Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share

Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share

The balloon industry creates a very visual product. When people see what they like on social media, your website or in a brochure they will request the decor they are most attracted to. Many businesses have difficulty when starting out to have a portfolio of designs to grab attention of their target customers. A great way to gain photos of beautiful balloon work is to attend hands on training. Back in 2003 when I started in the balloon industry, we did not have the magic of social media to help the industry grow. Today,  brand new balloon businesses can jump into action and create decor that catches their clients eye and thrive quickly. A mantra I have been sharing for years is “We sell what we share”.   If there is a specific type of balloon decor you do not wish to create, then don’t share those designs on your website or social media.  For Party People Events we prefer to create decor that any of our staff members are able to assemble and deliver.   Classic decor, columns, arches, three foot balloons, three foots with lights, neon decor with lighting are our go to items.  Part of our team have the training and skills to make very detailed pieces of art, however those are much more time consuming and cannot be duplicated by every member of our team. One way to build your portfolio as you grow your thriving balloon business is to invest in online and in person training that gives you access to the knowledge of how to create eye catching decor and then practice those designs and get them out for your target client to see. I would like to introduce you to a company that has done just that. Meet Paul and Gayle of Balloons by Gayle, from Fort Myers, Florida.                 Gayle and I originally connected online through a Facebook group, and she attended the first Balloon Coach business building workshop in Orlando in 2016, Bridge the Gap to Success, then in October of 2017 brought her husband to Parade, Promotions & Profits. They returned again for Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018.  During the Balloon Coach Hands on Workshops we have professional photography taken for the alumni to use in their marketing when they return home so they can Sell what they Share. Leaving with the knowledge how to make the designs is a great accomplishment, and confidence to price for profit is a great combination for growth. Designs created at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018             Designs created by Balloons by Gayle September 2019 inspired by what they learned at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando.                   Gayle how did you hear about Balloon Coach? I was a follower of Joette Meyers Giardina on facebook since 2014, she was my very first balloon friend.   I then saw a post of Balloon Coach a short time after teaching myself by watching YouTube.  I said “I need this”.  When I sawy you were holding Bridge the Gap to Success in Orlando in November of 2016, I talked to Paul about how I want do do balloons and decided to take the opportunity and start with some good teaching.   After I met Joette in person, I knew what I wanted and needed to do to grow a balloon business. How did you decide to have your husband Paul become a part of your balloon business? When the next Balloon Coach training came up in Florida, October of 2017,    Paul had been helping me with the framing and set up so I wanted him eot also touch the balloons so I decided he needed to come with me to Parade, Promotions & Profits Orlando.  He loved it so much and learned so much.  That is when we decided to push onto the next level of our business.   Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018 was when we really starting networking and just getting out into the community to promote Balloons By Gayle. Having two trained people is so much easier when you have to trouble shoot and run ideas and solutions off each other.  Now being married to your business partner can also be a challenge but in the end it is so worth it. What is the Purple Tie Ball and why did you provide decor for the event? The organization that holds the event is One Way Out Ministries, they help get women out of human trafficking and also drug rehabilitation.  This is an organization and mission I wish to support and have seen so many women grow and turn their lives around. How do you gain new customers through going to strike your events? With large scale events where I know there are a lot of people, I always like to make sure I have my Balloons by Gayle shirt on, arrive a bit early and stand outside with my Magpole which people get attracted to.  As people are leaving the event they notice my logo on my shirt and they come over to talk to me and ask me what services I provide. During the strike of the Purple Tie Ball I had six really good contacts, mostly event planners and other business owners come up to me and ask for my card.  I immediately booked two jobs and have put out multiple quotes from that one event.   Thank you Gayle for sharing your story, tips and hints with fellow Balloon Professionals to help our industry grow.  When people experience professional balloon decor they think of all the different events that they want to purchase it for.   One of my favorite quotes is, “We don’t know, what we don’t know.”   Most of our target clients have no idea how balloon decor done right can transform a venue into a memorable occasion and bring their event to life.  Creating opportunities for your target market to SEE what you can do in person and via photos is a top key to success.  Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share!!   So make sure you are sharing quality, high profit designs to grow your thriving balloon business! online and in person training was created to help overwhelmed balloon artists create Thriving Balloon Businesses.  I share my personal experiences  working in the balloon industry full time since 2003,  along with training from the network of balloon professionals I have had the honor of learning from throughout the years. I invite you to become a part of our online community by starting with our facebook group Balloon Coach Community – where we focus on business building topics. Looking for ongoing online training and support I encourage you to join Balloon Boss Mastermind  If you would like to experience hands on learning first hand then email to find out about the next hands on opportunity available to meet your needs.  Private and small group classes are available in Lakeland, Florida at the Balloon Coach workshop and Party People Events behind the scenes work shadow programs. Grow Your Balloon Business: Sell What You Share! Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Founder Grow Your Thriving Balloon Business Join Balloon Boss Mastermind

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience!

