Balloons can spread Peace, Love and Happiness

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Balloons can spread Peace, Love and Happiness

I am filled with mixed emotions this week. I live one hour from Orlando Florida. Through past conventions, jams and Florida Balloon Network I know many people in Orlando. When I heard of the shooting I was in total shock that something this evil could happen this close to home. Then I started going down the list of friends I know that may of been out at the Club that night, checking to make sure they were ok. My husband and I now in a situation of explaining to our 16 year old daughter what happened. I know for some of my friends in the Balloon Industry you have been faced with with these type of events also. I am a person who faces fear pretty head on. I was raised to live a life showing love towards others, appreciating differences, and been blessed to be a part of many experiences growing up and Leadership conferences where people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs came together to grow in leadership skills. Some may wonder what this has to do with balloons. A year ago I asked Tommy DeLorenzo, and Scott Hemphill to be a part of the first Hands-on workshop Parade Promotions & Profits Sponsored by To provide a hands-on and behind the scenes workshop for the Balloon Industry for a live event, the Chicago Pride Parade that they are known for around the world!

We have been working on this project for a year, and we have balloon professionals from around the United States traveling to Chicago for this event next week. In light of the recent events I am so thankful that we made this plan a year ago.

Before the tragic event in Orlando, our team had picked the theme Peace, Love and Happiness to be represented in the Balloons by Tommy entry. That theme needs to be seen world wide more than ever. When the Mayor of Chicago announced that the parade will still go on as planned on June 26th. It was a picture of Tommy DeLorenzo and Scott Hemphill Balloons by Tommy display from past parades that were used to share that message.…/article.cfm/articleid/76897696

Chicago Sculpture paper

Dennis Scott will be teaching us 2 beautiful White Dove Sculptures to represent Peace, Eddie Heyland will create colorful foil pieces for Love, and Carolynn Haymen with be teaching her Conrad Unicorn to represent Happiness. My prayer is this display will help lift peoples spirits, as we remember those who lost their lives, and honor them by coming together as a World filled with more LOVE and Happiness.

I want to thank all of the sponsors for the Upcoming Parade, Promotions & Profits class in Chicago. Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex. Both in providing balloons and teachers. Plus our other supporting sponsors Brody’s, burton + BURTON and clik-clik.

We are so fortunate that we are in an industry that can bring Joy, and show love to all that we work with. Wishing all a blessed day as we move forward in spreading the message of Peace, Love and Happiness around the world…our words and actions make a difference in the world to create a more peaceful place.

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Joette Giardina, CBA

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Due to the structure of the Parade workshop must live 65 miles outside of 60106 to register. All in Chicago area are encouraged to attend the June 22nd class, Amy and Joette have a great day planned for you!

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