opportunity to improve your Sales tools, join us June 21st in Itasca IL

Chad Johnson

IC Balloons

Iowa City, Iowa

Creating the Opportunity

How to find potential clients to contact

Make the Call…get the response you are looking for.

How to get past “the gatekeeper” (receptionist) and talk to the decision maker.

Create new Clients

Click the blue Button Below for a note from Chad and meet the other two instructors teaching Great classes on Vision Boards and Generating Leads and Sales from Facebook on June 21st. Reserve the date to work ON your business.

Each class is just $50 each or for the Best Value Take all 3 for just $125…and save $25!

Chicago Classes June 21st limited to just 25 people – Reserve your seat today!

Chad will also be a part of our team for Parade Promotions & Profits Workshop.

(due to the behind the scenes nature of the event to register you must live 65 miles outside of 60106 zip code)

Details for Parade Workshop click here

If you would like to have one on one sessions to help build your skills in networking, contact me at Joette@ballooncoach.com and we can set up times that are best for you!

ENJOY a FREE Mini Webinar I did on Networking


Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Enjoy our Free Monthly Ezine http://Elevated.Events for tips and inspiration!

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Great Alternative to Helium Balloons for Outdoor Events!

Have you ever had a client call you and ask you to create something outdoors that you did not want to do? I have been working in the balloon industry full time since 2003, and over the years I have learned that my #1 job is to go with my gut, and educate my clients on solutions that I can feel confident setting up for their event that will look the best to give them the results that want – but sometimes NOT be what they originally ask for. Many times I refer to the saying, “we don’t know, what we don’t know”. Professional balloon decor is not something most people have experience with. When they think balloons, they think helium, they are not aware of air filled decor, framing. and for that matter most do not know that Balloon Decor is a growing international career for thousands of people around the world.   I had a client call and say that she wanted to order 30, 3 ft. helium balloons to fly above tents for an outdoor event. I did what I always do and asked for a few more details. Found out they were holding an Ice Cream Festival and wanted to put the balloon on all the ice cream vendors tents. Now it was my time to educate. I said 3 ft balloons are a great way to mark the tents. However, I prefer NOT to use Helium whenever possible outdoors if there is another alternative that might be even better. If it rains, the helium balloon can come down to the ground and pop. RED outdoors attracts a ton of sun and tends to pop more than lighter colors. I’d love to use white or pink. She said NOPE it has to be red! I let her know that I would not promise the life of a 3ft. red outdoor in direct Florida sun and heat. They will look great when I first put them up – but they may pop during the day. She said she was willing to take the risk. I had her sign that on the contract! I suggested we make mini Ice Cream cones under each 3 ft. balloon to have fun with the theme of the event and put it on a pole that I could zip tie to the tent pole legs and fly about the tent so it would not blow down if it happened to rain or be a super windy day. (I use a 10 foot, 1/2 inch EMT) I Inflated the red 3 foot balloons to full size, let the air out and sized to 2 ft., I used 16 inch, 11 inch and 9 inch undersized yellow for the cones. Client loved it! It was a Very windy day so I was glad I was not installing Helium. At the end of the full day event about 1/3 of the red balloons had popped, as I had warned…but they had lasted the majority of the event which was good to know. The pink ice cream cone I set up for the photo opp at the end of the day looked just like it did when I set it up! Things that I learned from this event: I was delighted that I stuck with my gut and encouraged client not to use helium for the event. I was glad my contract stated I’m not responsible for balloons popping when exposed to sun, heat, weather etc. We are the balloon professionals, most of our clients have NO IDEA what is possible with balloons. I encourage you to keep educating yourself no matter how long you have been in the industry. The Balloon Industry has a great amount of training available in person and online. Get as much of it as you can! As a balloon professional it is important to do research to see how balloons hold up in your environment. I do several test throughout the year of how balloons react to the sun and heat outdoors in Florida where I live. I encourage you to do the same types of test so you can confidently speak to your clients about what to expect. Some of those results and videos are in my facebook group, come join the conversation if you are working on your career in balloons. Balloon Coach Community   If you would like to increase your skills and confidence in how to create sturdy outdoor framing and designs Chris Potts of Balloon Masters in Buffalo New York shared his tips from over 25 years of experience in one of our webinars, Outdoor decor and tracking your $$$ You can purchase the replay for $50, or join our Balloon Boss Mastermind Program for online support, group coaching and access to all our past webinars (including this outdoor webinar) with tips and hints from successful business owners. Save time and money by learning from others mistakes and successes to grow your Thriving Balloon Business even quicker!   Your Partner in Success,         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create Your Thriving Balloon Business Balloon Boss Mastermind  

Relationships are Key to business Success!

