Balloon Arch tips with printed balloons.

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Balloon Arch Tips with printed balloons.

Ever have this phone call? “I have my own printed balloons can you make me an arch?”

Especially during election season, candidates often have their names or slogan’s printed, non profits, banks and other companies many times have them also before contacting us.

First thing I ask is for them to pull out the bag of balloons and tell me the size, and Brand of balloons.

In the arch below, the person calling me was the previous owner of my decor company, her brother is a State Senator. I had the brand balloons in stock that she had printed so it was not a problem to do the color match.

For those of you who have not worked with custom print balloons, they are typically side wall printed, so if you put in a typical Quad, Garland you are going to miss what the words are. I suggested we make the arch out of 5 inch balloons and put the printed balloon as the top to easily read the message – she loved the idea! She stated she would also like his election signs incorporated, and this is where he made his victory speech and our arch was in the papers the next day.


For the Entrance we made these accents for the signs they provided.


To put color around the room we created helium 3 balloon centerpieces to be put on each table.


Hope this is helpful for your next event with Imprinted balloons! As you make new designs would love for you to share them with us at

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