Balloon Business Owners, Are Your Clients Finding You Online?

Balloon Business Owners, Are Your Clients Finding You Online?

Consumers now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones. Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. 75 % of emails are viewed from a phone, and 25 % from a desktop or laptop.   Why is this important for you as a balloon business owner?
  • When people are searching online for balloons, is it easy for them to know how to order from you?
  • Do they see how to order their balloon decor or entertainment package from you quickly, or lose interest searching for what they are looking for?
  • Do you do a regular check of your online platforms to make sure all needed information is up to date?
In our Facebook group Balloon Coach Community that is set up to help balloon business owners have support in growing their business, you can download the checklist that is reviewed in the free webinar below. You will find in the group files Social Media Website checklist Click here for a free webinar reviewing tips for the Social Media Checklist Social Media and website checklist free webinar Google is the way that people look for services. Taking time to make sure your have a strong online presence is a key for faster growth. Make time in your schedule this week to do the full review of your online presence to enhance the experience for your clients allowing people to be able to find you when they need you! If you would like more help making sure clients are finding you online check out the webinar replay from Brandon Turpin How to Find New Customers Online Starting Today! You can purchase the replay on it’s own, if you were not a member or our Passport to Success program when it aired. The best value in online training in the balloon industry is the Balloon Boss Mastermind Program gaining access to over $2,500 of online training and support, including webinars from dozens of Balloon Professionals from around the world! Are there other topics you would like support in growing your thriving balloon business? Email to share the areas you need support in.   Your Partner in Success,   Joette Giardina, CBA Balloon Boss Mastermind access to over $2,500 of training and support at your finger tips 24/7 Looking forward to June and July on the road across the USA! I would love to meet you at one of the classes check out Summer LIVE tour 2019 of 9 Cities!

Taking the Leap from Part-time to Full-time Balloon Business Owner!

Taking the Leap from Part-time to Full-time Balloon Business Owner!

When I started in the Balloon Industry in 2003, I purchased an existing business that had been a store front in Lakeland, Florida and the owner moved the business into her home when her lease on the retail store doubled. At the time I was looking for a way to work from home to be an at-home mom to my 4-year old daughter and I was burnt out serving as a social worker and jumped into the balloon business with two feet as my full time job. I had to make it work if I did not want to return to “corporate world”. My husband is a teacher in Florida so I have to bring in income into our family to help pay our bills, so this had to be a money income producing venture. My first job was to let people know that Party People was still a business, even though no longer operating a store front. I got active in the local chamber and business networking groups. I was motivated to face my fears, and do new things daily to make the balloon business profitable as I did not like the idea of returning to a job I did not like, so I grew my home based business to over $150,000 a year in sales. Now I serve as the Marketing Manager of Party People Events and it is exciting to be a part of a team that does over half a million dollars in sales a year, operating from a warehouse with a team! Over the last 16 years I have met a lot of amazing people in the balloon industry. The ones that I find that have full time income from balloons face challenges on a daily bases and don’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. They take action daily to grow their business. was created to help you have the resources you need to learn from others successes and failures so that you can grow your business quicker knowing a path that will lead you to success.                                       Meet today’s Guest Blogger Melissa Vega, Owner of Jujabel, LLC, Raleigh, North Carolina. I first met Melissa at a hands on training I held in Orlando called Bridge the Gap to Success, I taught a full day of Setting Goals and how to Network and grow your business, and David Mahoney taught the 2nd day on how to build framing and overlay design. That workshop is what lead me to create Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando. I have followed Melissa on social media and watched her business blossom and asked her to share her journey with you.   I got my start in balloons many years ago as a teen in New York City. I attended a performing arts school and instead of selecting a major in drama or chorus like everyone else, I chose Circus Arts sponsored by the Big Apple Circus. We were taught juggling, trapeze, tumbling, Spanish web and many other cool circus related skills. Being in the program afforded many of us the opportunity to perform with our instructors around the city. This was my first experience in learning that you can get paid very well for a 1 or 2 hour “gig”. At 14, I realized you didn’t have to work a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday to make a living. That stuck with me my entire life. It was during one of these gigs at a circus themed event I was taught how to make my very first spiral garland balloon arch. Ever since balloons have been apart of my life. I’ve worked for two other balloon company’s in NYC. Gaining more knowledge about balloons, working at some of the most prestigious venues amongst the most prominent clientele in the Tri-state area. After several years working with balloons and entering into my first serious relationship and having my first child, I found myself in an extremely abusive relationship. After my then boyfriend stalked and embarrassed me on various jobs It took me several more years to gain the strength to leave. By the time I decided to leave, my son was 5 and I packed a bag and headed to Florida. This was March of 2005. Upon my arrival in Orlando with a child in tow, I stayed with my cousin and landed a receptionist job making $7.00 and hour. I must of cried the entire 3 months I worked there. Office work was never my thing let alone making $7.00 an hour. I made more teaching circus arts in their after-school program, but hey this was new norm at the time and I had to suck it up until I found something better, I was just relieved to be out of the situation I was in. Fast-forward 10 years later, I’d met my husband at that crappy $7 and hour job, relocated to Raleigh, NC, had 2 more kids and it wasn’t until I had my 3rd child, my daughter Isabella, that I got the creative bug to want to do balloons again. At that moment I decided to create an LLC, and that’s how Jujabel was born. Jujabel is a mashup of my 3 children’s names (Juji, Jayden and Isabella).               I remember when my first order came in from burton + Burton and my husband said let me see what you can make. Up until that day he had never seen me inflate a balloon, but he knew it was a passion of mine and pushed me to start my business. The first thing I made after 10 years was this flower. I think he was relieved when he finally saw my work. He had no clue about the world of balloons and all its glory. Him putting blind faith into me and my dreams is something I’m eternally grateful for. As I started toying around with my newly founded balloon business, I continued to work at the local hospital in the Emergency Department. A place where I got to see people at their most vulnerable moments. Working there really beefed up my customer service skills, but the job itself, left me with no joy and a great deal of sadness, anxiety and depression. I knew it was a dead-end job, so I used it to help jumpstart my business. I made the conscious decision to cut out any extracurricular activities, vacations, hair and nail salons. Anything extra went on the business. One of the first things I invested in was the help of Sandi Massori,with her Balloon Business Bootcamp with Caity Byrne & Rachel Porter, I knew how to work with balloons but didn’t know how to run a balloon business. The next training events I invested in was Bridge the Gap to Success in November 2016 in Orlando and Promotions and Profits Retreat Orlando, November 2018. All the trainings have helped me gain new skills, helped with pricing, book-keeping, website & social media presence, networking and an overall feeling of, I can really do this! This last year at my job I gradually cut back my hours, working less and less so I can focus on my clients and their events. In the beginning it was easy for me to manage both the business and my job because balloon jobs were so far apart that I had time to schedule days off or swap a shift with someone else. At no point did I feel like my business was taking too long to grow or manifest itself into a David Mahoney style balloon shop. I knew that if I continued to tend to my garden so to speak, that the butterflies will come, and so I continued at a slow and steady pace. I knew my numbers were always looking better and doubled from the year before. The only thing I couldn’t master was determining or projecting what the next month would bring. Each new month starts with 2 or 3 jobs on the books and ends with 15 or 20 by the end of the month. Almost all the balloon jobs I book are last minute. Due to the uptick in last minute jobs it became harder for me to leave work. There were days where I would be at work stressed because there was prep work I could have been doing, quoting/invoicing or sometimes I’d have to go straight to a balloon job after working an overnight shift. When February 2019 rolled around, the jobs that I booked were almost all on Sundays. Sundays were my days to work at the hospital. Previously I rarely booked jobs on Sundays, and this time around I had 2 months of Sunday jobs booked solid. It was almost as if God was telling me it’s now or never. I tried requesting these days off to no avail. My new boss would not give me Sundays off. With that, the decision was pretty much made without me. I put in my notice and since then my email has been blowing up. The floodgates have officially opened. I’ve even turned down a couple jobs because I’m already booked. I wasn’t worried about losing a job before because I had my “backup job”, so now I have to put new processes in place and look at getting some more help so I don’t turn down anymore balloon jobs. To me these are new and very much welcomed challenges I face. It means I’m doing something right.                                                       To all of you that are still working full-time jobs while working your balloon business and you want to transition into running your business full-time, I recommend slowly weaning yourselves away by going from full-time to part-time or by tightening up your budget at home. Cut out any luxuries and separating your wants from your needs. Learn to be frugal. I did it for a little over 3 years now and I don’t regret it one bit, especially if it means you get to be your own boss!   Thank you Melissa for sharing your story to help encourage and inspire other Balloon Business owners. When you Dream about having a successful company and take action daily you can create a Thriving Balloon Business the industry is booming! If you are at a point in your balloon business where you would like extra support, training and encouragement as you take your leap, I invite you to check out the resources at Looking forward to June and July on the road across the USA! I would love to meet you at one of the classes check out Summer LIVE tour 2019 of 9 Cities! Have a question about what training would best fit your needs, email Supporting you in creating a thriving balloon business,   Joette Giardina, CBA Balloon Boss Mastermind access to over $2,500 of training and support at your finger tips 24/7  

