Thank you Treb for creating the Balloon Decor Industry.

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While reading Facebook post on Thanksgiving I came across the following post from Steven Jones, Owner-Operator at Balloon Designers, Producer of FLOAT, and owner of Steven is a master at expressing himself in written word, so I asked his permission to post his post on the blog.

Many times this year while developing the resources for I have thought of Treb and thought, wow this man created the industry that I have been blessed to earn my living by doing something I enjoy! For those who are newer to the industry I think you will enjoy seeing this back story. For all of us in the industry I think it’s important to Thank those who have Paved the road before us. Thank you Steven for sharing your thoughts.

Hello there, everyone. While I know it’s not Thanksgiving everywhere else in the world today, I would like to take a moment and reflect on something I am truly thankful for, or should I say someone

I was recently lucky enough to visit Disneyland with my balloon bestie,Alexa Rivera, while we were teaching in Southern California. As the night went on, we came across this balloon vendor and for a brief moment I was stood there completely in awe of her. No, it wasn’t because ofanything she did; for that split second, I was reminded that this is exactly where it all began for us in the balloon decor world.

Many years ago, a young Treb Heining was working at Disneyland as a balloon vendor there when he made the world’s first balloon arch. It wasn’t long before Qualatex took notice and the rest as we know it is history.

Now, thanks to Treb’s creativity and ingenuity, literally millions of people around the world now know the excitement, the joy and the brilliance that is professional balloon decor. This one man has not only enhanced the lives of countless people across the globe, but he almost single-handedly created an entire industry where thousands and thousands of people around the world are able to thrive as working professionals in a field that impacts so many other people’s lives.

At that exact moment, it hit me. This is where it all began….heck, for all I knew I was standing in the exact spot where Treb first thought up the idea of the arch. It was humbling to say the least. While everyone around me was thrilling in the energy and excitement that is the House of the Mouse, I was completely wrapped up in that moment.

As I am in the midst of my 20th year in the balloon decorating world, I have never been more thankful as I am today. My businesses are thriving, my team is growing, the future looks strong and I have never been more excited. But even more importantly, for the last decade or more, I have known the joy of self-sufficiency without having to have a “job” or a “boss” in the traditional sense, where I make my own schedule, work when I want and how I want and don’t have to rely on someone else for my livelihood. And it’s thanks in part to Treb.

As we Americans celebrate today, please take a moment to thank those in this wonderful field who have come before you. Never forget that each and every one of us is where we are today because of the hard work and sacrifices those before us have made to advance the balloon world to where it is today.

So thanks, Treb…..thanks for everything.

Treb – thank you for Creating this wonderful Industry for us to spread joy throughout the world via Balloon Decor! Looking forward to your Classes at World Balloon Convention — See you in New Orleans! is proud to be a WBC 2016 Sponsor.

Your Partner In Success,

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