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience! When taking time away from your business to go to a balloon convention, you wish to get the most bang for your buck! is looking forward to being a sponsor at FLOAT in St. Louis, Twist & Shout in Kissimmee, and have been serving as a part of the planning committee for Ballooniversity 2017 in Athens, GA. Ballooniversity is a Balloon Convention that only happens every 5 years! It is no secret that I enjoy attending conventions and classes in the balloon industry. 2017 is going to be an amazing year for training and classes! It surprises me sometimes how many people call or message me with questions about the upcoming conventions. I realize that most are so busy that they do not schedule time to read the information on the websites. I wanted to share some tips to make the most out of your time at convention and look forward to seeing many of YOU at the upcoming events! Know what is your personal reasons for attending? What do you want to gain from the convention? Rejuvenate, currently feeling a bit burnt out. Learn a specific technique that you want to use for your clients. Increase marketing skills. Find out how others are able to keep a consistent schedule booked. Not really sure – people I want to hang out are going, so I signed up too! Making the Most from the Experience: Go to the website of the event and READ the details. Check out the Schedule when are the classes, bonus or master classes, awards banquet etc. PRINT out the description of classes and the class schedule NOW at home so you can take time to review and compare, so when debating on 2 classes that are at the same time you can see the different benefits. (Join me for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, January 3rd for insights on how to select the best classes to fit your needs Click here to register for free webinar link ) If you are wanting to build in a bit of relaxation around the event, book your travel to allow a few days to site see and explore before or after the event. READ the details of the website for the convention to know the extras – like what to wear to the awards banquet etc. Schedule someone to answer the business phone and emails for you, if at all possible, so you can be fully invested in the convention. If you are the one that will still have to handle that, look at the schedule and set a time of day you will do follow ups so that you can be focused in as many classes as possible. Take advantage of hands on experiences! Working along side other designers is a great way to learn new techniques or a way to do things more efficiently. Volunteer to help with decor for the event, or to serve on a large team build. Spend your meal time eating with different people. The industry is full of amazing folks. Expand your network and meet some new folks. Select your classes with intent Join us Tuesday, January 3rd Noon EST for a live Q & A and insights on “How to select my classes for convention” Click here to register for free webinar link With FLOAT and Twist & Shout just around the corner, many times we would like to go to all the classes and it’s just not possible. Print out the classes, and meet me on the call and I’ll walk you through the process. I have helped people with choosing their classes for years! YES the free mini-webinar will be recorded and I’ll post it on YouTube if you are unable to join us live!                   Take Time to Visit the Vendor Room Many vendors have specials or can let you know about the services they offer – take time to meet them! Come by booth for specials. All current monthly subscribers get a ticket in the drawing. All new members will also receive a ticket for a drawing for Wednesday afternoon at 3:15 pm in the vendor room. To Compete or Not Compete? FLOAT deadline to register to compete is December 31st 2016 I have competed individually and won two 1st place awards at FLOAT for freestyle and miniature sculpture. It was fun to take an idea and put it together to stretch myself. Some of my best memories from balloon conventions is being a part of friends large sculpture teams to help them make their vision come to life. They were all wonderful experiences! Being in the competition area you learn from your team new techniques, ways to be efficient (as you are typically under a time crunch to get things done), and it’s neat to see “the behind the scenes” of the other competitors sculptures. Some enjoy having the title of “Award Winning Designer” to put in their bio for clients and press releases etc. Others enjoy the challenge of doing something new and creating a design they have always dreamed of making. When you plan to compete, know you will need to set time aside to plan and prepare. The larger the sculpture, the more time to prepare! Volunteer and Network! Every convention has hands on experiences available to create the decor for the events, help teachers prep for their classes, and in general help out and pitch in. It’s great when you show clients photos of Large projects that you helped complete at the event. These opportunities allow you to work alongside other people, build new friendships and build a network of balloon professionals that you can turn to after you leave the convention. The friendships I have formed since 2003, are now some of my dearest friends. Currently struggling to decide which events to go to, since you’re unable to attend all of them? Write down the areas you feel you need the most help and guidance with for your business. Feel free to send me an email and I’d be glad to help you through the decision process!               Want to have an amazing workshop experience in 2017? If you are looking for an intensive hands on experience, in a workshop environment, work side by side with the dynamic duo of Balloons by Tommy with Tommy and Scott DeLorenzo. Hands on experience and instruction, key information on how the company has grown over the years, daily networking lunch, Friday night tour of their home based business, and networking dinner at their home. Experience 1 million people cheering for the balloons on Sunday at the parade. It is indescribable feeling everyone’s joy and excitement! Join us in Chicago, June 22nd – 25th 2017 Parade Promotions &Profits   Wishing you an exciting 2017 full of learning! Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Enjoy our free Monthly Ezine http://Elevated.Events