2019 Tour – Balloon Training with Balloon Coach Joette Giardina, CBA

2019 Tour – Balloon Training with Balloon Coach Joette Giardina, CBA

  Balloon Coach Joette Giardina, CBA has been in the balloon industry full time since 2003, based in Lakeland, Florida. Over the years Joette, grew her home based business to over $150,000 a year in sales through investing in balloon training, networking in the business and events community in her area and taking sales courses to improve her sales conversation to increase sales. Studies show that 30 % of most businesses fail in the first 2 years, 50% fail during the first five years and 66% during the first ten years. Being a balloon business owner can be overwhelming at times. This summer, Joette is bringing tips from 16 years full time in the industry to help you build the business of your dreams. In 2015 she sold her decor company to coordinate online and in person business building training for the balloon industry. Giardina continues to serve as the Marketing Manager for Party People Events that now grosses over half a million dollars in sales a year. Joette understands the daily obstacles faced by balloon business owners and brings you the tips that have helped Party People Thrive! After many requests from Balloon Coach members around the United States, this summer Joette and her husband Brian are packing up their inflators, Clik-Clik Magpole, UV lighting, Uplighting, pipe and drape, balloons, fun prizes from sponsors and workbooks to spread tips to help you grow Your Thriving Balloon Business! Thanks to our generous sponsors the full day class is only $150! Click here for full details and save your spot! Join’s Joette Giardina on her 9 city tour. With years of experience in operating her own balloon business and coaching balloon professionals, Joette answers some of the most prominent questions artists have today. Additionally, Joette will teach you tips on choosing the right framing and rigging, along with tricks to foil and latex organic designs and neon lighting. This is a full day class packed with great information on how to choose the right design to recommend to your client, pricing your decor, closing the deal and more. Lunch is provided along with in-depth class notes, plus raffle prizes throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring your camera for decor photos and your business cards to network with fellow balloon pros! Definitely a class you won’t want to miss!   What will be covered in the class: • Backbone to Creating Profitable Balloon Decor – choosing the right framing and rigging • Tips & Tricks to creating profitable Foil & Latex Organic designs • Confidently educating your client on decor items best for their event • Lighting that increases the perceived value of your balloons • Checklist to price for profit • Quoting with confidence • Art of Closing the Sale • Overcoming Price Objections • Checklist for Creating Your Thriving Balloon Business and step into the role of Balloon Boss! BONUS: Everyone who registers by April 30th will get a link to a BONUS webinar on Thursday, May 2nd, 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific                   About the Instructor: Based out of Lakeland, Florida, Joette was always the one put in charge of organizing events and decorations for special occasions in college while studying for her Bachelor in Outdoor Recreation and Leisure studies. After working as an activities director and in social work, Joette decided to turn her creative passion into a full-time balloon business. In 2003, Joette purchased Party People Celebration Company. Joette is an award-winning designer, and most recently was presented with the Inspire Award by Betallic at FLOAT 2019 for creating new business resources for the balloon industry through In 2014, she sold her decor company, but she stays active in the company serving as part-time marketing director and crew leader for Party People Events that grossed over 1/2 million dollars in sales in 2018 and is growing. Joette serves as a catalyst in the industry for business education and increased resources by offering webinars, business coaching, and hosts the annual Promotions & Profits Retreat in Orlando near Disney Springs. Joette credits the success of both of her businesses in the balloon world to hard work and support from the extensive network of balloon professionals who inspired her throughout the years. We look forward to seeing you on the road this summer! While on the journey, Joette plans to stop by some balloon businesses, if you are on her route email Include the name of your business, full address and phone number to contact you. Are you unable to join us on the summer tour? Join us online for Balloon Boss Mastermind to have access to over $2,500 of online training and group coaching by Joette. Get some behind the scenes coverage from the tour! Balloon Boss Mastermind Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create a Thriving Balloon Business! Balloon Boss Mastermind    

