How to Prepare for Balloon Training

Hey Balloon friend!  In this blog I will share some tips on how to prepare for balloon training. If you have not gone to a face to face balloon training yet, what are you waiting for?I know there are free and paid online courses that you can watch and practice on your own, but there […]

Where to Purchase Quality Balloons

Where to purchase quality balloons is a ongoing question in balloon designer Facebook groups.  Latex balloons are a natural product that go bad over time.  Choosing a balloon distributor that does a lot of business (so that their inventory stays fresh) and who stores them in a temperature controlled environment is important. If you purchase […]

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

Hot Air Balloon designed for non-profit

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons! I am reposting one of our #1 read blogs from February 2019.   Non-profits are always going to ask for donations. The way you prepare for those requests and respond will determine if you can turn that call into a paying client or a possible […]

Packing Checklist for Balloon Training

Blenda Berrier and Diana Glandon at the collaboration table at Summit

Packing Checklist for Balloon TrainingPreparing for being out of town for balloon training is more than just packing your clothes.  It is never too early to put systems in place for your family and business to be ready for you to be away.  I started traveling from my home in Lakeland, Florida to go to […]

Stay Off Ladder While Making Balloons

black red and red balloons on the ceiling

How to stay off ladders while decorating the ceiling with balloons.  There is something magical about walking into a room with balloon chandeliers, especially when you don’t have to use a ladder to install them! Click here for training on using  the clik-clik magnetic system.  One of my favorite tools since 2003 to keep my […]

Balloon Delivery Vehicles

Photo of Balloon Delivery Vehicle

What to consider when choosing Balloon Delivery Vehichles for your balloon decor business. Pros share their stories. As your business grows, many of you are finding the need for a better balloon delivery vehicle for your business – or an additional one! Allyson Valentine recently shared her story in our Mastermind Group: My husband and I have […]

How to Hire Trained Balloon Designers for Large Events

Photo of hired balloon designers

How to hire trained balloon designers for large events. In our last blog we introduced you to Sharon Partrick, a solo balloon business owner, who had 2 large casino installations for New Year’s Eve that she felt confident to bid on thanks to the connections she made at Balloon Boss Summit.  If you missed that […]

Increase Confidence for Large Balloon Installations

Casino balloon decor, Sharon Patrick

Would you like to increase your confidence for large balloon installations? Do you dream BIG when it comes to balloon jobs? Or are you currently most comfortable planning small events? One of the cool things about being a balloon business owner is YOU hold the power to decide what type of business you want to […]

Get Answers to Your Balloon Business Questions

Get Answers to Your Balloong Boss Business Questions

Get answers to your balloon business questions today!  Do you spend hours on YouTube looking for the answers to your balloon business questions?Frustrated that sometimes the video you think is going to answer your questions often do not? One of the best “warm fuzzie” feelings I get as Balloon Coach is seeing a member’s face light up […]