Balloon Business Inspiration

  Balloon Business Inspiration What inspires you? Someone else achieving similar goals you have? A person telling you, “You Can’t Do That” so you work your butt off to prove them wrong? The burning desire to work for yourself? Your passion to create dynamic items out of balloons that bring joy and happiness to others? Photos of beautiful balloon designs? What inspires YOU to Grow your Balloon Business?
Dennis Scott American Team leader designer WBC 2014 Large Sculpture
        Fountain by Colin Miles in Shanghai, China   I was inspired to purchase and grow my balloon decor business by the urge to be creative, and have a career that I woke up each morning excited to be doing. I love when I meet with a client and hear their excitement about an upcoming event and the ideas that they have to make it special, and the need to have someone else make the vision a reality. It is rewarding for a client to say, “I have no idea how you pulled this all off, the room is amazing!” When working on events with talented entertainers who know exactly how to make someone smile with a joke, magic or a wonderful balloon design it feels like MAGIC! The world feels like a better place and I see the JOY that balloons bring to the world. It is an indescribable feeling many times. Our industry is not “Just Balloons” – we create emotional responses as we express and create, Peace, Love and Joy everyday. It’s a gift! There is a flip side…The balloon business IS a BUSINESS. Sometimes those of us who got into the Balloon Industry for the creativity get bogged down in the paper work, and all the details it takes to run a successful business. It’s those times that I take inspiration in hearing from others that work through those same challenges and see the rewards. Elevated.Events is a FREE monthly Ezine. Created for all of the balloon industry to Share tips, tricks and inspiration with each other to help our Industry Elevate to the next level. We would LOVE to hear from you. An accounting tip Sales tip Something you do to make paper work more efficient. Networking Tip Marketing strategy that works for you Process of landing a Target Client An ah ha moment Photos of a special event.   All of us have a story to share from our experiences in growing our balloon businesses. Share yours by email in subject line Elevated.Events If you have a person you have always wanted to know more about in the industry – let me know a Decorator or Entertainer you would like me to interview for our Featured Artist. We are in a growing industry. Thanks to social media, balloon decor is requested more and more by our clients. The key is to grow a strong business model around the creativity to make it a sustainable and profitable career.   For monthly webinars and training head to Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.    

