How do YOU define Business Success?

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How do YOU define Business Success?


Grab a piece of paper or the notes app on your phone and jot down your definition of Business Success.

  • Is it a specific amount of money that your company earns?
  • Is it the amount of money you are able to pay yourself from your business?
  • Is it gaining a target client you have always wanted to work with?
  • Is it working a____hour work week to spend the rest of your time enjoying life?
  • Is it earning enough money to purchase a certain house, car or vacation?
  • Is business success not about the money, but about enjoying the type of work that you do?

Here is the deal…it’s not a cookie cutter answer for everyone, each of us are built differently. We have different skills, values, hopes and dreams.

The KEY to achieving success in business is:

  • Writing down those dreams, aspirations, goals, and intentions of what ever you wish to accomplish.
  • Then believe in yourself that you can reach them.
  • Put a plan in place.
  • Share your dreams with an accountability partner.
  • Take action.
  • Daily – go bravely into your success.


From the successes I have experienced I have found that they have come when I focus positive energy on the things that I want.

Put a plan on paper – nothing fancy but written down – some steps to get where I want to go.

Lean in and LEARN from others successes and failures and apply that knowledge to my life.

NOT LISTEN to the negative people in my life that say:

“You can’t do that. No one will pay that much money for balloons.”

Anyone ever tell you that? I’ve heard it many times. I choose to not believe them and focus on the clients who find value in my services.

Let me go a bit deeper in the subject of Positive Mindset. Through my experiences I have found that we can CHOOSE how we are going to react to the situations in our life. Some people choose to believe the negative things that people say about them and make it their own reality. Other’s choose to ignore others and create their own path.

When I was in High School I was told, “You are beautiful…but because you are fat you will never get married.” Boy did I prove those folks wrong…I have been married for 23 years to a man who supports my dreams and is there for me in the good times and bad. Had I listened to those people, I would of thought I was unworthy of love and not believed my husband when he said he loved me and wanted to marry me.

What does this have to do with business success you may ask?

When you go into business many times the people we think will support us and be our cheerleaders are not cheerleaders at all. But instead many family and friends will point out obstacles, state they just don’t understand how you think you are going to make money from “just balloons.” You then have to decide is that going to be your story? Or are you going to create a story of success and prove them wrong?

Back in 2003 when I decided to run a balloon business as my full time career, it was a big change for me from being a social worker. However my background from my jobs in Social Work, Sales, and Adventure Based Counseling all came together and helped me form a foundation of a business owner who wished to help my clients create memorable celebrations, a work ethic to work long hours, a desire to learn from others in business, and the endurance to hike through the peaks and valleys of business ownership.

As we come into 2018, I encourage you to make time to sit and write your vision for 2018. I feel it in my bones that this is going to be a truly amazing year of growth for the Balloon Industry worldwide. I know many companies who have seen 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent and more growth in the last year. The power of social media has clients coming to us wanting our decor. Now it’s up to us to see the value we bring to the world. Make sure to Price for Profit and make 2018 a business success story.

If you would like support on your journey we have many online training and support options to give you support to success all year long!

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.


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