Yard Cards for your balloon business…

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Yard Cards for your balloon business.
In the midst of social distancing there has been a boom in Balloon Deliveries and Yard Cards to adorn the yards of families around the world that want to show their loved ones more than ever how much they care.

Jenn Nyikos started Fun By the Yard over 10 years ago and then added balloon decor to her events.
Blenda Berrier of I Heart Balloons and Balloon & Event Construction Company added yard cards to her business in the midst of social distancing. The two share their tips and tricks to adding yard cards to your balloons business in a free webinar. click here to learn from their experiences to help you make the most from adding this service to your business. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get started in yard cards.

Tips from Jenn

Finding your customer:
** You already have balloon customers. Make this a fabulous up sale.
** Put up FREE yard cards in the neighborhoods you want to be in.
** Be sure to put out an advertising sign with every yard display. Over half my business
comes from folks seeing that and calling me.
** Social media – Encourage your customers to post and share photos and tag you.
** Tag your customer on your page.

Different kinds of signs:
Plain coroplast
Solid color (white, yellow, blue, purple, red, black and gray)
Pro: Most economical, lasts FOREVER
Con: Not much WOW factor

Direct Print Coro – Digitally printed coroplast. All colors
Pro: Customers love it, offers lots of variation and WOW, still relatively inexpensive.
Con: Scratches VERY easily. Doesn’t stay looking nice very long. Must take great care in
transporting and storing.

Vinyl on Coro – Exterior grade vinyl laid on coroplast. All colors

Pro: Not easily scratched or damaged, long lasting, Huge WOW factor.
Con: Can fade over time, most costly

Installation challenges:
**Ground conditions. Dry/Hard/Frozen.
**Barking dogs, motion lights, ring doorbells/cameras, and sprinklers.
**Are you a guest or a trespasser?

TIPS from Blenda
* Do not wear fip-flops on deliveries – always have on tennis shoes or closed toe shoes.
* Organize your words in bins and have your staff put them back in order after an event so you are ready for the next use.
* Start simple, you can get basic Happy Birthday, HBD or main events you wish to celebrate. Then add in the letters for names if you feel your market will respond with sales.
* When sales increase you can purchase additional sets or new items to your inventory.
* Gated communities sometimes do not allow you into the subdivision as a vendor during certain hours so you may not be able to enter in a branded vehicle.
* Have a Check List of questions to ask your clients in advance to not waste your time going to do a delivery at an odd hour and not be able to enter the gated subdivision.
* Custom Balloon Font Birthday and Black letter kits from I Heart Balloons are available.

If you would like to order balloon letter starter kit for you business go to

For notes with tips and helpful links go to Balloon Coach Community on Facebook and go to Unit 11.

If you would like assistance in growing your thriving balloon business and photos and checklists to help you in the process of marketing and selling your balloon designs join Balloon Boss Mastermind at BalloonCoach.com.

Take one step forward today that your future self will thank you for.

Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker

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