2 Hands-on Learning and Balloon Business Workshops!

After receiving request for to put together some LIVE training 2 Hands-on Learning and Balloon Business Workshops are available for YOU! Hands-on training is the best way to learn new techniques, get photos of fun designs to share with your clients and network with Balloon Professionals! is excited to bring you these two Business Boosting Workshops! Join Us: June 22nd and June 23 – 25th in Chicago Illinois!   June 22nd, Joette Giaridna, CBA aka Balloon Coach will be hold Elevate your Balloon Business from 9 am – 5pm! to register click here Elevate Your Balloon Business Chicago Post                               Sponsors: Brodys2.0_2in_HorizColor_Wholesale AnagramLogo_Color Bet+LOLComboLogo4C Q_Black Qualatex_Horz VB                   THANKS to Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex for each sponsoring a Teacher to join the Dynamic Duo of Balloons By Tommy June 23-25th in Chicago, IL to bring you a wonderful Hands-on experience with behind the scenes business to help YOU Grow your Balloon Business! THIS NEW Workshop was created With YOU in mind…to Give you an Opportunity to work on an Event to see the processes put in place to stay organized and the pre planning that goes into a busy weekend event. Time in the workshop to focus on taking what you have learned and put it to work as soon as you get home to Increase your income! Learn how Balloons by Tommy has Increased their sales Twice in the last 2 years!   PPPLogoblack             More details click here   DON”T Let the the name of this workshop fool you! YES we are building decor for a Parade – Framing for Letters, Parade Poles, Sculptures and Wearable designs but All of these skills can be transferred to your clients for a variety of events and target clients! YOU will leave with a PLAN IN HAND to be able to SHOW what you learned and SELL what you SHOW! Eddie Heyland, brought to you by Anagram will help you Fight your Fear of Foils! As we create Foil wearables and Parade Poles for Outdoors! eddie wings cropped for postcard   AnagramLogo_Color                     Carolynn Hayman, brought to you by Betallic will share how to Build Conrad who Brings Happiness Everywhere he Goes! Conrad Betallic you see carolynn too   Bet+LOLComboLogo                       Dennis Scott, brought to you by Qualatex will share Parade Wearables, Parade Sculptures and Parade Poles! 12666371_10153961700559711_1513892690_n   4C Q_Black Qualatex_Horz VB                     The Dynamic Duo of Balloons by Tommy, Tommy DeLorenzo and Scott Hemphill will show you behind the scenes of their business as we create the decor for their Clients and their personal Entry for the Chicago Pride Parade June 26th…If you wish to stick around and be a part of the parade you can do so for just an additional $40 to cover the cost of T-shirt and Lunch for the day! We have a Bus that will take us all down together so you don’t have to worry about parking! Any questions email we look forward to Seeing YOU in Chicago to help you Take Your Business to New Heights! Tommy upclose Betallic pack scott parade 2013 upclose betallic   BC Transparent logo with white center for CH

Work on your Dreams!

Friday’s typically are busy days for many balloon companies. Some work a lot of weekend events. Some who focus on weekday events spend Friday catching up on paperwork or preparing for the next week. For other balloon folks they work a Full time Job on Friday and often then focus on their business on Nights and weekends. NO MATER where you are in your journey in the Balloon Industry…YOUR Dreams will not work unless YOU WORK ON your business!
Working ON your business is more than inflating balloons and creating cool decor. It’s Building a business! Last night I spent the evening at a Chamber networking event. One of the ladies at the event came up to me and she saw my name tag she said, “I know I have seen you decorate an event before, and you know a lot of people don’t you?” I said yes…I built up my business by Networking, in 2003 I was still new to my city and did not know a lot of people when I bought my business. I had to get out and break through the “good ole boy network”, and Brand my company. Many people contact me about coaching as they have a fear of “selling themselves and networking” Others just don’t know where to start. THERE IS NEVER a Perfect time to do anything…YOU JUST HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD, daily. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD to grow a profitable business. YOU can’t WAIT for the phone to ring…YOU HAVE to venture outside of your bubble and tell people about your business! Here is a recording from a free Mini Webinar I did a while back on Networking…if this is an area you struggle in – check it out Make it a Fabulous Day! Head to for monthly webinars and training! Dreams don'e work unless you do

Achieve your dreams – grow your balloon business!

Achieve your dreams – grow your balloon business!

Dream it Believe it Achieve it with all might Last week was my 13th year on the campus of Florida Southern College for Homecoming weekend. While I was on campus for 11 hours on Friday, I kept thinking about the decor I have created over the years for the campus, and how Party People grew over the years, just as the college campus has grown with many new buildings and departments created over the last 13 years. My original contact with the campus asked for 2 balloons on a weight for their events. As I attended workshops and conventions in the balloon industry I would Educate my clients, and show them all the new things I could create for them, and over time they ordered new items. We still create a lot of 3, 5 and 7 helium balloon clusters, however we also do a lot of Arches, Columns, Topiary’s on a consistent basis. It’s great to have a repeat client like a college campus that has so many different departments and events that can be accented with balloon and fabric decor year round. For Homecoming weekend our team put up decor at over a dozen event locations on campus and 2 off campus events. Here are just a few of the classic decor items. Florida southern homecoming sign balloons florida southern homecoming go mocs Florida Southern Homecoming 2016 wellness arch and cp                                       I started with a DREAM: Be my own boss Create amazing events for my clients   I Believed with all my heart that I could achieve my goals: My Mom and Dad raised me that if you work hard enough in life you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I am so thankful that I was brought up believing in myself. When I was provided the opportunity to purchase a balloon decor company in Lakeland I seized the moment to change my life and do something I enjoyed! Achieve it With all my might I worked CRAZY hours, in some wild situations to increase the income of my business to meet the needs of my family.  


