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I’m excited about our upcoming Hands-on workshop and business training with Balloons by Tommy! Are you one of those people who LIKE every photo that Balloons by Tommy dynamic duo posts? I am a huge fan of their work, and often clients send me their photos from online asking me to recreate their work, so I know they are great at promoting their business online!

Since starting BalloonCoach.com a year ago, a top request has been for me to set up LIVE experiences for balloon professionals to work with artist they follow online. Balloons by Tommy is one of the companies that people ask me about all the time, since I have worked with Tommy for 3 New Year’s Eve set ups. I approached Tommy and Scott with my idea in June, and I’m so glad they said YES to this behind the scenes experience! Over Christmas I did a site visit for the host hotel, after showing them video from Past Parades Tommy has on his website they are really looking forward to seeing what we create live!

I am delighted that BalloonCoach.com first Hands-on Workshop Experience, Parade Promotions & Profits will be held June 23 – 26th in Itasca IL, right outside of Chicago! Due to the detailed training and nature of this workshop, as a courtesy to Balloons by Tommy, to apply you must live at least 65 miles outside of the 60106 zip code. I’m working on a special class for Wednesday, June 22, details will be announced by Mid February.

Want to experience the Amazing reaction of 1 Million People seeing Bold balloons live? After the 3 day hands-on workshop as an optional bonus you will have the opportunity to be a Part of the Pride Parade! Walk the streets of Chicago in front of a Million cheering People waiting to see one of their Favorite entries. This will be Balloons by Tommy’s 6th year in the Pride Parade, and they are a crowd favorite! (you are not required to walk the parade to participate in the workshop)

Sign up for the Q&A session to learn more (register at the bottom of this page).

tommy press

The Pride Parade is covered by TV and Newspapers, so put on your smile as there is a good chance you will have your photo taken a lot!

What will you gain from Parade Promotions & Profits Workshop?

  • Work side by side with Tommy and Scott on floats for their clients. You will see the systems they use to prepare parade floats for their clients, and then create the entry that Tommy uses to Promote his company.
  • Transfer all the skills you learn to market to clients in your home town for Christmas, 4th of July, Homecoming parades etc.
  • Framing for Letters
  • Tricks to create Parade Backpacks to hold up to summer heat and sun.
  • Create Parade Poles
  • How to create concepts for your clients to make a splash in the parade.
  • Marketing plan to apply these skills to clients outside of the Parade Market.
  • Behind the scenes business tips from Tommy to Scott of how they have doubled their gross sales in the last year.
  • How to organize a volunteer crew.
  • How to run your business while preparing for a large event weekend.
  • Photo’s through out the workshop to use in marketing when you return home.
  • Prepare Press release
  • How to use SEO to your advantage after participating in a Parade.
  • Lunch each day is a part of the workshop payment.
  • Weather permitting, dinner Friday night at Tommy and Scott’s home purchased by the Money they earn from their balloon company, tour of their Home based business.

Tommy full rooftop

Last year, Angie Flack, owner of High Expectations Balloons & Event Decor, Lafayette, Indiana, walked the Pride Parade with the Balloons by Tommy volunteers. I asked Angie to tell us a bit about her experience.

The energy was just amazing. Everyone waved at you…like you were some rock star or something! It was in the high 80’s I believe. The first time I sat on the ground after walking, I felt like I’d been run over, but after I got back up and started walking again I was fine. I walked 22,000+ steps that day which was over 10 miles. The best part…was seeing so many diverse people and how proud they were just to be themselves.

Definitely prepare for the walk by hydrating.
Wear headgear of some sort and sunscreen, bring gum or candies to keep you from being all dried up. Lots of hollering and high fives will be given and spoken!
Tommy car above

When Angie walked the parade they had to return back to the start to their vehicles, with the workshop we will have transportation that will transport us from the end of the parade back to the hotel so the amount of walking will be less. We will also have a vehicle in the parade to transport participants who wish to experience the parade but are unable to walk the route.

Video of past parades

Register NOW! If you have questions email joette@ballooncoach.com

Tommy and scott TV Parade Promotion

We look forward to seeing YOU in Chicago — if you have time to stick around after the workshop we can take a group site seeing on Monday the 27th, or you can venture out on your own and enjoy Navy Pier, the Aquarium and shopping in The Windy City!

Note from Scott Hemphill

I am excited to share what we have been doing! Each year we get better at promoting this parade and it’ll be fun to show people what we’ve learned so far!

Note from Tommy DeLorenzo

This is one if our favorite events each year. There is no better exposure that 1 million people and media coverage! What we do is more than decor, it’s an experience, so having people experience the power of balloons in such a fun way is awesome!

If you would like to have classes right from the comfort of your home to help you set up systems for increased income check out February Webinar STEP up your Business. Each month ballooncoach.com offers webinars to Take Your Business to New Heights!

Video from our Q and A session.

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