Proper Use of Photos to Market Your Balloon Business

Proper Use of Photos to Market Your Balloon Business

  “We SELL what we SHARE” is a motto I often say to my Balloon Boss Mastermind and coaching clients. The question I then get is, “What photos can I use to market with, until I have photos of my own work?” Great question. So, today I want to share some tips and hints to help you through this process.   #1 The faster you build your own portfolio of photos of your work, the more your client will be able to see YOUR style and get what they expect when you deliver. If your website and social media is full of stock images and photos taken from other balloon professionals websites or Google searches, your client might be asking for a refund when the work you do for them looks nothing like the photo. (If you have not practiced or trained in how to do the correct framing. proportions etc.) Not everyone has the natural talent to be able to look at a photo and recreate the correct framing, proportions, harmony and balance that someone else created in a design. As you build your portfolio of your own balloon work, your style will start to show! Plus, you will have photos that people can connect with that are from the local venues that you service. People love seeing photos of balloons in the space they are holding their event at in order to see what balloons look like in that space. When you are taking photos of your balloon designs have a mix of photos of the balloons on their own and photos of people with the balloons. People in the photos with your balloon designs brings emotion to the photo and helps people have a personal connection and more of a desire to have the balloons for their event.     Ways to build your balloon photo portfolio
  • Attend hands on training that allows you to build decor and have photos of what you created. Capturing both photos of the balloons on their own and of YOU and other people with the photos brings emotion to the photos and people really connect with that.
  • Purchase professional quality balloons and practice / create designs you want to sell, take photos in a nice setting like a lovely home, a local venue a place where people hold events. Then use the practice piece to market your business giving it to a target referral partner or target client.
  • Participate in or organize a Style Photo shoot with other event vendors in your area that you would like to work with on a regular basis.
  • When you use stock images or images you purchase online, over time when you create your own designs from those inspiration pieces then replace the post with your designs.
  • Use clip art images for items you do not have actual photos of yet, sell the job, take photo of the decor piece and now – you have grown YOUR personal library of decor.
  • Share inspiration photos with your potential customers in an email stating, “This was created by my friend Joette in Florida and I would love to re-create this design for you. (never post photos of other companies work on your website or social media without the proper credit or permission – more info on this below)
  These are photos created from the Style photo shoot at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018 Part of attending the retreat is that Alumni are given access to the professional photography to watermark and use in their marketing. So many times when we are on event locations it is tough to get good photos of our balloons because there are so many people in the room setting up the event, and the room might not be fully set when it’s time for you to leave. That is one of the reasons we do the professional photography of the balloon decor created at Promotions & Profits events.   Creating your own style shoot in venues you wish to work at is another way to capture these type of photos to market your business with.               One way to make sure people know the photos are of your work is by watermarking your balloon photos. I was the owner of Party People from 2003 to 2015 and now serve as the marketing director (so I can devote my full main attention to while staying active in a growing balloon business) For years I wrote a blog and had my website and was happy to just have the photos up and showing my clients what I created and did not take the time to watermark my photos. The photo below was posted on my Party People Blog without a watermark and has been shared around the world and blogged about by event planners and more. In some of the blogs someone else had put their watermark on the photo, claiming it at their work! LESSON LEARNED! If I want to have credit for my photos, and make the most out of the power of social media sharing photos putting a watermark on the photos is wise. (since starting I have given permission to my Balloon Boss Mastermind and One to One coaching clients to use this photo in their marketing) Some will place their watermark all the way across the image of the photo making it harder for people with tech skills to remove your watermark and put theirs on. I personally do not like that look so I keep my watermark typically a bit smaller and in the photo and not across the entire piece. More like a signature. Part of my role as marketing manager now for Party People Events is I watermark the photos from the events before I post them on social media. I like to use as it can be used easily on my computer or phone app to add in the watermark or other wording. Other programs you can use are Canva and iwatermark.  

  In our industry from time to time you will find a company that has taken your photos without permission and used them on their website, blog or social media without credit etc. If you wish to have them remove your photos here are some steps you can take, given by one of our Promotions & Profits Instructors.   PROFESSIONAL ETHICS in using balloon photos of others work! Just because you see someones balloon photos on their Facebook or website does not mean it is OK for you to download that photo and use it on your website or Facebook page! I repeat…just because it’s on the internet does not mean it’s up for you to use it without permission! A few tips to keep from getting a letter from a Balloon Professionals Legal team:
  • Do not use balloon photos from another balloon company on your website.
  • When you want to share a photo on social media of a design you would love to do – SHARE that photo with a comment “I love this design created by Party People Events, I would LOVE to recreate a neon event for a lucky client here in __________. Make it Clear in the post who’s work it is.
  • If you have photos on your website of other companies work without permission to do so, make those edits NOW! Remove the photos from your website that you do not have permission to use. There are stock photos available from some manufactures, or ones you can purchase online or by attending trainings like Promotions & Profits Retreat etc.
  • If your social media post on facebook or instagram is full of other peoples work – go back into the post and edit them and give credit to the creator of the photo.
Our industry is small and overall very friendly and helpful. Respect our industry and your fellow balloon professionals by running your company in an ethical manner. Having support of fellow balloon professionals can help you grow your business with referrals and sharing ideas in professional groups and training.   Tips from Brandon Turpin Steps to take if someone is using your photos without permission. Brandon is the owner of Utah Balloon Creations and Steps to take if someone is using your photo. 1. Contact the owner of the company and let them know they are using your photo and ask them to take it down. If you are not able to find contact information for the company. You can do a search for who owns the domain name. There are many websites you can search this information. A popular one is You can go here and enter the domain name of the website to find the contact information of the person that owns the domain name. There are 2 types of domain registrations. a. Public Domain Registration – Contact information for the domain is public b. Private Domain Registration – Owner of the domain name pays for private registration through the company they host with. Instead of the owners contact information it shows the contact information of the company that registered the domain name. 2. If they do not remove the image per your request, you can send them a cease-and-desist letter. There are many templates online, but this is a good one 3. If you contact them and they do not listen, you can’t find valid contact information, or the domain is privately registered. You can contact the company that is hosting the website and ask them to remove the image. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) lets you submit a request to any us based hosting company to remove the domain name. Hosting companies take these requests very serious. If you were to submit an official request to them and they did not take it down, they could then be held liable for damages. While you might not have damages for an image, many people will. When I worked for for 5 years, any time we had a copyright complaint, we would shut down the whole account for the website until the person proved they removed it. Some companies will just remove the image and notify the customer, but hosting companies are generally good at helping get it removed. a. To figure out who is hosting it, on the same who is search result. There will be a section for domain nameservers. These are the servers of the company that hosts the website. It is how a browser knows where the files are located. Generally, the nameservers are something like. There are generally 2-4 nameservers, but they are generally all for the same company. Just backup names in case the first does not work. Remove the first part before the . and try visiting that website to get the hosting providers contact information. So in this instance we would drop the ns1 and just go do Remember if the hosting company is not in the US, you can still contact them and ask since other countries have similar laws, but the DMCA would not apply to them.   Form to submit to the hosting company b. What is a hosting company? There are 2 companies needed to have a website. A company to register the ownership of the domain name. And a company to host or store your website files to be accessed when someone visits your website. Often the same company does both, but you need a domain name, and hosting where the files are stored. c. Remember that hosting companies will probably make you prove the image is yours. The easiest way to do this is watermark your images in an area that can not be easily remove or cropped. i. Do not place images on the edges. The image is easily cropped, and your watermark is gone. ii. Do not place it on solid or simple backgrounds. Anyone with a little photoshop experience can easily remove a watermark if the background is solid or simple. Having the watermark over a part of the image that has a lot going in the background will make it harder to remove it. iii. A good idea is to place the watermark over the actual object in the image. If it is a balloon arch, have it over the balloon arch. It will be hard to remove and easy to see if they did. Remember if the image is in an area that is important to give it transparency, so it is semi transparent. That will allow the object to still show through the watermark, so you are not covering up too much.     I hope that you find this information helpful as you grow your thriving balloon business! If you have other topics you would like more information on to grow your balloon business connect with me on Facebook in Balloon Coach Community Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create a Thriving Balloon Business! Balloon Boss Mastermind      