  Working for yourself is not always as glamorous as it first sounds! There is a lot to learn and do to make a balloon business profitable. If you are determined to reach your goals…you can with the investment of Time, Money, and lots of Effort!  

Here are 5 tips on your path to success:

#1 Treat your business like a business – If you wish to earn a steady income from balloons – no matter if its $200 a week or $2,000 a week or more – you need to be set up as a business tips to getting business license plus resources for your business. #2 WRITE down your goals. Most people in the balloon industry are creative – like to think on their feet, and the thought of sitting at the computer for hours making up a plan does not sound super exciting. To achieve your goals you have to know what they are and set a plan of action. #3 Create systems and action plan to reach the goals, and work on it daily! #4 Access resources to support you as your business grows. #5 Track your success. Know your numbers, Sales, expenses, overhead and Profit. When you set a system to track and review this information you will know if you are reaching your goals.   Bottom line is you have to devote time, energy and your passion into your business daily to make your goals a reality. None of us are born with all the knowledge to run a successful business, there are so many moving parts, make use of the resources in your local area and online through the balloon world and business world to create the strong business of your dreams!   If you need HELP to set up your plan, refine your plan, set action steps in place and would like a cheer leader along the way that has been in your shoes – that’s what is here for. I would love to work with you on a one to one basis to make your dreams reality. Pick the coaching plan best for you If you have your Goals set and would just like a Monthly Pick up of energy from our monthly webinars, an opportunity to hear from another Balloon Business Owner on what things they have done to increase their profits. Each month I learn something new to apply to Party People to keep the business growing. Webinar details next class is Wednesday March 23 with Steven Jones, Profiting from Trade Shows.   Looking forward to meeting many of you at World Balloon Convention in just 2 weeks in New Orleans! Come by our vendor booth on Friday of WBC! I will post lots of photos to share the experience with those unable to join us and follow me on Twitter and Periscope as I will Periscope from New Orleans @ballooncoach Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1             Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Elevate Your Business!      

Creating Opportunity in Chaos

20160204_140139 20160204_105518-1   Creating Opportunity in Chaos. Last week was a wonderful week for me, with opportunities to listen to motivational speakers Thursday and Friday, I want to share some highlights with you. Thursday was my 7th time that Party People had won the bid to decorate the Lakeland Chamber Annual dinner. This year I had the pleasure to collaborate on the decor with Johanthon Gerber, the owner of Party People Events, I now serve as his Marketing Director, and Event coordinator (allowing me to have my major focus on . The theme this year was Creating Opportunity in Chaos, as the Keynote speaker for the evening was Jerry Ross, the Executive Director of the National Entrepreneur Center. His message for companies to survive and thrive they must be innovative to be successful during uncertain economic conditions. He brought up examples of how Kodak did not embrace the digital camera age, they did not adapt and change. Where other companies stepped up and into the change and created successful businesses and income. He also focused on people with determination that do not give up after the first failures or being told no. Very appropriate while sitting at the event we had decorated, as the first 4 years I approached the Chamber to decorate for the event they did not take me seriously, “I was just the balloon lady”. Then I realized it was my job to Educate them on the Mitzvah’s and other events I had been coordinating. I found out the bottom line is I had to have my company LISTED in a different category to be OFFERED a Request for Proposal to Bid on the job. Cost $50 to have a 2nd listing as Event Coordinator, rather than listed under Balloon Decor! Rather than giving up, I was creative I asked questions and changed my approach. The result, 7 years of working with a $10,000 budget to coordinate all the decor, well worth the $50 a year additional fee.   Thursday night the evenings speaker got me thinking about the balloon industry in general. I believe that 2016 is an amazing opportunity for growth in our industry! World Balloon Convention is right around the corner, with people from over 50 countries gathering in New Orleans to share their passion of balloons and learn from one another. There are more and more classes, seminars and educational events being held for our industry world wide. Social Media is flooded with photos of balloon decor, on Sunday during the superbowl one commercial had a Balloon Goalpost in it AWESOME! What an amazing time to be a balloon company, as your client emails you their Pinterest or Instagram photos of what they are looking for, Hi this is Jan, I want you to make this for me, how much does it cost? How exciting is that…they are pumped and excited to use balloons – all you have to do is close the sale! Many times in balloon groups on facebook I see people make statements like “I hate Pinterest”, or “another dreaded pinterest client” STOP that thought! This person is reaching out to you wanting to pay you Money….they are excited about balloons…this is a good thing! Granted sometimes clients are unaware of what the cost is for that lovely 3 ft helium balloon with Tulle and Ribbon on it, but this is your opportunity to educate them, and offer other solutions if that item does not meet their budget. I know I personally was in shock the first time I ordered a cake from the local bakery for my daughters birthday rather than picking in up at the grocery store. It was large difference in price, did I buy the cake from the bakery? Yes! Why? Quality and service, it was the specialty item I was wanting! Part 2 of a wonderful week for me was Friday I invested in myself, $109.00 for a one day Women’s Leadership Symposium in Lakeland Florida, put on by the Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association that I am a member of. 4 dynamic speakers kept a smile on my face, laughter and lots of ah ha moments as I quickly took notes of what they were saying. My #1 Take away of the day…..What you Name the Thing…the Thing Becomes…. Linda Larsen
  • That was such a powerful point. If we don’t like what we see we need to rename it. A small example is waking up and thinking you are going to have a bad day, we need to rename that thought to a good day. Any time we think something negative we need to rename it to a positive. Because what we name the thing the thing tends to become.
  • When our minds start to go negative we must not go with it. Something to think about: What do we tell ourselves about ourselves? If you call yourself names or say negative things about your body you need to think about the saying “what you name the thing, they thing tends to become”.
  • Linda taught us her “STOP TECHNIQUE”
1) Notice you’re being negative
2) Tell yourself to Stop
3) Replace that thought w/ what you want
Back to the Pinterest situation, put the steps above into action. When the client sends you the photo of the Tulle balloon and that negative – ugh they aren’t going to pay for this comes to your head. Stop that thought…and replace it with Awesome, she want’s these lovely balloons and at $$$ a piece, it will be a wonderful sale for me and a beautiful event for my client! PUT THE POSITIVE VIBE OUT THERE! Set yourself up for success, not failure! I wish YOU much success in 2016! If you know where you want to go and how you want to grow your business, but you are unsure how to get there… is here for you! With one to one and elite coaching to help you Crush your goals with personal attention, to our Group Coaching to Pump you up and support you on your journey check out our coaching program and make 2016 the year you take your business to New Heights!   Your Partner in Success! Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. 20160204_170306-1 20160204_165619-1 20160204_170812-1

