Making Dreams Come True!

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Making Dreams Come True!



The balloon industry is an amazing thing to be a part of. Each day we have the opportunity to make someones dreams come true.

The mom who wants their child to feel special on their birthday.

The corporation that wants their employees to feel special at an awards gala or holiday party.

A convention that wants to create a WOW moment marking an announcement with a balloon drop.

A bride who wants to create beautiful photos with three foot balloons during their photo shoot.

The list goes on, as there are so many event reasons that balloons can be a part of.

As I grew my business, I often felt overwhelmed with the load of responsibilities. I carried an amount of things I needed to get done in a day. Sometimes I would lose sight of why I had a balloon business and what I needed to focus on. Then I would remember – I have an amazing job, the opportunities to turn a celebration into a memorable event, and create something people will remember for a lifetime.

One of the keys to making dreams come true is providing excellent customer service to our clients.

5 Tips to provide excellent customer service to make our Clients Dreams come true.

  • Responding to phone call, email or contact forms quickly. In the age of everyone online via their smart phone, if someone does not get a speedy response they just move down the line to the next company.
  • Being prepared to answer pricing questions for your standard services.
  • Make the client feel special. Listen to their needs and make sure you are not distracted while talking with them.
  • Communicate clearly with the client about payment expectations and time frames.
  • Always be on time for delivery and meet set-up deadline times.

There are many more levels of customer service to be explored. In November 2018, Promotions & Profits Retreat is going to Disney Springs. Our retreat is going to focus on creating a business that is focused on excellent customer service. From hands on experience in creating decor for Staged Photo Shoots to create professional photographs of your work to use in marketing when you return home, to diving into marketing strategies to use on and offline to build your customer base and loyal repeat clients, we’ll have it all.

Have you ever dreamed of going behind the scenes of one of the most magical places on earth to find out how the magic is created?

I am delighted to announce that


Business Behind The Magic Tour:

Pull back the curtain and discover the heritage and daily operations that bring our theme parks to life.

You’ll have access to areas that guests rarely see, and get the added benefit of Disney Institute business insights that explain the “how” and “why” behind the magic. You and your group will be immersed behind-the-scenes as we share our approach to leadership, service and employee engagement.

This is not a ticket you can just purchase on your own, it is an experience for groups and companies, and now we bring it to Balloon Professionals. I have always dreamed about going behind the scenes and look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Mark you calendars for November 12 – 16, 2018 to join us for Promotions & Profits Retreat Disney Springs. You have the opportunity to sign up for our special bonus day on the 12th to have the above experience.

Only a total of 75 spots available for the event. Grab your seat today – Payment plans available.


Your Partner in Success,





Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.



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