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

5 Tips to Creating Sales When Non-profits Ask for Free Balloons!

  When non-profits call your balloon company asking for donations, it can be a bit of a challenge not to get frustrated. Before the 5 tips, I want to give a bit of an overview so you know where I’m coming from. I have always been taught – to whom much is given, much is expected. I have a tendency to want to help others whenever I can and feel in my heart that giving back to the community I live in is important. I have also worked for non-profit agency’s in my careers prior to owning a balloon business, so I know what it’s like being that person on the other end of the phone saying “Hi this is Joette with _________can you please donate for __________.” When I purchased Party People Celebration Company in December of 2003 it was my first time being fully self-employed and running a business! I knew I loved balloons, enjoyed planning parties and wanted to be my own boss. Other than that I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into! The previous owner of my company let me know that she gets a LOT of calls for donations, so that I would want to pick the ones I would want to give to, and give a discount to the rest. WHY give a donation to anyone? Many of the business people I respect have a special organization that they give money, or in-kind support to. The people I know who are extremely wealthy have many Non Profit Organizations that they give their time and money to, so I felt that it is the right thing for me to do the same. This Hot air balloon was created for a non-profit. The original call was asking for a donation, and I was able to turn it into a $1,000 budget (if it was a corporate client, I would of charged more). At $1,000 I was able to pay two staff to work with me, clear a nice profit and create something I had always wanted to build. I now sell the directions on how to build it and photos of the hot air balloon on my website has led to other great clients. (Those things would of not happened if I blew off the phone call asking for a donation!) bc business goals HA                 5 Tips to respond when a non-profit calls:
  1. Be Prepared. Know that your going to get emails, phone calls, and letters in the mail asking for donations from your company. Type up your response email now, have it as a template and all you have to do is copy and paste that response back in a reply to the email you get in your inbox. Use that same template as what to SAY when someone calls you. Do you give discounts, no discounts, or just business as normal? What ever your policy, follow up with the person as you never know if they may find a sponsor to pay for your decor.
  2. Show Interest in the event. Example when Laura from the Cancer Society calls you stating I would like for you to donate decorations for our upcoming Gala. Many people I know just state we don’t donate and try to get the person off the phone as quick as possible. Instead my approach is more like this: (put a smile on my face and think of Laura as every other paying customer) Hi Laura, thank you for calling Party People about your upcoming Gala, I’m so glad we were the first company you contacted about decor for your event. What is the date and location of your event? (this shows you have interest in their event and gives you information to see what you can suggest for them to purchase). We love working at The Lakeland Center, it’s a large blank slate that we transform with custom decor and lighting to create a memorable occasion for your guest. What is the theme of your event? (again gathering more information example we have many props and components to center pieces from past events I know we can offer at a deep discount and still make a profit). After gathering the information I state. A Masquerade ball – what an enchanted theme, I can see the men in their black ties, and ladies in their gowns. We can create a magical canopy over the dance floor, and elegant entrance to greet your guest as they arrive., centerpieces on the tables and room decor. The package for the items I have descriped retails for $2,000 , since this is a non profit we offer a 15 % discount so your total will just be $1,700. What is your email address so I can send you an invoice for the event. Well we don’t really have a budget, we only spent $500 last year on all the decorations, we did it ourselves and it just didn’t look very nice. So glad you called Party People Laura, for $500 we can create one of the items I described which is most important to you : a canopy over the dance floor, entrance decor, centerpieces or room decor? Over the years I became much more confident in the delivery of these statements and Won over many “can I have a donations” into paying customers – give it a try! As I always tell my coaching clients, if YOU DON”T ASK FOR THE SALE, the answer is always NO!
  3. Educate your caller. Hi this is John with the Kidney Foundation Walk. For June 20th we would like you to donate a balloon arch for the start of the walk, we see from your website you work with a lot of non-profits. (put a smile on your face and be glad to speak with him) Hi John, so glad you called Party People for your balloon decor! You are correct we do a LOT of WORK for Non-profits, as you know Lakeland is a very giving town, holding multiple fundraisers almost every weekend of the year. As you can imagine if I donated to every wonderful event you see on my website – I would have to be a non-profit myself! What decor caught your eye on my website? I really liked the pink a white arch you did for the Cancer walk for life in Bartow. Great that is a 30 ft garland arch on outdoor supports with Delivery and take down the total is $410, plus delivery and strike fee. Since you are a non profit we discount the arch 15 % so $348 and delivery fees based on time and location. (do not say anything else….do not set up your own objection just wait for John to speak) How much is the delivery fee? Where are we delivering to and what time? 5 am on Saturday to Downtown Lakeland. Your delivery fee is $75, and take down $75. We have some volunteers that can take down the arch. GREAT, you will just need to return the steel 2 ft by 2 ft bases and poles to me by 5 pm on Sunday. If not returned a replacement fee of ___________ will be charged. I will give you instructions on how to take it apart. Your total will be $423 what email address should I send it to and who do I make the invoice out to? Another response might be we only have $200 to spend. Then I give them the option of Topiary Balls on Stakes or 2 Columns.
  4. Written Policy: Have a written policy for what you donation procedure is. Many non profits ask for a Gift certificate or Item to put in a silent auction. Some balloon companies give every one a $20 gift cerficate with expiration date one year from the event for pick up only. I made gift certificate for $20 towards a decor order (client must pay delivery fees and have a minimum $200 order unless doing a pick up) If you wish to have a form people fill out and submit – create that. If you give 15% discount with proof of being a 501C Non profit have that in writing.
  5. Practice what you are going to say: The more you say creative things to get people to buy and smile when you talk to sound happy about their event the better the words flow when a live call comes in or you need to type up a response on facebook or an email. By educating my clients I cannot count the amount of times someone went from NO MONEY to sending me a check for $250 to $3,000 to work on a non profit event.
It’s all about being confident in yourself and the business you run, acting professional and overcoming objections. MOST people calling you for a donation are either a volunteer or NEW to their job. Many have NO idea how to ask a company to be a sponsor and pay for an arch or a column as a donation to an event. Over the years when people said “we don’t have money in the budget” I would say your total for what you requested is $300 when you find someone who can donate that money – give me a call and book. Sometimes it would happen that year, other times the following year as they now knew the amount to budget and ask for as they prepared their budget for the following years event. QUESTIONS to Consider
  • What is YOUR marketing budget for the Year?
  • How do you get your name out to the public without paying for advertising on TV, Radio etc?
  • Did you know people like to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust?
  • Do the people in your community know your business exist?
When I first started running Party People, I had only lived in my town for 3 years, so I did not know a lot of people. I did not have MONEY in the bank to spend on advertising, I was scraping by. One of the ways I built up people knowing that Party People existed was to be an In Kind sponsor for events. I would donate $200 to $2000 retail value of decor to be a sponsor for an event I felt strongly about and new my target audience would be attending. I would make sure I got tickets to the event so I could mingle with people and help them understand that Party People created the awesome decor in the room, and had an opportunity to see if they had need for decor during the year. Balloon Companies are not the only businesses that get asked to donate things. It happens to EVERYONE…all types of businesses. YOU determine which events will be best exposure to the TARGET CLIENTS you are looking for. Look at it as marketing dollars spent, to then have great photos of your work to put on your website, and KNOW the value of what you donated so when someone calls, I see you decorated for the March of Dimes Chef’s auction, I would like the same decor you are ready with “Wonderful, the total cost of that package to transform your space is $2,000 what email address should I send the invoice to?”   Are you looking for more support as you grow your thriving balloon business? Balloon Boss Mastermind provides you with access to online training 24/7 to help you on your road to success with access to group coaching so you don’t have to be on this journey alone. If you are new to I wanted to let you know we have many more blogs that have been written, some interviewing fellow balloon pros sharing tips on sales calls, creating professional quotes, hiring and much more! Ready for hands on training you can come to our annual Balloon Boss Pro Summit in Orlando to be one of 96 attendees with 18 amazing instructors from around the world. To be a part of the business conversation join us on facebook at Balloon Coach Community If you would like to be a part of small group or one to one training at our Party People Events Headquarters in Auburndale Florida email Your Partner in Success, Joette Signature 1           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Create a Thriving Business!