My Balloon Business is not as busy as I like What can I do?

When I started my balloon business in 2003, I was excited to “be my own boss”. But other than that was not really sure what I had gotten myself into. At that time there was Balloon hq to see other peoples photos and read some articles about balloons but no Facebook, no YOU Tube videos etc. Lately I have heard many people on forums say: I’m Home based and don’t know what to do to get business I don’t have money to pay for training I have a store and not as busy as I want to be I’m not sure what to do next Can I really make a living from Balloons? HERE is the bottom line….INVEST YOU MUST INVEST in your business. My friends who own Two Men and a Truck, Chick Fil A etc. they had to INVEST big bucks to start their companies running. But they knew the investment would pay off in the long run with a lot of Time, Money and Hard work! My college Degree is in Recreation and Leisure studies….after college I taught Team and confidence building at an Outdoor Education facility working with teens and Corporate groups. This Photo is of my Daughter on a climbing wall a couple years ago. I have picked this image as many People have a fear of Heights…or see a wall like this and think WHAT PATH DO I TAKE, WHAT HAPPENS IF I FALL? Following are some tips to help you Choose your Route in your Business. Your Safety line is your training – it can be, conventions or other training available in our industry. Face your FEARS, Make a Plan…and CLIMB!   path to the top INVEST WHAT?? I don’t have any money… Neither did I! At first I invested my Time.
  • I read every article I could get my hands on.
  • I went to the Local Chamber, the Small Business Administration.
  • Now days there is SCORE.
  • FIND resources in your town for Small business owners.
  • Go to every training and network event you can.
  • Join a business association to network with business owners in your town. People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.
  • To Create income….THIS BUSINESS IS NOT ABOUT being the Best and most Talented Balloon Artist in the World! The people I know who make the MOST PROFIT In our industry make Classic decor in HIGH VOLUME for a Good price to make their $$$!
  • Yes you can make lovely pieces and create income IF you charge for your Time At a high rate and value your training and skill Check out this blog and free mini webinar
CREATE WAYS to pay for Education  
  • I put my first classes and travel expenses on credit cards and then paid it off with the money I earned from what I learned in class. I called, networked and worked hard to increase my client base!
  • Work a flexible job for extra money! One year early on I worked part time at Toy’s R Us during Christmas holidays to make money for Christmas presents for my daughter, and help pay the bills over the holidays when I did not have enough seasonal clients.
  • Increase the pricing of your decor and put money right in the bank for education fund
  • Invest $25 a month on auto pay for Balloon Boss Pro class! This is a statement from one of our Members Bobbie McAvoy, Amazing Balloon Decor, Ware, Massachusetts that she posted on a Facebook Forum with a post about Jill Shortreeds Class for Dec 15, 2015 You guys can’t afford to miss these webinars. I first took one of Jill‘s classes at FLOAT, then Qualatex did a seminar with her near Boston and I made the 2 hour drive to take that class. I would have driven 8 hours to learn more from her. This time I only have to go as far as my computer, can’t wait to see what she shares this week. Oh and I heard prizes will be given out. I don’t want to be greedy but you can’t win if you don’t sign up…… I have signed up in the past for David Mahoney’s, Tommy & Scott’s class and last months Chris Potts. Money well spent on my balloon education and I won a FREE balloon drop last month. Value was way more than the webinar cost!!!! Any questions? PM me and I can hopefully answer them, but don’t ask me what I learned because I paid for these webinars and it is the one thing I will NOT share. You want to know what you missed, sign up for the class, busy that night, that’s easy pay for the webinar and watch it at your convience.
