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Where to Purchase Quality Balloons

Where to purchase quality balloons is a ongoing question in balloon designer Facebook groups.  Latex balloons are a natural product that go bad over time. 

Blenda Berrier and Diana Glandon at the collaboration table at Summit

Packing Checklist for Balloon Training

Packing Checklist for Balloon TrainingPreparing for being out of town for balloon training is more than just packing your clothes.  It is never too early

black red and red balloons on the ceiling

Stay Off Ladder While Making Balloons

How to stay off ladders while decorating the ceiling with balloons.  There is something magical about walking into a room with balloon chandeliers, especially when

Photo of Balloon Delivery Vehicle

Balloon Delivery Vehicles

What to consider when choosing Balloon Delivery Vehichles for your balloon decor business. Pros share their stories. As your business grows, many of you are finding

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