Meet Designer of the Year FLOAT 2019 Sara Meyer

Meet Designer of the Year FLOAT 2019 Sara Meyer
I met Sara in 2016 when she attended the first Parade, Promotions & Profits workshop in Chicago, IL. I was so excited for her as I heard her name announced as Designer of the Year at FLOAT 2019. I love it when I see alumni of our programs succeed! I often wonder what motivates a growing balloon business owner to take time to plan and compete at conventions, and thought you might enjoy hearing a bit more about her journey.
How did you get started in Balloon Decor?
I was an art teacher looking for additional work in the summer, so I started working as a face painter. While at a face painting convention in St. Louis two things happened that changed the course of my business: I took a balloon class on a whim and I met Dennis Scott who ended up being one of my best friends. He helped me get started in balloons and once I realized the potential profit in decor I quickly focused my attention in that area. I attended Parade, Promotions & Profits in Chicago organized by, where we made parade decor with Balloons by Tommy. It was the first time I had ever used a sizer, met any balloon people, or considered balloons as a business. I was so proud in that photo. The workshop gave me a new set of skills and the confidence I needed to ramp up my business!
Do you work a full time job outside of balloons?
Yes, I work full time for a college arts department. I’m the events and promotions manager so I get to work around creative people every day and plan and market fun events!
What do you like most about your balloon business?
I love so many things! I like the freedom it gives me; I choose what jobs I take and I dictate my own schedule. It’s also an awesome creative outlet. It’s connected me with so many small business owners and other balloon decorators that have become real friends. I also love the business side of it. I LOVE branding and marketing so that part is really fun for me.
What is a challenge you face as you grow your balloon business?
Right now, I’m right at the tipping point where I could go full time but I would need to find a larger work space, invest in a delivery van, and maybe an employee. Currently I’m a one woman show and because I run such a lean business I have the luxury of being picky with the jobs I take and that keeps it really fun for me. I’ve only been at it for three years so maybe one day I’ll go full time but right now I’m happy juggling both jobs.
You do some nice size decor installs. Do you have someone that assists you on your installs?
90% of the time I’m alone but my husband helps on huge jobs or on New Year’s Eve when we have 20 deliveries and installs in two days. I’ve gotten better at asking the venue or the coordinator for exactly what I need like a lift or extra hands.
What inspired you to compete at FLOAT 2019?
I went to Float 2017 and I was just a beginner, so seeing the other competition pieces was inspiring. I decided then that I would compete at the next FLOAT and I started telling people so I had some accountability. I also had two years to plan so there really wasn’t any excuse. I seem to work well under pressure and with a deadline so I knew it would be a good opportunity to push myself.
How did it feel when your name was announced as Designer of the Year?
The entire night was so fun and exciting! Not only did I place in each area in which I competed but so did many of my friends! It was like being part of a little tribe of competitors and we were all really happy for each other. I’m sure for everyone watching it seemed like a long awards ceremony, but for me it went really fast and all blurs together. I just remember my heart beating and my cheeks getting hot when they called my name. I’m so glad people took pictures because it was seriously one of the coolest nights of my life.
If someone told you they were considering competing at a balloon convention, but were unsure if they should what would you say to them?
Do it! Just jump in and figure out the details later. And design and edit and then redesign and edit. Never go with any of your first ideas, just keep thinking until you find something really unique and weird. Nothing I created was difficult…nothing was twisted or distorted. I just worked really hard to edit my work ahead of time so I had a sound design concept. Except for the foils competition where I made it up the night before! Sometimes you just run out of prep time :)
One question I like to ask companies is how are your balloons sales? Many starting out in the industry like to know what is possible.
Balloon Sales in 2016 I didn’t even keep track! Maybe 10K in sales, I was still face painting a lot this year and just starting with balloons.
Balloon Sales in 2018 75K in sales, working a full time job outside of balloons.
What are some words of wisdom you would share with someone who is struggling in growing their balloon business?
Spend more time learning how to run a business than on balloons. My first year I could only make columns…so I just sold the heck out of columns! You don’t have to be the best artist to be successful.
What do you think the “magic sauce” is that has helped with the growth of your business?
For me it has been connecting with like-minded business owners, usually other young women in the wedding business, and just being myself. Once I stopped trying to be so professional I connected so much better with other vendors and my target clients. Now I actually socialize on social media and it’s been a total game changer. “Likes” and “followers” don’t matter if no one is buying what you’re selling. Also gifting has become a huge part of my business. I send people tiny gifts when we work together and they remember that! I delivered one three-foot balloon and a hand written note to a coordinator I wanted to work with and she has booked me for 4k worth of work this year. The smallest action is better than the largest intention.
I love that Sara shared her journey and tips and hints with us. That is what the Balloon Coach Community is all about – sharing your successes and struggles along the journey so we can learn from each other to grow our businesses.
If you find yourself overwhelmed as a balloon artist and would like to create a thriving balloon business I encourage you to check out Balloon Boss Mastermind
  Your Partner in Success,
      Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Are you ready to ramp up your Business at a dynamic hands on workshop? Join us in Orlando for Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando November 11 – 15 2019 5 days of working side by side on your business with a dozen instructors, and 85 attendees! Seats are limited grab yours today – payment plans available. Email with any questions you may have about growing your business.

