Facebook for Your Balloon Business

Facebook balloons

Serena Waller from Delegate & Elevate  is back this week to give us some insights on Facebook for your balloon business! (Note: If you’re just joinging the series, be sure to start at the beginning here: Best Social Media Platforms for Balloon Businesses). The key with social media is to make sure things are up […]

Instagram for Your Balloon Business (Part 2)

Instagram Kids

Serena is back this week for more on Instagram for your balloon business!  I promised you in my last post that we would explore using Instagram for your balloon business in more depth. So let’s dive in!  Instagram is “the” platform to be on right now if you have a creative business. It is highly […]

Balloon Boss Mastermind Webinar Highlight: Instagram 101

Continuing Education for Balloon Businesses  Balloon Boss Mastermind members are able to take advantage of LIVE webinar trainings each month. In June 2021,  we had Serena Waller of Delegate & Elevate join us to talk about Instagram. This training is ideal for someone who is just getting started with Instagram, or is relatively new to […]

Balloon Boss Summit 2021

Continuing Education for Balloon Businesses  Take a week away from working IN your business, to work ON your business.  There is no other experience in the Balloon Industry quite like Balloon Boss Summit! This intensive, multi-day experience is ALL about education, networking and business GROWTH! I want your business to thrive, and I know that […]

Balloon Boss Mastermind Member Spotlight

pend hours and days telling you that the Balloon Coach training programs we offer can change your business and life. OR, I could share with you REAL stories from REAL members.  Today, I’m excited to share Yanira Colon’s testimonial (and images).

Your Common Balloon Questions, Answered: What Color Is This?

Let’s Address A Common Balloon Business Issue We’ve all been presented with a picture from Pinterest (or another unknown source) from a client asking us to create X, Y or Z. Whether it is the shape, theme or color, we know that in most cases, a photo does not provide a complete picture of the […]

Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Summit Orlando!

Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Summit Orlando!Tips to make the most out of your investment! It is never to early to prep and make the most out of your Balloon Boss Summit Experience.  Be PRESENT even if joining us Virtually! November 2020 Balloon Boss Summit was the first balloon hybrid training experience.  We […]

When it comes to pricing don’t clown around!

When it comes to pricing don’t clown around!Hello balloon decorating professional, if you have not heard this lately, your time is valuable!  You deserve to be paid well for your work.When I started in the balloon industry full time in 2003 I had no idea the amount of overhead that should be counted in my […]

Increase your confidence as a balloon business owner

Increase your confidence as a balloon business owner. Hi, I’m Joette Giardina, CBA aka Balloon Coach.  I have been earning my income full time from the balloon industry since 2003. Over the years I have investested tens of thousands of dollars on training and travel expenses to increase my skills and increase my confidence as […]

Balloon Business Owner, How is Your Forgetting Curve?

Balloon Business Owner, How is Your Forgetting Curve?   Have you ever gone to a balloon or business training, workshop or convention and been super excited about everything you learned and can’t wait to get home to use the information and then not taken action on what you learned? Research shows that: Within one hour, […]