  • Invest in an upcoming Local or International Convention some are listed here Upcoming events
  • ASK your friends and family for the GIFT of your education for the Holidays, Birthday etc.
My business did not Grow overnight. I had many LEAN months not knowing if I would be able to pay the electric bill. My husband is a teacher in Florida…Middle of the state not a High pay area. SO with my balloon business making “extra money” was not my goal. I had Quit my full time job, we had a 3 year old daughter and I had to generate income to pay our family bills.   I HAD MOTIVATION to make money as it was make this work or go back to working in “the corporate world” that I did not enjoy. I had been in social work and was feed up with the Paper work and Red tape that would not allow me to get the services to my clients that they needed. Then I worked as a Salesman for Geico insurance in a Large Call Center — I was asked to go into the Management Program due to my background as a manager in my past jobs. I amazed the people in the room when I said, no thank you, my goal is to run my own Decor business and have GEICO Hire me to decorate for them (that Dream did come true about 10 years into my business) I WORK over 8 hours a day, typical is 12 – 15 With Events, quotes, client follow up, Online promotions. Sometimes not sleeping for 2 days during busy season. Being a Balloon Decor Business owner is not all glam…you either work long hours yourself or you pay other people to work with you based on your income goals. Now if you only need an extra $500 a month then your hours will not be that much. But if you are trying to replace a full time income with balloons YOU WILL WORK more hours than you did in an 8- 5 job! Just being honest with you. was founded for YOU…to be a Catalyst for our Industry to provide Online training to help fill in the Gaps between local and international hands on training. To let you hear from others who are Creating and have Created INCOME from their Balloon Businesses. We have an exciting line up of instructors and topics for 2016 I’m so excited!!!! BEING your own boss and a full time Business owner is NOT for everyone. IF you have a Full time Career that makes great money – good Benefits and you love Balloons – there is NOTHING WRONG in working Balloons on a Part Time bases as EXTRA income working on evenings and weekends. AT THE SAME TIME…you still need TRAINING and need to CHARGE just like if you were working your Business as a Full time income. WHY??? to help grow our industry. IF YOU sell yourself Short…and only charge $5 or $10 an hour for your work in balloons “because you love it” and don’t need the money. THEN HOW are customers going to take Full time Balloon Professionals Serious when they have to charge more to cover their Insurance, Staff and overhead of Vehicles etc? And why shouldn’t you charge well for your wonderful designs??   NOT SURE If you are a Hobby or a Business yet with balloons, or not sure what steps you need to take to be a full business – check this out.   WHAT will your Business look like in 2016?? Write it down! DO YOU NEED SUPPORT??? The think I enjoy most about is being a Coach! Hearing YOUR Goals and helping you achieve them. I’ve Been in your shoes…I know the frustrations. Check out our Packages Give yourself the gift of investing in your business Questions email or message me on facebook Joette Meyers Giardina I was blessed to work hard in an industry I love and figure out a way to make my income grow and increase my client base. You can have the same success and reach even Greater Heights if you are willing to invest in your business EVERY DAY and work hard! Looking forward to an amazing 2016 for the Balloon Industry! Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1             Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Take Your Business to New Heights!