Believe in Yourself and Create the Balloon Business of Your Dreams

Believe in yourself and create the Balloon Business of your dreams Hi!  I’m Joette Giardina from Lakeland, Florida.  I have been in the balloon industry full time since 2003. When I purchased my balloon decor business I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had a DREAM – a desire to work for myself and create memorable celebrations for my clients. Dreams are a great thing…however, I have found over the years that many do not reach their full potential in our industry because they DO NOT BELIEVE they can have a thriving business. They block their own success with limited beliefs that, “no one in my town will pay that much for a balloon” and so many other stories. Do you have a fire inside you for success? Do you have a desire to succeed? Are you willing to try NEW things to get NEW Results? Will you face your FEARS head on and do things you have never done before? When you FAIL or get a NO, are you willing to try again? At FLOAT 2019 I was shocked and honored to receive the Inspire Award from Betallic. The award is a crystal ball with glitter inside. It is on a music box that plays, “The Impossible Dream”. Inside the crystal ball a globe with the words, “Success is a Journey not a Destination”. I share these words with you, as it is so true. Being a business owner is a journey and not every day is easy. There are so many struggles and obstacles to be faced. I have found that by surrounding myself with a tribe of people who are positive, hard working and supportive I have been able to achieve success with my Party People business, and now as Balloon Coach. Even so, each day I come face to face with my own doubts, fears and naysayers who say what I dream can’t be done. Many times in the world of Facebook, it’s easy for us to look at others and think they have a charmed life or that things come more easily for others more so than for you. We create our own stories about how easy someone else has it and compare ourselves to them. I have found over years of developing some amazing friendships with balloon business owners all over the world – we all have our share of struggles, pains and typical winding road journeys to achieve financial success in the industry. Those who take each hardship as a tool to learn and grow from, stay positive and focused on the dream, find reward as they grow. Positive mental attitude in the midst of struggle is key to success. I started in 2015 to be a catalyst in the Balloon Industry to give YOU the support that I did not have when I started in the industry. The road has not been easy and there are many times I wanted to throw in the towel and just go back the “easy life”. But there is something deep inside me that is on FIRE for being a business owner and get’s a thrill for creating new training for our industry. It is JOY I get from seeing our Party People Events team transform a space into our clients vision. Today I share my award with you, as I would not of been on the Stage at FLOAT if it was not for YOU and all the balloon professionals who read my blog, participate in my webinars and live training programs. Take these words from the Inspire Award and place them where you can see them daily:


Believe In Yourself

Create It


Born To Succeed


Great Job

Go For It!

Shoot for the Moon

Reach for the Stars



The Sky’s Limit



You are a STAR


Lead The Way

Are you pumped up and ready to make your dreams reality? Now it’s time to take action! It starts by having a written plan. If you missed my Blog January 2019 Check out these steps with a FREE webinar. Each day is a new opportunity for you to take action and thrive! Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Support to grow your Thriving Balloon Business Join Balloon Boss Mastermind Email with any questions you may have.  