                Relationships are Key to Business Success!   If you prefer to hear this information as an audio blog here is a recording..If not page down and read on.   I purchased my balloon business in 2003. I didn’t know much about running a business, but I knew a lot about making friends and building relationships. I have a background in adventure based counseling, and I worked as a social worker for several years. I did not know when purchasing my balloon business that my social skills would be one of my KEYS to success. Yes, relationships are the key to business success! It’s not about having a business degree or how many letters are behind your name. I know in the balloon world people often ask if you are a CBA, (Certified Balloon Artist) or not. Yes that training is valuable and full of great tools. However if you have a CBA, and do not go out and build relationships with other event vendors, other business leaders in your community and with potential customers you are not going to grow as quickly as you like. You also build relationships via your social media and online interactions. My question for you today is… are you willing to find out about and apply 9 Habits of People Who Build Extraordinary Relationships? Following is an article I read in Inc. It is by Jeff Haden, Published Apr 3, 2013 and I feel the information he put together is very straight forward and things that you can easily give yourself as homework to apply to the relationships you are growing in your business. http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/9-habits-of-people-who-build-extraordinary-relationships.html Each day we have the opportunity to make the world a better place, by showing genuine interest in others and helping them out as we go on our journey together. People can tell when you are really interested in them, versus just having the conversation to get something out of it for yourself. If you show those around you that you care, they will know, If they like and trust you, it will be natural for them to do business with you. BalloonBossPro.com   Your Partner in Success,         Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.               Enjoy our free monthly Ezine http://elevated.events    