Time = Money in the Balloon Business!

Love this Graphic! As I had an ahh haa moment while doing another run through with Jill Shortreed for her December class, Creating Images that $ell! If you follow my post you are thinking – man you all practice a lot! Yes we do! We strive to bring you great training, and make sure our instructors are comfortable with the technology as we prepare for each live webinar (we continue to grow and learn each class) The instructors and I are investing OUR TIME to be a catalyst for our Industry to Reach New Heights! Our industry is YOUNG…and we have so much potential. The KEY is to have TOOLS for our industry to be professional, and grow together! time is money Balloon Coach   In Business Time = Money I think sometimes in the balloon business we loose sight of that. Many people decided to earn an income from working with balloons as they find joy in creating Balloon Decor or Entertaining with balloons. Many people start in the balloon industry as a hobby, so they are making centerpieces or creating designs “while watching TV” so they don’t think about Charging for that TIME to their client! I’m not sure about the people you live with but in my home my family frowns upon having my balloon inflation equipment going during their favorite TV shows! When I started the company my inflation center and helium tanks were in the living room of our house. After a couple years we built a 600 sq ft Warehouse in the backyard so I could have Work life, and family life in two different locations. NO Mater where you inflate your balloons in your home, on location of the event, Storefront or Warehouse…the time you spend working on an event must be Paid for by your client or you are not going to be profitable! If I’m working on something for someone – then I can’t be working on something for another person at the same my Time needs to be paid for by the person I’m working for or I’m not in Business I’m in a hobby! Figure out what your income goals are and make your pricing reflect the cost you need to be paid! If you need help figuring out how much your time is worth -here is links to blog and free mini webinar on that subject. PART 2 of Time = Money has to do with training. When you are running your own company you wear all of that hats when you get started, Secretary, Accountant, Designer, Driver, Installer, Customer Service, Website designer, marketing and the list goes on. All the task falls on your shoulders and you often feel like you have NO TIME to do anything! That is when it’s MOST IMPORTANT to INVEST IN Training!   Start your Training savings account NOW if you do not have one, by adding to your pricing to build your training fund, and put a little money away from each event you do.   Over the last 12 years I have spent Thousands of dollars for training. Between registration, travel, hotel and food and videos. I’m delighted I did as each conference I brought back new ideas to my clients and continued to increase my income. Today while Jill was showing an editing tool that is going to be in the class it clicked HOLY COW…I can do That too?? What? I’ve been working in that program for over a year…but never knew it could do many of the features she showed me today in a small period of time.   From “Attending that class”, I will now save time, which is saving money while creating my upcoming promotional materials. The things that Jill has learned over spending time in a program for a much greater time period than I have is Now saving me Time and Money! That’s what is amazing about Education and going to classes…EVEN when I know the material being presented…I ALWAYS learn something new. Each time Jill and I did a run through I learned something new…You know how sometimes you don’t HEAR something the first time someone tells it to you as you are paying attention to something else….That’s what is wonderful about is EVERYONE who purchases a webinar has personal access through member access login to go back and watch that class for a year! SO you can review it over time when you go to work on that topic. Or if you miss the live session no worries, you can go back and listen again! Join Balloon Boss Mastermind and you get access to all our Past webinars, Decor 101 and our 9 week marketing plan in addition to support from Balloon Coach Joette in a Private Group Coaching program for Balloon Boss Members. Here are a couple testimonies
AMAZING!! Thank you Joette Meyers Giardina, Chris Potts Poczciwinski & Marleen, this is the first webinar that I have seen so far. The next few days I will be watching David, Tommy and Scott. Crazy informative, full of tips, photos, videos and even a marketing flyer to use for New Years. I got re-charged tonight. I won a FREE balloon drop that was donated by Qualatex (thank you!) a raffle I didn’t even know about. This is an incredible educational opportunity that is offering for unbelievable price. PEOPLE you can’t afford to miss these. Hurry and sign up for next months webinar with Jill Shortreed, WOOT WOOT!
Inspired by Chris Potts Poczciwinski‘s webinar hosted by Balloon Coach, I’ve created two flyers, one for Christmas and one for New Years Eve. (not for duplication) I’ve never done a balloon drop so I’m looking forward to doing many this year. Gotta believe! Thanks for the inspiration and confidence.
If you have more questions about and our services – please email or message me on Facebook my personal acct is Joette Meyers Giardina.
  I look forward to supporting you as you create Your Thriving balloon business! Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.