Creating New Balloon Customers for Valentine’s Day

Creating New Balloon Customers for Valentine’s Day

  The month of LOVE is a great time for balloon sales if you make a plan and take action! You SELL what you SHARE
  • Create balloon designs that you want to sell, post them on your website, social media and in email to your past clients and mailing list with a call to action when they need to order by.
  • Call target clients and let them know what services you are offering and close the sale!
  • Take action today!
Potential Decor Clients:
  • Father Daughter Dances being held at local schools or churches
  • Car Dealership
  • Retail stores wanting to draw in customers
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Restaurants that host romantic dinners
  Decor inspiration from a TV appearance Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia did with a puffed Link Heart – big and makes a great backdrop for photos or decor in a large space. Can be rigged from the ceiling with a clik clik mag pole and large ring magnets.   For Directions on how to make this heart click this link to The Very Best Balloon Blog by Sue Bowler CBA Another resource for design ideas is and register to gain access to the b-gallery and type Valentine’s Day.   One of my favorite sleek columns is topped with a Chain of Hearts. I created these for a Valentine’s Day Dance at a local church years ago!   Delivery Ideas If you don’t have access to helium – no problem when you focus on air filled delivery pieces. You can go bright and bold or traditional Valentine’s Colors. P.S. People celebrate birthday’s in February and all year long, you don’t have to limit yourself to marketing just for Valentine’s Day in February. Rachel Porter from Balloon Splendor started her balloon business as as single mom, delivering lovely balloon flower bouquets from her home. Here are two of her lovely sellable designs. Pick colorful containers from your balloon distributor or a local retailer to fill with your beautiful balloons. Choose from clay and plastic pots, tins, gift boxes, baskets or vases.   Another delivery idea that I created while at Florida Super Jam are simple Heart Roses, and they you can put in a container or wrap with 160’s. With any arrangement you make you want to add some weight to them so that the piece stands up well. 6 inch hearts, and a 260 with 2 pinch twist make really cute arrangements. I used 3 stacked at different heights to make a fun design for your customers to show how much they love the recipient. You can create a variety of designs to offer, but keep it simple and clear messaging to make ordering easy for your customers. ***Make sure to charge well for you time and include the delivery fee if you are delivering the items. If you have a store you can set up for pick up in the store = remember to protect yourself and get paid IN ADVANCE before making any arrangements. Florist get paid BEFORE they make their designs and so should you!     Valentine’s Day can be a great time for sales for the balloon industry -but you have to make a plan, set pricing for profit and take action now to educate your customers and land the sales. If you wait till Feb 1st you may only catch a few folks last minute…start your marketing now! Would you like to have more structure to your marketing for your business? Do you struggle with Pricing for Profit? Do you wish you had a larger portfolio of Balloon photos to use in your marketing? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Sandi Masori will be holding her last 5 week, Live Online Balloon Business Bootcamp starting February 1oth. Learn how to jumpstart your balloon business from “America’s Top Balloon Expert” Sandi Masori, “Balloon Coach” Joette Giardina, and “Queen of Pricing” Rachel Porter Check out the details and grab your seat today Bonus Instructors during one of the weeks of balloon business bootcamp will join us to inspire you with the amazing possibilities of balloons Award winning designers and industry legends, Rocky & Terry Toomey check out this amazing NYE balloon drop they orchestrated The balloon industry is Booming! If you want to make growth in your business, make an investment in your education from resources inside and outside the balloon industry. If you struggle with knowing what the best next step is for your business email me to set up a free 10 minute consultation of where you are and where you want to be to help you find the best training to fit your situation! Are you thinking about setting up a Kiosk in a Mall? Know that sales have been down in malls due to online shopping, you could lose a lot of money if you have a high overhead investment to be at the mall. To make mall sales work you must have a strong campaign to get people to the mall to pick up their items from you…DO NOT think that just because you go to a mall you will automatically have a ton of customers. Learn tips and tricks to increase your sales from our past webinar speaker replay you can purchase the replay on it’s own or purchase Balloon Boss Mastermind to have access to all our past webinars plus the balloon boss support program Mary Lou Kunka, Increase Your Seasonal and Holiday Sales     Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Email with any questions you may have.      

Packing List for FLOAT Balloon Convention 2019

Packing List for FLOAT Balloon Convention 2019!