Things to do before attending a balloon convention

Things to do before attending a balloon convention. Here is the Recording from our Live Webinar, hope you enjoy! Look forward to seeing YOU at an industry convention!   Congrats you have invested in attending a convention to elevate your balloon business! No matter if this is your first convention or 25th convention, here are some steps to follow to make the most of your investment! # 1 Reserve your hotel room #2 Set up to have a room-mate if you need someone to share expenses with Things to ask potential room mate – I have heard many horror stories from conventions past when people room with people they have never met. I know people who ended up sleeping in the tub or on the floor in someone else’s room to escape some crazy stuff!
  • sleep habits
  • smoker or non smoker
  • likes to turn room into a bar or likes to go to bed early
  • Snore?
  • Light sleeper?
  • Allergies to perfume or foods you love?
  • Shower Morning or night – how much time do they take?
#3 Schedule travel early to get best rates. Check on shuttles, Uber, Lyft, to the airport etc. #4 If driving, note if there is a daily parking fee at the hotel #5 Visit the website for the convention and take time to review the information!
  • Print the Event Schedule
  • Print the Class Descriptions
  • Print the Class Schedule
  • Look and see who the staff are, find out a bit about them
  • Check out the competitions and deadlines to enter
  • Review the classes and make your tentative schedule
#6 Take time to fill out the Registration forms and get them back to the producers to make their life a little easier (and save you time on site). Putting on a convention is a HUGE undertaking, help them help you by doing things in a timely manner. #7 Make an email file folder on your computer for ALL emails about the event to go in
  • Make it a habit to put all the notes there
#8 Make sure you are on the group Facebook page for the event and either turn on the notification or check it often to see new info. #9 Select your classes wisely; take time to really review the information Click on the link below and print this worksheet to help you with your decisions Picking your Class Schedule
  • If 2 or more people from the same company are attending the convention, it is best to divide and conquer. Learn as much as you can. You may take 1 or 2 key classes together, but splitting up gets you the most information.
As mentioned, putting on a convention is a huge undertaking. Take time to thank the producers, staff, instructors and sponsors. One way to show your support is by purchasing items from those folks at the vendor showcase, or if they sell from a class etc. No, you can’t purchase everything. But realize the reason people are selling items is to help make back the money they invested in the event. I do my best to support distributors that attend conventions and that provide education for the industry (something to think of next time you go to look for who to buy your balloons from).                   Packing List for Convention  
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Smile and a good handshake
  • Check what the size and weight requirements are for your airline
  • Put suit cases out a week in advance so you are not totally rushed at the end.
  • Hotel and Plane Reservation numbers in my calendar
  • Deleting photos from Phone and Tablet, camera or purchasing additional cards to have room for over 1,000 photos!
  • Pack a lot of business cards! You are meeting hundreds of new people it’s great to share cards to network after event
  • Portfolio or marketing materials that you may share during conversation to get ideas from others on improvements you can make
  • Bring a special baggie or ladies even a cosmetic bag to put all the business cards in of the people you meet.
  • Pack your Power Cord for all electronics (WBC 2012 Jani Blocker was nice enough to buy me a universal power cord when I left my laptop cord at home – not cheap!)
  • Pack an extension cord they come in handy in your hotel room since we all have so many electronics! Make sure it is 3 prong, 3 plug end or power strip
  • If you have a back up power pack or battery for your phone – bring it!
  • Chap Stick
  • Hand lotion
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Logo Clothing to show off your brand
  • Backpack or day bag to keep your notebook, notes etc in from class to class
  • Clothing for the Awards Dinner, and anything within theme or fun for other parties and special events.
  • At least 1 Pair of scissors in your checked luggage
  • Hand pump for jams
  • Vitamins or Emergen-C! Typically you get lack of sleep and you are hanging out with about 800 people so keeping healthy is key!
  • Notebook, it’s nice to have extra Pad of paper for notes
  • Pens – easy to lose a pen or run out of ink
  • Highlighter if you like to highlight notes during class
  • Gum/Mints
  • Travel cup or money to buy one to have beverages in class and in your room
  • Travel Kleenex
  • Nail Clippers and file, with all the balloon work you are bound to break a nail!
  • Static spray
  • Swimsuit
  • FILES for the weeks events. If you are running crews while you are away and plan to be in touch with your crew. Email the information to yourself if you wish to review.
  • $$$$ You will want to have some cash and credit cards ready for meals and purchasing items from vendors
  • IF at all possible plan for a full 8 hours of sleep night before your flight. Once you get to convention it is easy to lose track of time and be up in the lobby talking to a new friend til all hours of the night and morning!
TIPS While at Convention Make friends with someone who has a car or split Taxi or Uber cost and run to a store to grab snacks and food for your room to reduce food cost. Volunteer to work on the hands on builds, teacher prep, or competition teams to learn new techniques and make new friends. Be proud to say “Hey, I helped make that and I know with confidence I can recreate for my client” When meeting new people that you do not want to forget take a photo of them with their name tag up by their face, this way when you return home and your memory is mush from meeting hundreds of new people you will easily be able to reference back to who is who! 2014-03-28 21.13.42 2014-03-28 21.13.47   Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam from Singapore After meeting at WBC they then came back to the USA for FLOAT 2014, and then WBC 2016, I enjoy spending time with people from around the world that share my passion for the Balloon Industry! Lots of fun memories are about to be created!       Eat meals with different people. It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too! IF you are not an outgoing person,and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello! Networking is one of the main reasons I attend conventions. YES I want to learn from the classes. But the friendships I have made over the years from conventions have been my support system to grow my company and lead to many wonderful travels. *** Remember, lots of business cards!**   COME introduce yourself to me at my classes at Ballooniversity Classroom to Client – Tips on Selling the Decor you learn to create. The Power of a Press Release – Make a quick return on your investment with Free Press! Wishing all Safe travels! Click below for details on the next BalloonCoach.com workshop Promotions & Profits Orlando, Oct 11 – 14th, 2017 Your Partner in Success! Joette Signature 1             Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. BalloonBossPro.com           Enjoy our Monthly Ezine http://elevated.events