  I am really looking forward to FLOAT 2019!   FLOAT is my favorite balloon convention! I met the founding producer of FLOAT, Steven Jones, at a large group build he hosted prior to creating FLOAT called Balloon Town in Ohio. The experience was full of learning new things and meeting wonderful people whose work I had seen online on Balloonhq (the place we used to go for online connections before Facebook was created…YES to those of you who are much younger than I…there was a time Facebook did not exist!) I missed the first FLOAT in 2008 due to a schedule conflict, but have been to every FLOAT since! From participant, to competitor to instructor and 2019 will be my third year as a sponsor for FLOAT! Come by the booth in the vendor room on Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 am to 6 pm. I’d love to meet you in person and give you a small gift if you tell me you read this blog! A couple of the things that I enjoy about FLOAT are:
  • The variety of balloon manufacturers and vendors all under one roof! That is real life…using products and balloons from multiple places.
  • Spending time with balloon professionals around the world to see the similarities and differences in business around the world.
  • Great content for social media. Take a lot of photos and share that you are at an international event learning from the top instructors in the industry!
  • Many people do not realize our industry is an industry, so when I share that I’m taking courses from companies around the world it shows that I take my business seriously.
  • Building a network with other balloon professionals that I can reach out to when feeling frustrated, burnt out or needing help. FLOAT feels like a Family Reunion!
  • Get a boost of energy to keep growing my business and increase my motivation.
  • Increasing my knowledge. No mater if the class I attend is an instructor that I have heard before or even a subject I teach on, I always walk away with a golden nugget of information, it might be something I learned in the past but have not put into play in my business yet to a brand new idea that makes me more efficient or more profitable.
CLICK HERE for the online 2019 FLOAT convention guide you will get it in print at Registration of FLOAT. Packing and Prep List for FLOAT
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Smile and a good handshake
  • Check what the size and weight requirements are for suitcases from your airline
  • Put suit cases out a week in advance and start packing early so you are not totally rushed at the end.
  • Hotel and air reservation typed into calendar (AND printed out if needed)
  • Go to the FLOAT facebook page, on your phone and go to the post from January 11, 2019 with the updated schedule. It is a nice graph for each day Sat -Wednesday. SAVE each day of the calendar onto your phone photos so you can easily access the schedule on your phone while you are at FLOAT!
  • Delete photos from phone and tablet, camera or purchase additional cards to have room for over 1,000 photos!
  • Pack a lot of business cards! You are meeting hundreds of new people it’s great to share cards to network after event. Seriously 450 people will be there – bring lots of cards!
  • Portfolio or marketing materials that you may share during conversation to get ideas from others on improvements you can make
  • Bring a special baggie or container (pencil pouch from the dollar store!) or ladies even a cosmetic bag to put all the business cards in of the people you meet.
  • Pack your POWER CORD for all electronics (WBC 2012 Jani Blocker was nice enough to buy me a universal power cord when I left my laptop cord at home – not cheap!)
  • Pack an extension cord with multiple plugs! They come in handy in your hotel room since we all have so many electronics! Make sure it is 3 prong, 3 plug end or power strip
  • If you have a back up power pack or battery for your phone – bring all you have as you spend full days away from a power plug!
  • Hand held luggage scale you can purchase at Walmart or online, helps from extra fees at check in at your flight.
  • Chap Stick (the air is dry in St.Louis in the hotel..heater will be on due to cold outside)
  • Hand lotion
  • Jacket or sweater
  • If you plan to go site seeing or to grocery store or out to meals a winter coat, gloves, hat etc it’s going to be COLD.
  • Logo clothing to show off your brand
  • Backpack or day bag to keep your notebook, notes etc in from class to class
  • ORANGE clothes or accessories for Sunday night Kick off party! You will see some fun and wild orange costumes, wigs, boas to simple orange t-shirt. Trust me you want to wear something orange to this fun kick off event to show your FLOAT spirit!
  • Clothing for the Wednesday night Designer Awards Gala, theme “The Magical Garden” wear something Green, it can be your jewelry or accent piece
  • Ladies will be in fancy pant suits to elegant gowns.
  • Gentleman will be wearing suits and some even a tux…so dress your best
  • At least 1 Pair of scissors in your checked luggage for jams and hands on classes.
  • Hand pump for jams and hands on class
  • Vitamins or Emergen-C! Typically you get lack of sleep and you are hanging out with about 800 people so keeping healthy is key!
  • Notebook, it’s nice to have extra pad of paper for notes
  • Pens – easy to lose a pen or run out of ink
  • Highlighter if you like to highlight notes during class
  • Gum/Mints
  • Travel cup, water bottle or money to buy one to have beverages in class and in your room
  • Travel Kleenex
  • Nail clippers and file, with all the balloon work you are bound to break a nail!
  • Static spray (heat will be on in hotel)
  • Swimsuit there is an indoor pool and hot tub at the host hotel.
  • FILES for the weeks events. If you are running crews while you are away and plan to be in touch with your crew. Email the information to yourself if you wish to review.
  • $$$$ You will want to have some cash and credit cards ready for meals and purchasing items from vendors on Monday and Tuesday , stop by and see me at the booth!
  • IF at all possible plan for a full 8 hours of sleep night before your flight. Once you get to FLOAT it is easy to lose track of time and be up in the lobby talking to a new friend til all hours of the night and morning!
  • Favorite granola bars, nuts, dried fruit etc. as many times you don’t take time to eat because you are visiting with people, good to keep your energy level up.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • If you have a BalloonCoach T-shirt, Bag or Button from Past event please bring with you. Wear your BalloonCoach T-shirt on Monday! Thank you!
  TIPS While at Convention Make friends with someone who has a car or split taxi or Uber cost and run to a store to grab snacks and food for your room to reduce food cost. Volunteer to work on the hands on builds, teacher prep, or competition teams to learn new techniques and make new friends. NO EXPERIENCE needed to help with group builds -just find out where they are going on at and jump in and help! Be proud to say “Hey, I helped make that and I know with confidence I can recreate it for my client” When meeting new people that you do not want to forget take a photo of them with their name tag up by their face, this way when you return home and your memory is mush from meeting hundreds of new people you will easily be able to reference back to who is who! 2014-03-28 21.13.42 2014-03-28 21.13.47   Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam from Singapore After meeting at WBC they then came back to the USA for FLOAT 2014, and then WBC 2016, I enjoy spending time with people from around the world that share my passion for the Balloon Industry! Lots of fun memories are about to be created!           Eat meals with different people. It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too! IF you are not an outgoing person,and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello! Send me a PM on Facebook Joette Meyers Giardina and I’ll be glad to introduce you to people! Networking is one of the main reasons I attend conventions. YES I want to learn from the classes. But the friendships I have made over the years from conventions have been my support system to grow my company and lead to many wonderful travels. *** Remember, lots of business cards!***   Show your support for the event you are attending.
  • Post on Social media you are attending the event (let your customers know you are continuing your education)
  • Purchase items from those folks at the vendor showcase, No, you can’t purchase everything. But realize the reason people are selling items is to help make back the money they invested in the event. I do my best to support distributors that attend conventions and that provide education for the industry (something to think of next time you go to look for who to buy your balloons from)
  • Post thank you messages, and send a note of thanks to the company or people who organize the event you attend.
  • Give your honest feedback on what you liked and what can be improved in the future
  • Putting on a convention is a huge undertaking. Take time to thank the producers, staff, instructors and sponsors.
  • As you post photos in the future of jobs you land, or increased income from classes you take give a shout out to the teachers and event you learned from
If you have a ticket to FLOAT you are invited to join Liz Romani and I on Tuesday, January 29th at the lunch break, at the hotel for a special Lunch, Learn & Profit Presentation. Liz shares how she grew her balloon sales from $9,000 a year to over $100,000 a year in 3 years by taking action on what she learned at FLOAT and Promotions & Profits workshops. Cost is just $50 to cover the cost of the Hotel Catering the Southwest Buffett in the convention area. The Learn part is sponsored by you will get a workbook plus a follow up webinar on February 11 th at 9 pm EST to help you stay focused on your goals after returning home. We forget 90% of what we learn if we do not take action on it…this program will assist you in making the most of your investment in FLOAT Grab your ticket today while supplies last! click here to reserve your seat! Your name will be on a list as you check into the do not have to bring “a ticket”   Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Join us in Orlando for Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando November 11 – 15 2019 Purchase your 1/2 price ticket by January 31st – payment plans available. Learn online 24/7 from anywhere in the world at Email with any questions you may have.  

3 Steps to Making Your Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

3 Steps to Making Your Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

I am a firm believer that you have the power to make your dreams come true, overcome obstacles and come out on the other side braver, stronger and experiencing the life you dream of. I believe this, as I have experienced it. It’s not an easy road, and there will be struggles. There is something magical about being a balloon professional. We bring JOY to the world. Think about it…a world without balloons would just not be as FUN and colorful! What do you enjoy most about working with balloons? For me it is that magic I create when I walk into a dull room that has not color or life and when we are done our client is overjoyed and sings our praises saying we exceeded their expectations! To me that is the best compliment and a wonderful feeling.     There is something magical about working with balloons, brining a client’s vision to life and being able to set the tone for people to have a memorable celebration or event that makes me happy. If you are starting out in the balloon industry, or working on taking your business to the next level I invite you to click below to watch a free webinar that covers the 3 Steps to making your balloon business dreams reality. You can listen to it while driving in your car to events or taking your kids to school, doing computer work, or while inflating balloons – just put on a headset and enjoy!
  Daily, I work with balloon professionals around the world as they come up against obstacles and are searching for solutions to help them take the next step forward in their business. I have been blessed in this industry since 2003 by investing in education and networking with some of the most successful companies in the balloon industry. I bring that experience and knowledge to the balloon industry through webinars that can be watched 24/7 at your finger tips to access when you need the information.   I also offer one to one and group coaching via Balloon Boss Mastermind. When I started my balloon business full time in 2003 I felt lost and unsure of where to turn for support – thus I created the resources I wish I would of had at my fingertips in so you can experience success quicker than I did! was created to provide training and support systems to help you grow your business each step of the way and surround yourself by like minded individuals. Ready to crush your goals in 2019 and would like some tools and support as you grow – this is your invitation to join us in Balloon Boss Mastermind. I wish you many blessings in the New Year! Take Action Daily and you will see your dreams come true!   Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.
Take your business to New Heights!
Join us in Orlando November 11-15, 2019
Payment plans available or Pay in full!